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Operation: Military Kids UW Parkside 4/14/07

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1 Operation: Military Kids UW Parkside 4/14/07
Geocaching for Kids Operation: Military Kids UW Parkside 4/14/07

2 What is Geocaching? A high tech treasure hunt?
Hide and Seek with GPSs? Using a multibillion dollar satellite system to find tupperware in the woods?

3 What is Geocaching? An adventure game using a GPS
Containers (caches) are hidden around the world by geocachers The coordinates are posted on the internet Other geocachers try to find the hidden containers using the coordinates Those finding the cache post a log of their experiences on the internet

4 Where are caches located
You can search online by zip code, state, or other criteria 258 active caches within 5 miles of here 5690 in Wisconsin 382,000 Caches Worldwide More are added daily

5 How does it work? Step 1 – Get the coordinates and put them into the GPS. Step 2 – Find the cache. Step 3 – Sign the log Step 4 – Trade swag (optional) Step 5 – Record your experience online

6 Any Other Rules? Rehide the cache as you found it
Don’t leave food, liquids, knives, or dangerous stuff in a cache Have fun! (This one is mandatory!)

7 What does a geocache look like
Ammo Box (Regular) Tupperware (All Sizes) Film Canisters (Micro) Magnetic Key holders (Micro) Pill Bottles 5 Gallon buckets (Large) Nano containers Just about anything

8 Types of Caches Traditional Multi Puzzle/Mystery Caches Virtual
Earthcaches Events

9 Getting a Geocaching Account
Go to Click on login near the top Click on “Create a new account” You have to provide your Name, address, Geocaching Handle, and Password Submit it and wait for the confirmation

10 Geocaching Handles Permanent Unique to you
How the Geocaching community will know you Something that reflects your name, personality, or something about you Examples: Team Deejay, Blue Squirtles, Speedydeedee

11 Activity – Pick a Handle

12 Travel Bugs Special items with a tracking number
Travel from cache to cache, not to be kept by finders Sometimes they have goals, such as getting to a specific place or having a picture taken at various places Geocoins – A special type of travel bug in the form of a coin

13 Activity – Make a Travel Bug

14 GPS Stands for Global Positioning System
Created by the US Department of Defense for military navigation Works by getting signals from 24 satellites Location is provided in Latitude and Longitude

15 Latitude and Longitude
Latitude is a measure of how far North and South you are. The equator is 0°, the North Pole is 90°N and the South Pole is 90°S. Longitude is a measure of how far East and West you are 0° is in Greenwich, England and 180° is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean We are roughly at N42.6° Latitude, and W87.9°Longitude

16 Rules for the hunt! Organize in to teams of 2-3 kids with one facilitator and any parents No logbooks today, Stamp your sheets with the stamps found in each container Stay with your group. If you somehow get lost, start yelling. We will find you. The field to the north of the woods and east of the building is very wet. Don’t go through there unless you like wet feet! Get back to the building by 2:15 PM

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