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Geocaching You are now ready for Geocaching!!. Geocaching.

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1 Geocaching You are now ready for Geocaching!!

2 Geocaching

3 What is Geo-Caching? Treasure hunt with GPS unit to find locations Database of locations kept online Its all about the trek What is in the cache: –Logbook –Treasure (can be anything) –Clues One rule: Take from the cache and leave something of your own (FAQs)

4 Geocache Found

5 Log Book

6 Geo Cache Contents

7 Cache Containers Micros – –35 MM film container –Altoids tin Regular – –Tupperware and Rubbermaid sandwich & 1-2 Qt. Containers –Ammo boxes –PCV pipe Large – –5 gal. Buckets –Tool boxes

8 Ragged Island Geocache

9 How do I start to Geocache? Go to (or other geocache site) Click on Hide and Seek Enter a zip code, city and state or coordinates near where you want to hunt. Note the level of difficulty, the type of cache and when it was last found. Once you have selected a cache to hunt for, you can: Download or manually enter the waypoint to your GPS Print out the page with the coordinates, hint and logs

10 Ragged Island Track Cache

11 Ragged Island Cache

12 Deer Park Geocache


14 Edit A Waypoint

15 SBO Geocache Cache A01 N37° 04.505 W076° 29.761 Cache A02 N37° 04.402 W076° 29.710

16 SBO Geocache Cache A03 N37° 04.362 W076° 29.724 Cache A04 N37° 04.474 W076° 29.712

17 GPS Lesson Plan- Word Search

18 GPS Word Search Each Team will be given 4 Flags with a letter on each You must create a word from these four letters Then you will place each stick in a path while marking the WayPoint of each location. Return to me when you have met that objective for further instructions.

19 GPS Word Search- Part II Save the Track on your GPS Switch GPSs with another team Using the TRACKBACK feature, your team will collect the sticks while following their TRACK.

20 Track Back

21 Clearing Waypoints To Delete a Waypoint 1.Go to Find Feature 2.Select Waypoints 3.Select Nearest 4.Select the Options Menu button on the top right 5.Select Find by name, Delete ALL or Delete All by Symbol

22 Clearing Tracks Select the Main Menu Go to Find Feature Select TRACKS Select the Options Menu button on the top right Select –Setup Track Log –Delete All Saved

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