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Nature v Nurture: Pick A Side!

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1 Nature v Nurture: Pick A Side!
We do what we do because of our – Genetics Evolution Behavior driven by….. INSTINCT

2 Nature v Nurture: Pick A Side!
We do what we do because of our environment– Parents / friends /teachers Society / cultural influences TV! / Other media Behavior is…. LEARNED

3 Nature v Nurture: History
Europe John Locke & David Hume- argue for experience Rosseau & Kant – believe in “immutable human nature”….instinct? Sir Francis Galton “Hereditary Genius” in success runs in families…must be nature Monarchies – kings are kings because of birth (Cinderella, Prince & Pauper)

4 Nature v Nurture: History(2)
Other Nature “evidence” Charles Darwin-Galton’s cousin- “Natural Selection” helps species evolve…..survival of fittest William James – humans the most instinctual of animals Adolph Hitler – “Aryan race” would return Germany to glory….led to Holocaust

5 Nature v Nurture: History(3)
Other Nature ideas…..United States - By 1917, fifteen US states had eugenics laws to sterilize: Epileptics the mentally ill Criminals - 3rd International Congress in ’32 discusses “problems of African-Americans and needs to “cut off bad stock” ….Bushes & Rockefellers (

6 Nature v Nurture: History(4)
Nurture ideas: By 20th Century, most American scientists lean towards nurture John B. Watson: father of modern advertising….uses Pavlov’s conditioned reflex” Sigmund Freud: early experiences determine later functioning B.F. Skinner: Behaviorism/Operant Conditioning – all behavior is result of rewards & punishments

7 Nature v Nurture: Questions
How do YOU explain: Twins preferences? Sibling similarities / dis-similarities? Alcoholism, Depression & other mental illness? Food preferences / Cultural specific behavior? Fears (snakes / spiders/ people)?

8 Nature v Nurture: Questions(2)
How do YOU explain: Language? Love? Criminal Behavior? Antisocial Behavior? Homosexuality? Religion?

9 Nature v Nurture: Think
Nature argument If we consider genetics to determine our destiny, then why have special needs programs?

10 Nature v Nurture: Think(2)
Nurture argument If the environment shapes our minds, then parents are to blame for troublesome children or… …….anyone can be President

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