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Today’s Song: “Hero” by Chad Kroegar and Josey Scott

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1 Today’s Song: “Hero” by Chad Kroegar and Josey Scott
We Can Be Heroes… Persuasive Writing Monday 11th June Today’s Song: “Hero” by Chad Kroegar and Josey Scott

2 It’s Marvel Team-Up Time
In your groups, you are going to brainstorm as many superheroes as possible and their superhero powers. I’m going to give you flipchart paper and coloured pencils to do this so be as creative as possible!

3 My Caped Crusader I’m a HUGE Batman fan and could talk forever on why he’s awesome. Cool gadgets, dark costume, gothic traits, wicked sidekicks, evil villains, great lair, a kindly butler, BATS!

4 Who’s Your Hero? Think about your favourite superhero.
They can be from a comic, a TV show, a film or even a game. What makes them so amazing?

5 Victory! You have 3 minutes to convince the person next to you that your hero is better than theirs. Link back to victories and successes your hero has had (if you know any!).

6 Today’s Song: “Heroes” by David Bowie
We Can Be Heroes… Persuasive Writing Tuesday 12th June Today’s Song: “Heroes” by David Bowie

7 Any Favourite Villains?
Sometimes villains can be just as interesting as the heroes they are trying to defeat. Any favourites? Try to remember what their powers/strengths have been and how they used them to their advantage. 3 minutes for this. GO FOR IT!

8 Some Heroes Can be Pretty Persuasive
Time to learn some mind-control. We are going to learn some persuasive techniques to help hone our superhero (English) skills.

9 Repetition - to repeat a word or phrase to emphasise an idea
Alliteration - to repeat a consonant SOUND at the beginning of a series of words to create an effect or emphasise an idea. Facts - to present evidence that can be proved and tested to make your argument more convincing Opinions - to present ideas that cannot be proved but that reflect the strong feelings of many people Repetition - to repeat a word or phrase to emphasise an idea

10 Rhetorical Questions - A question that does not need or expect an answer, used to engage the reader
Emotive Language - to use language to deliberately stir up positive or negative emotions in the reader. Statistics - use numbers, percentages or other numerical data used to support an idea Three (Rule of) - Grouping 3 linked comments together to emphasise an idea

11 Your Mission… Decide on what you think would be the best superpower to have if you were a hero. You are going to write an essay on this topic, using your newly-discovered persuasive powers!

12 Today’s Song: “When We Stand Together” by Nickelback
We Can Be Heroes… Persuasive Writing Wednesday 13th June Today’s Song: “When We Stand Together” by Nickelback

13 Justify Your Power On your post-it, you are going to scribble down the following things: What your power is How you would use it in day-to-day life. How it could change/save the world What you would do for fun How your power could let you down. 

14 Plan of Attack? Introduction
Introduce the topic of superheroes. Mention a few of you favourites and what you admire about them and their superpowers (only 2 or 3 sentences!). Choose your ideal superpower and introduce it.

15 Writing a Super Introduction 1
Superheros are like totally amazin. I love them and they are cool. I wish I could fly.

16 Writing a Super Introduction 2
As a child, I had a bit of an overactive imagination. This was probably due to the great amount of superhero books, comics, TV shows and films I spent my days consuming. I was forever wooshing down the stairs or kablamming across the garden. Batman was my idol, along with the X-Men, and the more I watched and read, the more I wanted my own heroic traits. With a dish towel tucked into the back of my t-shirt, I would stand, hands on hips, ready to take on the world and ready to kick enemy butt.

17 Writing a Super Introduction 3
Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that I’m a bit on the clumsy side. I’m forever bumping into desks, getting annoying little cuts and stubbing my toe. Scratches, nicks and bruises often decorate my shins and elbows. But imagine if I was like one of my heroes, Wolverine. I would never suffer the wrath of the wretched paper cut ever again. Having super healing powers would change my life!

18 Plan of Attack? Paragraph 1:
Give your first reason for wanting this superpower. How would it make your daily life easier? Mention how another superhero or villain uses it in their day to day life. Would it change the way you do things?

19 Plan of Attack? Paragraph 2:
Detail your second reason for wanting this power. How would you use it to change the world? Reference how other heroes use this power to help humanity and make this a better place. What kind of hero would you be with this power?

20 Plan of Attack? Paragraph 3:
Highlight the more light-hearted reasons for wishing for this gift. Would you use your power for fun? What enjoyment would your superpower bring you? Would it help you excel at a hobby/school/ sports?

21 Plan of Attack? Paragraph 4:
Comment on the down side. What drawbacks would your power have? Would it cause any problems? How would you solve these problems and how would you cope with the bad sides of being a hero?

22 Plan of Attack? Conclusion:
Summarise your main reasons for wanting to have this power. Pick one example that you have mentioned in your essay that you feel is the strongest and explain how this would change your life and change the world!

23 Your Mission Will be a Success If…
You persuade me into wanting your superpower! You use your persuasive powers to convince me. You use a variety of sentence structures, openers, connectives. You show me that you have a wide vocabulary.

24 Persuasive Writing Monday 18th June Today’s Song: “Ordinary” by Train
We Can Be Heroes… Persuasive Writing Monday 18th June Today’s Song: “Ordinary” by Train

25 Getting a Bit Selfish Try to think of a time when you’ve seen a hero using their powers only for their own good. Note this down on your post-it. You’ve got 2 minutes!

26 Let’s Think About Spiderman
Everyday life Being a Hero

27 Let’s See Those Powers Now that we’ve discussed our essay plan and we’ve had a look at how a hero uses his powers, we can start writing! Today’s the day to show off those persuasive techniques! Remember, use evidence to back up your points. Tell me about times when you’ve seen or read about heroes using their powers in the same way you would. That makes your argument even stronger.

28 Today’s Song: “All Star” by Smashmouth
We Can Be Heroes… Persuasive Writing Tuesday 19th June Today’s Song: “All Star” by Smashmouth

29 Life Can Be Hard for Heroes
Strong heroes don’t mean to break things! People might notice if you keep stopping time! Invisible people could spy on you for a joke! You might pick up the wrong ideas! Telekinetics might move the wrong thing! Lasers might hurt someone! You might turn evil! Telepaths could hear what others think of them!

30 Today is Going to be tricky…
We have 5 people in the class who are in catch-up mode and 15 who are in rush ahead mode. So today, we are going to have a Marvel team-up to help our holiday-ers stay up to date.

31 Today is a Crazy Write-a-Thon!
It would be great if we could really blitz the writing today, folks. I want everyone finished their introduction and first paragraph (everyday life). If these are not finished, they will be homework for Wednesday!

32 Shall We Try Some Comic Books?
Right guys, wee challenge… A few people in here said they didn’t really like reading. Let’s fix that. Comic books are a great way to get into reading and you can then move on to reading a whole book of comics called a “graphic novel”. Of those of you in the class who haven’t read a comic book before, I think this week is the week to try. I’ll bring some in on Friday and I want you guys to try to read some online or in the library for then.

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