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Chad Young Director, Distribution Channels U.S.

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1 Chad Young Director, Distribution Channels U.S.

2 Rich History of Innovation and Customer Commitment
Business foundation by Heinz Nixdorf Expansion to the fourth largest computer company in Europe Acquisition of Nixdorf Computer corporation by Siemens corporation Foundation of Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems corporation Establishment of Siemens Nixdorf Retail and Banking Systems Inc. Continuous growth with two-digit expansion rate Separation from the Siemens group Independence and new brand: Wincor Nixdorf Initial public offer as Wincor Nixdorf stock corporation Informationssysteme AG Retail and Banking Systems GmbH 1952 1990 1998 1999 2004

3 Wincor Nixdorf At a Glance
Corporate profile (FY 06/07) Customer-oriented culture Global presence in over 90 countries Main production locations: Germany Singapore China Brazil Development Center: Switzerland Retail Banking Postal service Hospitality Service stations Lottery Products Solutions/ Consulting Services incl. outsourcing Blue chip-customers

4 Wincor Nixdorf HQ in the US – Austin, Texas
Wincor Nixdorf in the United States 90 employees and 60 people per shift in the call center Facilities of 75,000 Sq. Feet include Sales Marketing Engineering and technical support Financials Logistics Warehouse Testing and diagnostics Staging and integration Assembly line Spare part inventory Certified repairs Shipping and receiving Wincor Nixdorf HQ in the US – Austin, Texas Material Handling Repair Center Staging Center

5 Worldwide Market Positions
2006 No. 3 No. 2 No. 1 ATMs and Cash Dispensers Point of Sale Automated Teller Safes Multi-vendor Applications Monitoring / Admin Customer Information Printers Document/Passbook Printers Transaction Terminals

6 End-to-End Portfolio Products Services Solutions
Postal teller machines Kiosk Terminals Redemption of empty packaging ATM / Cash Recycling Self- Checkout Products Intelligent Deposit Services ATS Counter workstations Net centered multi-channel solutions ProClassic/ Enterprise Solutions Branch Solutions Multi-vendor Software 1-2-1 Marketing ProClassic Cash Management ProCash/ FOnet daNCe ProSales ProCash Analyzer

7 Wincor Nixdorf World wide shipments of ATMs/CDs
61.170 Wincor Nixdorf World wide shipments of ATMs/CDs 61,170 06/07 48,795 05/06 35,005 04/05 32,190 03/04 22,608 02/03 16,803 01/02 22,587 00/01 93/94 15,397 8,865 3,111 96/97 7,610 95/96 97/98 4,285 94/95 98/99 92/93 3,959 99/00 14,198 2,923 ~ 52,800 ATMs/CDs shipped in 2006/07 ~ 8,300 Intelligent Deposit Systems shipped in 2006/07

8 Innovation strongly driven by Customer Needs and Technical Progress
Key Figures Ongoing Portfolio-Additions, e.g.: SlimCash 200, ProCash 4000xs, ProCash 4100, FrontOffice/TOP, PCA 3.0 Wincor Nixdorf commitment in FY 06/07 to customer-oriented R&D: R&D Spendings of US$ 138 Mio. (11% growth) 843 Employees in R&D – 10% of total Headcount 75 new Patents – Active Patents up to 1,028 ProCash 4000xs SlimCash ProCash 1571 ProCash 4100xs

9 Global Constructed Customer Base
… and continuously winning new customers (15 years) (28 years) (26 years) Developing customers for decades … Blue chips: Banking 25 out of the Top 25 Banks in Europe 18 out of the Top 25 Banks in the World Retail 19 out of the Top 25 Retailers in Europe 17 out of the Top 25 Retailers in the World Banking ranked by market cap, Retail ranked by revenue Source: Thomson Financial, Datastream, Lafferty (European Banker),,

10 Top 25 ATM Deployer in North America
Wincor Nixdorf is on track to become a leading supplier of banking solutions in North America Goals Strategic Strategic Goals WN Customer Non-WN Customer Pilot/Pilot in Prep. 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 25 Top 25 ATM Deployer in North America Strong company focus on U.S. business development Broaden No. 1 position in Canada Expansion of onsite maintenance coverage and enhanced service portfolio (Managed Services) Direct Focus on Top Accounts Reseller model for small and medium banks Broaden portfolio incl. Recycling ATMs, Kiosk, Branch Renewal, PC/E Strong focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction Source: ATM & Debit News Nov / Wincor Nixdorf

11 Wincor Nixdorf continues to invest and shows a strong commitment to the U.S. marketplace
Milestones U.S. Banking business unit established in the U.S. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Wincor Nixdorf US Headquarters established in Austin, TX Acquisition of AUTOTELL – Setup of regional SW competence center in Boston for the Americas Rollout of 1,200 ATMs at Valero First Multivendor SW project at JPMC (eATM) 2007 Alliance Agreement with IBM Launch of integration and staging center Call Center setup Rollout of 2,500 APC Terminals for USPS Setup of service Infrastructure Platform (eServices) Introduction of direct sales model First envelope free pilot at Wells Fargo Building up onsite maintenance Nationwide depot concept (FEDEX) BTN Innovator Award Banking business growth of 98% Continues investments into sales, support and services New HQ in Austin

Aus unserer langjährigen Branchenerfahrung heraus bieten wir Zugang zu neuesten Technologien. Lösungen, die auf hochwertiger Hard- und Software basieren, integrieren wir nahtlos in die Systemlandschaften unserer Kunden. Umfassende Service- und Beratungsleistungen runden unser Angebotsprofil ab. Wir helfen beim Auf- und Ausbau von Informationstechnologie für traditionelle und neue Vertriebswege, integrieren Selbstbedienungs-Techniken, binden E- und M-Commerce in bestehende Vertriebsstrukturen ein und denken dabei schon heute an die Kanäle von morgen. Auf der ganzen Welt setzen Kunden aus den Bereichen Handel und Banken auf effiziente Prozesse, Investitionsschutz und niedrige Kosten über den gesamten Produktlebenszyklus - auf der ganzen Welt setzten Kunden auf Wincor Nixdorf. Know-how, das wir in den Zielbranchen Handel und Banken erworben haben, transferieren wir zunehmend auf andere Bereiche und erweitern so ständig unseren Kundenkreis. EXPERIENCE MEETS VISION. Securing your ATM Network

13 Potential ATM Attacks Intrusion and Fraud/ Tampering theft Cyber
Physical/ Destructive Attacks

14 Potential ATM Attacks Intrusion and theft Physical & Destructive Attacks Fraud/Tampering Cyber Attacks

15 Security Housing Conventional safes
Security levels Strongbox Wall thickness 2 or 3 mm UL 291 Level 1 Wall thickness 12,5 mm CEN L RU* 30/50 (total breach) CEN III Wall thickness 40 mm RU* 120 (total breach) CEN IV CEN VI Wall thickness 80 mm RU* 400 (total breach) *RU: Resistance Unit Total time x BV of strongest tool + total BV of all tools e.g. BV (basic value): chisel= oxygen lance=32 CEN V

16 Safe Locks Functions Open Safe Change code
Connection to Alarm System (Distress Alarming) Delayed opening Administration system with Audit Trail (record opening activities) Single-use opening codes, Soft-Key (eg. Mas Hamilton Lock)

17 Cassette – Note Staining Systems
Functions The ink from the security module integrated in the cassette degrades the cash within a fraction of a second. Can be switched to ATM or transport mode Contacts protect the cassette if criminals attempt to break the cover open. Integrated sensors (detect non horizontal position and physical blows) Solution can be upgraded on machines in the field by replacing cassettes at a later date

18 Cassette – Note Staining Systems
Advantage Wincor Nixdorf’s solution assures an average banknote ink penetration of more than 35% when the cassette is full. The minimum guaranteed ink penetration is 20%. These ink penetration values are high when compared to competitor products.

19 Physical & Destructive Attacks
Potential ATM Attacks Intrusion and theft Physical & Destructive Attacks Fraud/Tampering Cyber Attacks

20 Anatomy of an ATM Theft

21 Anatomy of an ATM Theft

22 …and when finally found….

23 Explosion of ATM An explosive gas mixture of oxygen and acetylene will be pumped in the ATM. With an electric cable, which is inserted in the ATM the explosive gas mixture will be ignited from a secure distance.

24 Explosion of ATM

25 Explosion of ATM

26 Result…theft of cash cassettes

27 Anchored ATM Installation

28 Alarm Package: Machine Removal Sensor
Fig.: A94_04.1 40 Min. 65 27.5 190 Functions Mechanical sensor Protection against forceful removal of the entire ATM Alarm triggered as soon as attempt at removal starts No false alarms Protection against tampering

29 Alarm Package: Structure-borne Noise Sensors
Thermal intrusion (heat sensors) Mechanical intrusion (acoustic sensors) Explosives (seismic sensors)

30 Security operations control center
ATM secured with GPS positioning technology Alarmplan wird ausgelöst Internet Security operations control center location-finding server GPS location module Database network provider ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ALARM D1 D2 O2 Neigungsmelder Tilt sensor

31 Potential ATM Attacks Intrusion and theft Physical & Destructive Attacks Fraud/Tampering Cyber Attacks

32 Crimes Committed at ATMs
Crimes most commonly committed at ATMs Skimming Special intrusion mechanisms mounted in front of the card reader are used to copy (fish for) card data. Lebanese Loop Special intrusion mechanisms mounted in front of the card reader are used to steal the card. Not noticed by customer! Customer loses card!

33 Lebanese Loop

34 Anti Lebanese Loop Card Reader

35 Skimming device on a ProCash 2xxx ATM
Camera Skimming device

36 Rash of ATM-skimming attacks hits Irish banks
Wednesday February HUNDREDS of thousands of euro has been stolen from bank accounts of unsuspecting customers over the past two weeks, it emerged last night. The scam has hit bank customers in Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Kerry, after skimming devices were installed on ATM machines across Munster. Gardai say that €160,000 has been stolen from bank accounts in Clare alone over the past fortnight. The revelation comes as Bank of Ireland refunded thousands of euro to 90 customers at its branch in Ennis who fell victim to a skimming operation. Source: News

37 Fast processing of the skimmed data
The data copied from the magnetic stripe is transmitted via radio waves and stored on a notebook computer. The skimmed data are passed on immediately and as soon as two hours later, fake cards can be used to make purchases

38 New generation of skimming devices

39 New generation of skimming devices
On the left you see a typical skimming device with conventional technology beside a new skimming device with modern technology Dimensions Width mm Height mm Depth 3.89 mm

40 New generation of skimming devices
The police obtained a card skimmer and a fake PIN pad which was bonded to the ATM. Both items hardly distinguishable from the original components

41 New generation of skimming devices
Six small batteries connected to micro switches Transmitter circuit Micro switches Magnetic read head Transmitter antenna

42 Video Surveillance Portrait camera ATM-specific installation
ATM-specific camera module Retrofittable Versions: Black/white or color (Color for XE systems only) PAL or NTSC

43 Anti-skimming Card Reader Throat
With the anti-skimming card reader throat, easy mounting of a skimming device is prevented Anti-skimming card reader throat is securely screwed-on. Sensor is activated if card reader throat is removed Element for card reader throat

44 Card reader throat of Wincor Nixdorf ATMs
It is important to know how far the card juts out of the card reader module in the eject position. In WN systems, it is approx. 30 mm. 30 mm Insertion direction This is the area accessible to the system user or the thief with our standard card reader throat The installation of an anti-fraud card reader throat eliminates the space required for the installation of a skimming device. A skimming device cannot be attached in front of our card reader.

45 Anti-skimming Sensor Anti-Skimming Sensor Mounted inside ATM fascia
Can not be seen or removed from outside the ATM Senses change in magnetic field associated with installation of skimming device Sensor communicates with ATM software if device detected Alarm triggered ATM shutdown Automated action(s)

46 Potential ATM Attacks Intrusion and theft Physical & Destructive Attacks Fraud/Tampering Cyber Attacks

47 Payment Card Industry PCI Data Security Standard: PCI DSS
For the first time in Sept. 2006, the five brands agreed on a single, common framework for creation of an organization to develop and maintain security standards for credit and debit card payments. The newly formed Payment Card International Security Standards Council will manage the PCI Data Security Standard for merchants, payment processors, point-of-sale vendors, financial institutions and more than a billion cardholders worldwide.

48 Payment Card Industry 3 different standards
There are 3 standards relevant to banking….. Encrypting Pad (EPP) Security: PED (Visa) Encrypting PIN Security (RKL, Key management) Data Security (operations, infrastructure and processes)

49 Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)
Functions PCI PED 1.0 or higher (for all ATMs purchased after 1/1/2008) Securing the network keys (attack-proof memory area) Remote key management Cryptographic functions Security housing (tamper-responsive) Secure software update (direct or remote)

50 Remote Key Loading (RKL)

51 Key Loading….today vs. tomorrow
Typical process today for master key input The master key is generated by the KMS/HSM, then printed out and distributed as two key halves Two employees each input one half of the key on the local ATM Disadvantages: Cost-intensive process Labor-intensive process Security: Key cracking / misuse / loss of key Master key KMS/HSM (Key generation) Manual key loading KMS: Key Management Systems HSM: Hardware Security Module TMK: Terminal Master Key

52 Remote Key Loading Master Key
The Master Key must be encrypted, with a unique Transport key per ATM (Terminal). Each ATM must have a unique identifier ! During the initial master key loading process, the host must be able to verify the data from the ATM and the ATM (EPP) must be able to verify the host data The first initial transport key must be injected in the ATM (EPP) in a secure way or secure environment

53 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (DSS) - Requirements
Build and Maintain a Secure Network Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters Protect Cardholder Data Protect stored cardholder data Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program Use and regularly update anti-virus software Develop and maintain secure systems and applications

54 Payment Card Industry Impact for Wincor Nixdorf
Encrypting Pad (EPP) Security Hardware Firmware Encrypting PIN Security (Remote Key Load - RKL, Key Management) PCI Compliant Firmware PCI Compliant ATM Software: ProClassic (NDC/DDC/IFX) RKL Solutions: ProRKL & PT/E-RKL Data Security (operations, infrastructure and processes) Platform Security Agent (PSA) ProTect/One PT/E- HVPN

55 Wincor Nixdorf Comprehensive Security Suite
ProTect/One Remote Key Loading Solutions Plattform Security Agent ( PSA) Hardware Virtual Private Network Plattform Anwendung PSA TCP/IP HVPN

56 Questions ? ?

57 Thank You!

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