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Short for incumbent local exchange carrier. An ILEC is a telephone company that provides local service.

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3 Short for incumbent local exchange carrier. An ILEC is a telephone company that provides local service.










13 Applications & Data Files Used: Cisco 2948L3 for Firewall Pc-Anywhere to logon to computers outside of locations. Oracle Database Software Office XP 2003 Operating Systems: Windows XP Professional Edition Installed on each workstation and PC Windows XP Server 2003 Microsoft Exchange Server Installed on File Server Other: A Server based network will be used for client logins A Tree topology is being used Layout Of The Organization: 1 Site Located in Orland Park 1 Site Located in Tinley Park 1 Building Per Site 3 Floors in the Orland Park Building 2 Floors in Tinley Park Building 2 16 room floors & 1 18 room floor in the Orland Park Building 50 Computers in the Orland Park Office w/ 50 Printers 50 Computers in the Tinley Park Building w/ 50 printers Hardware Used: Routers – Cisco 4500 & Cisco 7600 Switches – Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series CSU/DSU – Visual CSU/DSU 109 Patch Panels – Panduit 96 Port CAT6 Patch Panel 100+ RJ-45 Wall Mounts 2 25 Pair Cables for T1 Connection Protocol: TCP/IP for reliability and simplicity

14 Software : PcAnywhere – $4, Microsoft Office XP 2003 Professional – $1, Microsoft XP Pro – $10, Microsoft Terminal Server $ Microsoft Exchange Server $7, Hardware : 8 Cisco 4500 routers - $5, Cisco 7600 routers - $35, Cisco Catalyst port - $3, Cisco Catalyst 2950G 24 Port - $1, Panduit 96 Port CAT6 Patch Panels - $ RJ-45 Wall Plates - $ Pair Cables - $500 for 50 FT HP LaserJet 1020 Laser Printer - $10, Blocks - $ Sun Enterprise 6500 Database Server - $229, APC Back-UPS 55 VA - $2, WIN-PAK 2005 File Server - $6, HP Jetdirect 200m Print Server - $ Visual CSU/DSU – $ Unknown

15 Access Control List Main Security: ACLs that will only allow outgoing connections to the console computers that are connected to the router in each floor. No incoming connections will be allowed unless it is the router itself. Firewall: There is a main firewall that is setup after the main router that is in the building that will control any connections coming in and out. Any connections that are a possible threat will be denied. Proxy Server: A proxy will be activated on all computers so that anyone who access certain web sites with certain keywords will be blocked.

16 Main Backups: There are tape backups for each server and database. If a server or database is corrupted the tape backup will be able to make a complete restore of the current activities. Uninterrupted Power Supplies: There will be UPSs working 24/7 incase of a power outage. Dial-up Modem: If the T1 line goes down there is a 24/7 working Dial-up modem that will be running in case any remote access will be needed.

17 VLAN Printers, Pcs, Servers are all set up into their own subnets. Example: Printers are Pcs are

18 DHCP The main router that is connected to the CSU/DSU will distribute IP addresses to all the pcs and printers in each subnet. The router has a built in DHCP server.

19 Account Policies Administrators will be running the Windows 2003 Server Operating System. The workers will be able to access certain web pages that do not consist of certain keywords entered into the Proxy Server. All workers will have access to everything except the run command, internet options, the C: drive, and system settings.

20 CSU/DSU T1 Line Short for Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit. Such a device is required for both ends of a T-1 or T-3 connection, and the units at both ends must be set to the same communications standard.T-1T-3 The routers will be connected with fiber optic connections instead of the regular serial connections because of the T1 Line.

21 Total Cost of Network $321,713.76

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