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We Are. . . The Millennials Leaving our Fingerprints on The World

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1 We Are. . . The Millennials Leaving our Fingerprints on The World
By: Juliann Whittaker & Edward Rocco

2 Questions Who “belongs” in the Millennial Generation?
What are the characteristics of Millennials? What are their priorities? What events shaped this generation and what are their lasting effects?

3 The Millennial Generation: Who Belongs?
Generation Y Born from Sometimes referred to as “The Good News Generation”

4 Defining Characteristics
Liberal Group Oriented Pressured Less Religious

5 Liberal More Millennials identify themselves as liberals than any other generation Strongest supporters of Barack Obama Less prejudice than parent generations Only 32% of millennials are opposed to gay couples raising children Democratic Advantage Narrows Among Millennial Voters (%) Source: Pew Research Center surveys

6 Group Oriented Generally enjoy group work and “team” projects
Learn best through social interaction

7 Pressured Accustomed to a high pace, nonstop daily schedule from birth
Pushed to succeed and achieve the highest standards and opportunities by parents Must multi-task to succeed and accomplish the large amount they “take on”

8 Less Religious According to Pew Research Center, 1 in 4 Millennials has no religious affiliation Lower attendance rate to religious services Less likely to view religion as a priority Pray less often than elders

9 Priorities Education Family Fitness

10 Education On the verge of becoming most educated generation
Currently, 1 in 5 has a college degree, but an expected 56% more millennials will receive one, compared to the only 50% of Generation X Value education due to recession

11 Family Go to parents for guidance and support
According to Pew Research Center, 52% of millennials say that being a good parent is a top priority, and 30% say that it is having a successful marriage Are suspected to put children ahead of their career

12 Fitness 63% of Millennial men, and 48% of Millennial women exercise daily Watch less TV, surprisingly

13 Events that Have Shaped the Millennials
September 11th Attacks War in Iraq Virginia Tech

14 9/11 Led to revolution in Homeland Security and parental sheltering
Grew up in a world of fear 7 out of 10 millennials said their lives were changed by 9/11 Led to a service boom because Millennials saw the heroics of firefighters and police officers and used it as a model to aspire to Has also led to increase on texting/social networking due to sheltering from parents

15 War in Iraq Millennials have been in this war for as long as they can remember Many know, and have lost, friends and family members in this war A world of war has always been commonplace Led to a service boom to support their friends and family, and keep morale high in the troops

16 Virginia Tech Most deadly massacre to occur on any University Campus
Led to emergency text message systems at schools Some Universities have safety drills at orientations, and installed locks inside doors Caused Millennials to make safety a priority

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