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GEMS Wellington Academy - DSO

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1 GEMS Wellington Academy - DSO
Parent’s Information Evening GEMS Royal Dubai School Wednesday 30 March 2011

2 Purpose of the Information Evening
To introduce GEMS Wellington Academy and myself To provide you with essential information about WSO To explain our Teaching and Learning Principles To provide details about the Curriculum and Enrichment Programmes To confirm admission arrangements To provide an opportunity for general questions

3 What Will the Academy Offer ?
The National Curriculum for England including GCSE and A level Initially to pupils from Foundation Stage to Year 9 from September 2011 (Children aged 3 – 13 years). This will extend each year to eventually include students in Year 13

4 Building on Success GEMS Wellington Academy – SO will be the latest addition to the very successful Wellington brand of schools offered by GEMS Education. UK National Curriculum Internationally recognised curriculum delivered in over 150 countries Broad and balanced High standards Strong emphasis upon assessment of and for learning Demands a wide range of teaching strategies Experienced Principal and Head of School with proven track records of success Teachers primarily but not exclusively from the UK Parent Engagement Creativity and Innovation

5 GEMS Support School Transport Services
Uniform – same as GWPS and GWIS and same supplier GEMS Music Academy E Sports GEMS Professional Development for Teachers Other GEMS opportunities i.e. Trips and Expeditions, Dubai Literature Festival

6 Class Organisation Class Size FS1 & FS2 = 22 students per class Year 1 upwards = 27 students per class Teaching Assistants FS and KS1 – 1 per class KS2 –1 for every 2 classes Form/Home Groups Year 7 upwards

7 Academy Timings Foundation Stage 1 8:30am – 12:30pm daily
8:30am.  Registration will take place at 8:30am. Foundation Stage 2 8:30am – 2:00pm Sunday to Wednesday 8:30am – 12:30pm Thursday Year 1 7:45am – 2:00pm  Sunday to Wednesday 7:45am – 12:50pm  Thursday Year 2 - Year 6 7:45am – 2:50pm Sunday to Wednesday 7:45am – 12:50pm Thursday Year 7 to Year 13 7:45am – 3:00pm Sunday to Wednesday 7:45am – 1:00pm Thursday

8 Will the buildings be ready?
Building progress: The main structure of the building is 100% complete The whole building programme is 80% complete We aim for parents to be able to view areas of the building in July Regular project meetings and a large workforce deployed

9 Facilities 2 – phase building
Some of main facilities this campus will have in Phase 1 are: · Indoor multi-sports hall · Outdoor shaded multi-sports hall · Outdoor multi-sports pitch · 6 lane, 25m swimming pool & Learner pool · Learning Centres for Primary and Secondary · Dance / exercise studio

10 Vision To be an outstanding international school that combines high academic standards with the holistic development of the student in preparation for their futures

11 Mission To provide a positive and dynamic learning environment to cater for the needs of our students, in all aspects of their school life. To support our students in their preparation for their future through the incorporation of technologies and GEMS core values into our curriculum and by offering a wide range of opportunities for students to excel. To encourage our school community to be confident, independent learners who think reflectively and creatively to achieve their full potential To be a true learning organisation where all students, staff and parents are engaged in learning as leaders, learners and coaches

12 Teaching and Learning A great school is ultimately judged by the quality of its teaching and the outcomes achieved by its learners. At WSO we will: 1. Set high expectations and give every learner confidence they can succeed 2. Establish what learners already know and build on it (Assessment for Learning) 3. Structure and pace the learning experience to make it challenging and enjoyable 4. Inspire learning through passion for the subject 5. Make individuals active partners in their learning 6. Develop learning skills and personal qualities 7. Will ensure a variety of approach and method

13 Teaching and Learning (2)
Learning will occur when: past experience and new information connect to form new understanding, the penny drops, the light comes on and the child says, ‘Ah, I get it’ learning is that reflective activity which enables the learner to draw upon experience to understand and evaluate the present, so as to shape future action and formulate new knowledge learning is to boldly go where your mind has not gone before

14 The Curriculum Subjects
Foundation Stage The six areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development Problem Solving, Reasoning and Development Communication, Language and Literacy Knowledge and Understanding of the World Physical Development Creative Development Music and Physical Education further enhance the children’s curriculum experiences and Arabic and French are introduced.

15 The Curriculum Subjects –
Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Core Subjects English Mathematics Science Foundation Subjects ICT History Geography Arabic (from Year 1) French/Spanish (from Year 3) Art Music Physical Education Personal, Social and Health Education Islamic studies (Muslim students)

16 The Curriculum Subjects –
Key Stage 3 Core Subjects English Mathematics Science Foundation Subjects ICT History Geography Arabic French/Spanish Art Music Physical Education Personal, Social and Health Education Islamic studies (Muslim students)

17 The Curriculum Subjects –
Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form KEY STAGE 4: Core Subjects English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, PE, PSHCE and a Modern Foreign Language Subject Choice from: History, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Art, Music, Drama, Dance, French, Spanish, Media Studies and PE Key Stage 4 examination courses lead to GCSE qualification KEY STAGE 5 (Sixth Form): At this moment in time it is the intention to offer students the opportunity to follow AS and A2 levels within Years 12 and 13

18 Extra Curricular and Enrichment
The academy will offer a wide range of activities which enrich the students’ educational experience Local and International Trips and Expeditions Student leadership programmes Varkey GEMS Foundation and other charitable and community work E Sports paid activities

19 Student Support Services
Medical Support Day to day medical matters H&S checks of cafeteria and swimming pool Healthy living Seminars and workshops for parents English as an Additional Language Programmes designed to accelerate imporved levels of language proficiency Achievement Centre Special needs provision (mild to moderate learning difficulties Counselling services

20 The Integration of ICT • Personalising the learning experience • Highly effective and creative teaching and learning • Creation of a flexible learning environment • Enabling secure and reliable communications • Developing leading edge and innovative provision

21 Parent Engagement A parent is a child’s first and longest serving teacher…. That relationship cannot end when the child goes to school.


23 General Questions

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