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ILD Quality Center Overview.

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1 ILD Quality Center Overview

2 The Quality Center Testing Process
Quality Center offers an organized framework for testing applications before they are deployed. Because test plans evolve with new or modified application requirements, you need a central data repository for organizing and managing the testing process. Quality Center guides you through all phases of the testing process. The Quality Center testing process includes five phases: Throughout the testing process, you can generate reports and graphs to assist you in your “go/no-go” decisions about your application readiness.

3 Module Overview Releases – Defines releases and cycles. Can view defects per releases or cycles, illustrates trends (may replace our Journey document) Requirements – Business, Technical and Test requirements Business Component – Used for automated scripts Test Plan – Detailed test scripts Test Lab – Assign test set folders to a cycle (Arena, Integrated, MO) Defects – Log for metrics, use Tracker. We may be able to integrate Tracker into Quality Center Defects

4 Requirements Module Select Requirements

5 Requirements Module Functions
Note: Convert to Tests feature You can use Convert to Tests wizard to assist you when designing your test plan tree. The wizard enables you to convert selected requirements in the requirements tree to subjects or tests in the test plan tree.

6 Test Plan Module Select Test Plan

7 Creating Test Plans (scripts)
Select Test Plan

8 Creating Test Plan (scripts), continued
Select Test Plan

9 Creating Test Sets Steps to creating
a test set: Select Test folder Select ‘Select Tests’ link Select each test case that you would like in your Test Set and drag to left window

10 Executing a Test Set Run test set: Select ‘Run’ link and Manual Runner will appear (see next slide)

11 Executing a Test Set, continued
Select ‘Begin Run’ Execution steps: 1. Follow the Description step Pass or Fail the step if it does not Input Actual Result match the Expected result.

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