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Citizens tend to grade their local schools higher than they grade the nations schools.

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Citizens tend to grade their local schools higher than they grade the nations schools.

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1 Citizens tend to grade their local schools higher than they grade the nations schools

2 T

3 The concept that underlies schools based management is that decisions are typically based in better information when they are made close to the level at which they will be implemented

4 T

5 Americans have been in general, in agreement about several educational issues. One of the primary areas of agreement is that public education is a necessary element in a democracy

6 T

7 While many American agree that additional finds should be provided for students with special needs, controversy has developed regarding allocation of funds for bilingual education

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9 Perhaps most fundamental among the man disagreements in American education is the issue of financing Americas schools

10 F

11 While many states have approved the voucher system, CA has not approved this plan

12 T

13 Over the past several decades the federal governments role in education has gradually expanded. However, the expansion was reduced under George Bush

14 F

15 The California lottery has been a boon for California schools in that it has generally increased a districts income by 5-10%

16 F

17 Public education is a high priority in the US and this country spends more money on education then any other nation in the world.

18 F

19 Wainer of ETS found that there is no correlation between a districts expenditures for education and student achievement

20 F

21 Chapter 2

22 In the year 2004 California exceeded all other states in the number of students enrolled in public K-12 school

23 T

24 The most common source of revenue for the support of schools in the US is the local property tax. This statement is also true of CA public education

25 F Not all states have property tax

26 Prop 13 approved by CA voters placed a limit on property taxes at 1% of the assessed value of the property

27 T

28 Senate bill 813, also known as the Hughes-Hart Education Reform Act established the mentor teacher program an increased the length of the school day and school year

29 T

30 Proposition 98 approved by the voters in 1988, ensured that K-14 education receive a minimum base funding of 50% of CA tax revenue.

31 F Its 40.33%

32 In 1996 the California Legislature approved funds to lower class size in K-3 grades to a maximum of 20 students per teacher. This act resulted in Californias public- school class size becoming one of the lowest in the nation

33 F lowest in the nation…Ha!

34 In 1993 CA citizens approved school vouchers. As a result parents can now receive state financial support for enrollment of a child in private school

35 F

36 Proposition 227, approved by CA voters in 1998 virtually eliminated CAs bilingual program

37 T It changed the dual language program. No more primary language instruction other than English

38 Gray Davis, elected governor of CA in 1998 declared education his first, second, and third priority

39 T

40 Under the leadership of Gov. Davis, several educational initiatives were approved including the PAR program, public school accountability and the high school proficiency exam.

41 T

42 Chapter 3

43 The control of CAs schools has largely shifted from local school boards to the governor and state legislatures

44 T

45 California expenditures per pupil, in comparison to the rest of the nation rank below the national average.

46 T

47 California citizens have generally been very supportive of education and have provided funds to purchase the facilities necessary to house students

48 F

49 Student enrollment greatly increased during the 1990s. It is expected to continue to increase during the first decade of the 2000s

50 T

51 The state provides base revenue limit for all CA school districts. The base revenue can be increased by a vote of the citizens of a local school district.

52 F Cannot be increased by a vote of the citizens

53 California has an increasing percentage of students representing ethnic and racial minorities. During the 1990s these students became a majority- minority of K-12 enrollment in CA.

54 T

55 California has been fortunate in leading the nation in the development of technology. This development has resulted in CA classrooms exceeding all other states in the number of computers in each classroom

56 F

57 California schools educate a very diverse student population. As one measure of this diversity, approximately 50% of California students are limited-English- proficient

58 F

59 The charter school movement has been successful in California although the number of charter schools in the state is limited to 100.

60 F It was at the beginning but this has changed.

61 Class size reduction has been a popular program. The program has had a positive effect on a districts capacity to provide adequate classrooms.

62 F

63 Chapter 4

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