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1 Foam

2 Foam Solution of air, water, foam concentrate, and mechanical agitation used to form a floating ‘blanket’ on flammable and combustible liquids. It prevents or extinguishes a fire by excluding air and cooling fuel. Foam also aids in preventing reignition by suppressing flammable vapors.

3 Terminology Foam concentrate - from factory
Foam solution - water + concentrate Finished foam solution water + concentrate + mechanical agitation

4 Foam Tetrahedron Concentrate Water Air Aeration (mechanical agitation)

5 Types of Foam Protein Fluoroprotein
Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP) Aqeous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Alcohol Resistant AFFF (AR-AFFF)

6 Protein Originated in WWII Derived from natural sources 3% or 6%
Excellent water retention High heat resistance 35 to 120 degrees F Hydrocarbons only 10 year shelf life

7 Fluoroprotein Fluorochemical surfactants added to reg. Protein foam
Can be used for Subsurface Injection Not affected by thawing or freezing 3%-6% 35-120 10 year shelf life

8 Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP)
3%-6% degrees F Can be stored premixed in apparatus Not affected by thawing or freezing Can be used with fresh or salt water

9 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
Most used All synthetic 1% - 3% - 6% Can be used with salt or fresh water Can be premixed in apparatus water tanks degrees F Good low temperature viscosity

10 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) cont.
Suitable for subsurface injection Can be used as Class A foam if needed Effective only on hydrocarbons

11 Alcohol Resistant AFFF
Same charcteristics as AFFF but can also be used on polar solvents!

12 Expansion Ratios Low Expansion – up to 20:1 (we use 10:1)
Medium Expansion – :1 (Haz-Mat vapor mitigation) High Expansion – :1 (Confined Space)

13 Types of Fuels Hydrocarbons Polar Solvents

14 Hydrocarbons Products of crude oil Do not mix with water
Gasoline, Diesel, JP8, Kerosene, Asphalt, Motor oils, Vegetable oil, and Animal Fat

15 Polar Solvents Products of distillation Easily mix with water
Ketones, Esters, Alcohol, Amine, MTBE

16 Foam Equipment Eductors HLP-9 (in-line) PC-30A
Foam nozzles JS PC PC PC Task Force Tip Foam Adapter

17 HLP-9 In-line eductor Works off of venturi effect
Large amount of friction loss No more than 6 feet between eductor and concentrate surface Pump at 200 psi

18 HLP-9 No more than 200 feet between eductor and nozzle

19 PC-30A Utilized for Sub-Surface Injection

20 JS-10 1-1/2” nozzle 100 gpm at 100 psi

21 PC-31 2-1/2” nozzle 310 gpm at 100 psi

22 PC-50 This nozzle under ideal conditions is capable of delivering 500 gallons of finished foam solution per minute It has a reach of 170 feet at 150 PSI

23 PC-100 Capable of delivering 1000 gallons per minute of finished foam solution under ideal conditions Has a reach of 190 feet at 150 PSI

24 Task Force Tip - Foam Adapter
Purpose is to provide additional foam as a master stream Can be used on ground monitors or elevated master streams (ladder trucks)

25 Tactics

26 Establish an Excellent Water Supply!

27 Solution

28 Size up How large is the spill\fire? What resources are needed?

29 Approach Scene If possible approach from upwind

30 Application Techniques
Bounce off Bank in Rain down

31 blanket Minimum 4” blanket
If you must walk through blanket do not pick feet up!


33 Chesapeake’s First Foam Unit
Property of Shell Utilized a dry powder hopper which worked off of a venturi effect Carried A & B foam

34 Foam 35 Donated by the Department of Civil Defense.
It carried an extinguishing agent called “Purple K” which is located in the center dome shaped container. It also carried the A & B type foam powder.

35 Engine 6 Chesapeake Fire Department’s third foam unit
Manufactured in house by CFD Personnel

36 Foam 12 Foam 12 - 1978 Pem-Fab / National Foam
Designed with a balanced pressure system 1000 GPM pump 275 gal. Water tank 128 GPM Foam pump with 550 gallons of Universal Gold Currently assigned in the Western Branch area

37 Engine 1 1993 Pierce / National Foam Unit
Has a balanced pressure system 2000 GPM water pump with 500 gallons water 250 GPM foam pump with 500 gallons Universal Gold

38 Foam 1 1973 Chevrolet Carries 1400 gallons of XL-3 type foam
Also carries a limited supply of foam appliances

39 Chesapeake’s Foam Universal Gold 3% AR-AFFF XL Fluoroprotein

40 Engine Company 15 gal. Universal Gold 3% HLP9 in-line eductor
JS-10 foam nozzle

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