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1 Netherlands Bio-Energy Association “Puts energy into biomass” May 2008.

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1 1 Netherlands Bio-Energy Association “Puts energy into biomass” May 2008

2 2 Content About bio-energy About NL-BEA Bio-energy in the Netherlands: Past and present Bio-energy in the Netherlands: Future

3 3 ‘About’ bio-energy: ‘essentials’ Biogas Residuals from agriculture and forestry Energy crops Hydropower Wind energy Solar thermal collectors PhotovoltaicsGeothermal Why bio-energy?Growth 1995 - 2010 primarily biomass (EU-figures)

4 4 ‘About’ NL-BEA: the chain of representation BiomassConversion Renewable Energy Suppliers of biomass Suppliers of hardware, Oil- and gas companies Utilities And: Knowledge institutes, Project-developers, Financing companies

5 5 The Mission “NL-BEA strives for a maximised application of all forms of bio-energy, in a social responsible way.” NL-BEA represents the whole Dutch bio-energy chain towards government(s), press and society

6 6 Organisation: board Chair: –Dick Tommel (former vice-minister of department of Environment, former Member of Parliament) Board: –H. Brink (LTO Nederland), W. Hermans (BioOne Group), A. van Dongen (Nuon), J. Manders (AVR), M. Arninkhof (Raedthuys Groep), E. Pfeiffer (KEMA), R. Venendaal (BTG) Office: –R. Kalf

7 7 Agromiscanthus BV AVR - Van Gansewinkel Bio-Energie Twente BV BioFuel Projects International B.V. BioGast Sustainable Energy BV BioShape Holding BTG Biomass Technology BV Cirmac International BV CLM Onderzoek en Advies BV Degin Duurzame Energie DEVOBO Totaal/Biomass Dumea-KBBL E.On Benelux Energy ECN Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland Ecochip Ecofys EcoSon Electrabel Eneco Essent GasTerra Grontmij Climate & Energy HoSt B.V. Huisvuilcentrale Noord-Holland NV Imtech Vonk B.V. Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions BV (I-RES) J.K. Consultancy KEMA Kempen & Co LTO Nederland Network: the members

8 8 NUON Power Generation OPTIMUM Environmental Technologies BV Praktijkcentrum Nij Bosma Zathe Provincie Drenthe Rabobank Raedthuys Groep SDE Research Siemens Nederland NV Sparkling Projects b.v. Staatsbosbeheer Stichting Rendementslabel Haarden & Kachels Thecogas Biogastechniek BV TNO-MEP Tri-O-Gen BV Twence BV Unica Ecopower b.v. University of Wageningen Network: the members, cont’d

9 9 Bio-energy in the Netherlands Past and present Targets: –14 % renewable energy in 2020 (EU target) –20 % renewable energy in 2020 (national target) –10 % biofuels in 2020 (EU target) Subsidy schemes have changed quiet a lot: –Demand-side (tax) until mid 2003: Huge growth of buyers of green electricity, to some 3 million customers –Supply side (‘feed-in’) since mid 2003 Several changes even stops since, leading to decreasing investors confidence New subsidy system started April 2008

10 10 Subsidy scheme 2008 (1) Higher subsidy for small scale (< 2 MWe) under discussion Criteria for sustainability of biomass; no liquid biomass in subsidy system Tender system: first in Contract period 12 years

11 11 Subsidy scheme 2008 (2) expected basecorr.subsidy ● Electricity from Biogas (landfill and sewage sludge) €/kWh0,0580,0670 ● Green gas from Biogas (landfill and sewage sludge) €/Nm30,2770,210,07 ● Incinerators eff >22%€/kWhdepends0,0670 ● Electricity from Combustion of solid biomass, digestion of GFT or manure €/kWh0,120,0670,053 (source: SenterNovem)

12 12 Past and present (source: SenterNovem) Production of total electricity consumption

13 13 Past and present, biomass overall (source: SenterNovem)

14 14 Past and present, co-combustion (source: SenterNovem) Main fuels:  wood pellets/chips, biomass pellets, agricultural residues, rest products food industry  focus on “clean biomass” because of acceptance and severe emission demands

15 15 Past and present, waste incineration Some 11 Waste incineration plants: 50% renewable (source: SenterNovem)

16 16 Projects and initiatives < 10 MWe, status 2007 Number of installations Gasification 2 Combustion15 Digestion64 Total capacity –200646 MWe –2007 66 MWe

17 17 Projects and initiatives 10–50 MWe, status 2007 4 stand-alone bioenergy combustion installations under construction/in start-up phase (total approx. 80 MWe) 4 stand-alone initiatives in permitting trajectory (total approx. 200 MWe)

18 18 Bio-energy in the Netherlands Future (1) ‘Hot topics’ at the moment, preventing further development of bio-energy: –Getting (IPPC-proof, emissions) permits –Financial investment security –Sustainability of biomass –Heat utilisation Co-combustion in coal-fired power plants is stagnating, even declining (lack of subsidy, sustainability) Several new lines for waste incineration – however getting little financial support

19 19 Future, cont’d New plants go on stream; 4 larger ( demolition wood, chicken litter, bio-oil ) and several smaller scale plants Biofuels have started –EU-directive, –obligation –Several plants in preparation Depending on subsidy system, anaerobic digestion (agriculture) will grow further Stimulation of Green Gas opens window to new applications Bio-energy is likely to broaden; other industries are getting involved: like Cargill, Bavaria and Corus

20 20 Future, cont’d Availability of biomass

21 21 Future, cont’d Specials / discussions: Greenpeace: 1000 MW (4x 250MW), possible Maasvlakte, multifuel gasifier (Shell technology), able to produce fuels as well as directly energy Nuon: 1200 MW multifuel gasifier, announced, to be built in 2011

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