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Biomass Renewable for Thailand Information to Prospective Investors Green Field Power Co.,LTD. February 2011.

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1 Biomass Renewable for Thailand Information to Prospective Investors Green Field Power Co.,LTD. February 2011

2 Contents Page 1.Thai Electricity Market1-8 2.Biomass Conversion and Technology Fuel Sourcing Company MSW Management for Green Energy Zero waste Agriculture for Green Energy18-20

3 Thai Electricity Market

4 1

5 Electricity Supply Structure Electricity supply Industry REGULATORSREGULATORS REGULATORSREGULATORS EGAT Transmission business EGAT Transmission business EGAT Power Plants IPPs Import SPPs VSPPs Residential Users Residential Users Commercial Users Commercial Users Industrial Users Industrial Users MEAPEA Distribution Generat ion Electricit y Flow 2

6 VSPP Tariff Component of VSPP tariff Base Tariff Power Tariff = + Fixed Adder Base Tariff = Bulk Supply Tariff (wholesale) + Average Ft wholesale 3

7 VSPP Tariff 4

8 5

9 6

10 : 92.2% 72.5% 1.4% ( 10%)

11 : "... Carbon Offset CSR.,

12 Biomass Conversion and Technology

13 BIOMASS CONVERSION Direct Combustion Direct Combustion Biochemical Conversion Biochemical Conversion Thermo chemical Conversion Thermo chemical Conversion BIOMASS Gasification Indirect Liquefaction Indirect Liquefaction Pyrolysis Direct Liquefaction Direct Liquefaction Anaerobic Digestion Anaerobic Digestion Aerobic Digestion Aerobic Digestion Hydrolysis Fermentation Hydrolysis Fermentation Electric Power Synthesis Gas Fuel Gas Synthesis Gas Fuel Gas Liquid Fuel Chemical Feed stocks Chemical Feed stocks Methane Compost Ethanol 9

14 Technology of Biomass Waste Utilization for Energy Direct Combustion : fixed bed boiler, kiln boiler, fluidized bed boiler. A bubbling fluidized bed boiler is very suitable to be applied for combusting materials with high moisture content like EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) or biomass containing watery particle Gasification Technology : Biomass gasification is a thermo- chemical process by which solid biomass (wood, rice husk, corn cob and the like), either in fresh or carbonized states (charcoal), is converted into a mixture of gases that contain many or all of the following : CO, H2, methane, CO2, water and simple olefins. 10

15 Fluidized-bed Application for Bio-Power System Fluidized-bed Technology Atmospheric BFB/CFB Combustor Atmospheric BFB/CFB Combustor GT-FC Combined Cycle Pressurized BFB/CFB Combustor Pressurized BFB/CFB Combustor Steam Engine GT-ST Combined Cycle Stirling Engine Gas/Diesel Engine Atmospheric BFB/CFB Gasifier Atmospheric BFB/CFB Gasifier Pressurized BFB/CFB Gisifier Pressurized BFB/CFB Gisifier FC (MCFC/SOFC) Gas Turbine Steam Turbine 11

16 Biomass Consumption to Generate 1 kWh Electricity for Diesel Generated Electricity Biomass LHV (MJ/kg) Consumption (kg/kWh) Wood Rice husk Coconut shell Coconut husk Charcoal

17 13

18 Fuel Sourcing Company

19 Fuel Supply Arrangement Plantation/ Farmers Local Supplier Local Supplier Local Supplier Local Supplier Biomass 200 ton/da y GF Biomass 250 ton/da y 200 ton/da y 50 ton/d ay VSPP 6.9 MW Power PEA 15

20 MSW Management for Green Energy

21 (MSW) Digestion Digestion (Incineration) (Incineration) (Landfill) (Landfill) compost compost Recycle Landfill/brick Ash... 16

22 Boiler Stream Turbine Boiler Stream Turbine 900 (1) (1) (2) (2) Stream Turbine Slu dge Ash Melting Gasification 17

23 Zero waste Agriculture for Green Energy

24 Zero waste is philosophy that aims to guide people in the redesign of their resource-use system with the aim of reducing waste to zero. Put simply zero waste is an idea to extend the current ideas of recycling to form a circular system where as much waste as possible is reused, similar to the way it is in nature 18

25 CASE STUDY: PALM OIL BYPRODUCT,BIOMASS AND WASTE UTILIZATION (PLANTATION & CPO MILL) Land Application Land Application Biogas Waste Water Public Feed Energy Fresh Fruit Bunch Oil Palm Mill Plantation Steam Energy Organic Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer Boiler Steam Turbine Electrical Energy Fiber Shell Material Active Carbon Material Active Carbon Energy Empty Fruit Bunch Compost Biomass Direct Combustion Direct Combustion Gasification Microbial Act Microbial Act Physical/ Chemical Process Physical/ Chemical Process Energy Material Biomass : Shafts, roots, flowers, empty fruit bunches 19

26 Case study: Scheme of Sugar Cane Waste Utilization Sugar Cane molasses Fermentation Distillation Dehydration Ethanol 99.5 % Filter cake (mud) Bagasses Sugar Power Plant Electricity Bio compost Plant Bio compost GASOHOL Spent wash 5% 20 % 8%8% C:\Documents and Settings\IGP\Desktop\Electric Structure.ppt (MAY) 20

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