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Intercultural differences in a globalised world 06-12-2013.

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1 Intercultural differences in a globalised world 06-12-2013

2 Intercultural differences in a globalised world The world becomes a village’ is an often heard statement in international marketing. Markets around the globe are becoming similar to each other, information and new technologies are spread from The Netherlands to Japan in a minute. As a consequence, are cultures around the globe becoming similar as well?

3 Katharina Damaschke Age: 25 Education:MA, Communication Science, University Twente Bachelor of Business Administration, Saxion Former positions:Internship at Intesan (Madrid) Current position:Sales Support at Universal Electronics (Enschede) Companies:Intesan, WTC Twente, Universal Electronics International scope:Germany, Spain, USA, The Netherlands Statement/slogan:“Europe is my daily playground”

4 Rob Snel Age: 63 Education:MA, Socio-Economics, University of Tilburg Former positions:President Grolsch International, Member of the board Koninklijke Grolsch N.V (CEO). Current position:Counselor Companies:Grolsch, Nederlands Christelijke Werkgevers Verbond (employers’ association) International scope:UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, the Baltic states, Eastern Europe, China. Statement/slogan:“Be who you are, yet be different! To be successful internationally stay authentic, but understand the culture of your businesspartner”.

5 Albert Hoeksma Age: 48 Education:Bachelor Economics, University of Applied Science (Leeuwarden), Qualified Exportmanager Former positions:Manager International Food Trading (HJ Heinz), Commercial Manager Export & Industry (Honig b.v.) Current position:Partner at TEN (The Export Network) Companies:Van Huystee, van der Meulen, Honig, Heinz International scope:Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Africa. Statement/slogan:“To me people, in whatever discipline or culture, are crucial in creating and realizing new opportunities”.

6 Jan Zengerink Age: 48 Education:MSc Business Administration, Twente University Former positions:Commercial & General Manager Latin America (expat), Brenntag. Commercial & General Manager Renewable Energy, HJ Wiefferink BV Current position:General Manager Renewable Energy, Membrane Systems Europe BV Companies:Novo Behang b.v., Brenntag, HJ Wiefferink b.v., Membrane Systems Europe b.v. International scope:France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ecuador, Peru, USA Statement/slogan:“Arrange a local network and speak your languages!”

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