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Innovations 2006 HMI innovations MTS May 2006.

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1 Innovations 2006 HMI innovations MTS May 2006

2 SBU 1 Industrial enclosures
Innovations 2006 SBU 1 Industrial enclosures

3 Accessories P. 8 Two-handed operating consoles
Maximum safety categories are met Two safety buttons for each hand Thus, hands are on the safety button at all times No additional cover is required

4 Plastic enclosures KS P. 15 Colour changed to RAL 7035
The colour of accessories has also changed

5 CM accessories P. 18 CM gland plates CM and TS cable entry plate
Optimised dimensions "Old" dimensions did not have the "best fit“ CM and TS cable entry plate "Only buy what you really need" Packs of 1

6 CM accessories P. 21 CM folding lever handle
Prepared for padlocks For KESO / KABA For ASSA CM mounting plate slide block Similar function as the one for TS8 May be reused several times "as a tool" CM door stay Installation without drilling Spring-mounted Simply snap into position / snap out

7 CM accessories P. 23 CM rain canopy / vented roof plate
Reliable protection for outdoor siting Water runs off to the rear Mounting via the existing holes (eyebolts) At the front, with integrated ventilation holes at the top May also be used when the enclosure is twisted Ventilation holes

8 CM accessories P. 23 CM divider kits For swing frame, large
With and without trim panel For enclosure width mm: 600 and 800 mm For swing frame, large with trim panel, the 180° hinge may be used

9 Comfort Panel P. 24-34 New panel / installation depth 113 mm
Off the shelf: Operating housing 19" x 7 U x 113 mm Keyboard housing 19“ x 3.5 U x 113 mm Keyboard housing 19“ x 4 U x 113 mm Accessories USB extension Protection category IP 66 / 67

10 Quickline panel P. 37 Cut-out for commercially available Siemens panels Cost-efficient solution In order to open the door, release the hinge pins Interior installation with mounting bracket CP

11 Accessories P. 39 Pedestal, height-adjustable Swivel area max. 180°
Adjustment range 200 mm With integral gas pressurised spring for pressure relief during height adjustment Assembly: Rear: attachment using cage nuts Front: via mounting bracket (accessories). Surfaces Niches Compact Panel TFT holder

12 Accessories P. 40 Support arm, height adjustable, compact
For panels and TFTs with 2.5 – 8.5 kg with VESA 75 cut-out at the top Bottom desk clamp for worktops (up to 75 mm thick) Adjustment options: bottom, swivel and tilting top, vertically hinged and tilting Adaptor for VESA 100 as accessory

13 Accessories P. 46 Housing coupling
Command panels from an installation depth of 150 mm and IW worktops Variant for support arm / pedestal 350° rotation range may be locked via clamping levers

14 Industrial workstations
P. 49 IW logistic point Complete solution for accommodating: PC Printer Monitor Supply includes:

15 Industrial workstations
P. 49 IW logistic point printer cabinet 600 x 900 x 600 mm For accommodating Commercially available printers and desktop PCs Designer door prepared for mounting installation modules Component shelf, pull-out Paper removal flap Easy access through integral glazed door Installation module with custom-made cut-out as special order, e.g. for label printers

16 Industrial workstations
P. 54 IW stainless steel operating station For use in Food industry Pharmacy Petro-chemistry P. 55 Stainless steel enclosure for tower PC W x H x D: 760 x 760 x 300 mm Roof with cut-out for: CP-S support arm Keyboard cable Worktop

17 Accessories P. 55 Worktop, stainless steel WHD: 900 x 38 x 600 mm
Laminated on both sides with cut-out for CP-S support arm Prepared for stainless steel keyboard or solid Cross member, stainless steel To increase stability, the cross member protrudes 120 mm above and behind

18 FP housings / enclosures
Available from 2007 on!!! The regulations are being changed!!! FP = Fire Protected Fire-protected housings and enclosures Secure escape and rescue paths Maintaining the function of: Elevators Emergency power supply Extinguishing water E.g. public institutions, airports, hospitals, schools, museums, libraries...

19 FP housings / enclosures
All dimensions without lining!!! FP-TS8 (W x H x D): 800 x 2000 x 600 mm 800 x 2000 x 500 mm 800 x 1800 x 400 mm FP-CM (W x H x D): 800 x 1000 x 300 mm 800 x 1200 x 400 mm FP-AE (W x H x D): 600 x 600 x 210 mm Other sizes available on request!

20 FP housings / enclosures
FP-PL terminal box with function retention Function retention: E 30/ E 60/ E 90 Protection category: IP 54 100 x 100 x 50 mm and 115 x 115 x 66 mm FP – KL Function retention: E 30 Protection category: IP 66 115 x 115 x 93 mm with and without fused junction

21 Stainless steel keyboard housing
P. 51 4 dimensions for 1 to 4 command and signalling units 22.5 mm

22 AE enclosure P. 52 Four new dimensions for:
AE stainless steel Stainless steel (V2A) Stainless steel (V2A) Now 5 dimensions available off the shelf Accessories: Cam lock changed for New wall bracket in stainless steel

23 AE enclosure P. 53 AE IP 69K stainless steel
Same dimensions as stainless steel 10° roof tilt prevents liquids from accumulating on the roof Silicone seal Temperature-resistant: -60°C to +180°C

24 Stainless steel enclosures
Silicone seal for stainless steel enclosures Protects better against aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants Seal absorbs almost no water Temperature-resistance: -60°C to +180°C Also available as special for: AE stainless steel, single-door BG stainless steel KL stainless steel

25 TS 8 Also available in WxHxD: 600 x 1200 x 500 mm 800 x 1200 x 500 mm
Suitable side panels as accessories TS 8 stainless steel: brushed finish changed from 240 to 400 grain: Enclosures Side panels Base/plinth components, front and rear Baying cover, top

26 Accessories P. 178 Pressure relief valve
Protection category IP 66, 68, 69K Reduces the formation of condensation Universal key With bit adaptor and turning bit: Torx 25 Recessed head (Ph 2)

27 Accessories P. 183 Support rail 65 x 42 mm, unslotted for enclosure width /depth 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm Support rail for heavy-duty components (up to 5,000 N / rail) Suitable for 600 and 800 mm wide enclosures P. 182 Attachment for TS punched section with mounting flange, 17 x 73 mm when the screw-joint cannot be accessed

28 Accessories P. 50 TS 180° for dynamic loads P. 180
Heavy, dynamic loads Heavy equipment installed on the door (up to 900 N) P. 180 Protective beam and holder Alternative to a door in a switch room Prevents objects from falling into the open enclosure frame

29 Accessories P. 179 Sealing frame for through-panel mounting in rear or side panels To suit enclosure widths of 600 mm and above In depths of 75 and 100 mm Mounting plate in a set forward position Protection category IP 54 subject to correct mounting

30 Accessories P. 181 Wiring plan pocket Sheet steel for TS, CM, ES, PC
Depth 35 mm Plastic, self-adhesive Knockouts for optional screw joints

31 Accessories P. 190 Cable conduit Two sizes: SW 29 / 50
Connected straight or in a 90° angle Holder for correct laying

32 Accessories P. 195 Compact light
Multifunctional fastening on both sides Magnet, clip, screws or combinations thereof May be positioned flexibly Saves power whilst producing more light 8 watts compare with 14 watts standard/courtesy lights 18 watts brighter than 14 watts standard/courtesy lights Integral connection cable, 3 m Pluggable door-operated switch as accessory

33 Accessories P. 186 Socket strip
With three sockets, overvoltage protection and interference filter Socket inserts twisted by 45° Connection socket for front power supply

34 Accessories Flyer Connector gland
Sealing frame for connector cut-outs 16/24-pole for 8/10 cables No dismantling required when individual cables/leads must be installed/dismantled Seals are fastened safely to the cable Incl. strain relief

35 SBU 4 Power distribution
Innovations 2006 SBU 4 Power distribution

36 RiLine60 60 mm busbar system
Flat bar system with integral cross section adaptation: Now also available with base tray technology Top-mounting PLS systems: easier to assemble Connection adaptor with impressive connection system and a great number of versions

37 RiLine60 Type-tested to EN60439-1 NEW: GL-approved
System includes: approx. 130 articles Universal CB adaptor up to 630 A Innovative component adaptor system with support frame connector Protection category IP2x

38 RiLine60 Support frame with push-in trim New adaptor versions
Important accessory for replacement assemblies for RiLine60 Premium adaptors Incl. support rail and push-in trim New adaptor versions OM adaptor, 45 mm wide, with AWG10 OM adaptor, 75mm wide, with AWG6 Connection angle for CB adaptors Designed to suit 250 A CB adaptors Designed to suit 630 A CB adaptors

39 RiLine60 UL design New busbar holder with greater creepage distances and clearance Base tray is a must-have Short circuit data are similar to the IEC design Top-mounting components are identical with the IEC line OM / OT adaptors with AWG leads only CB adaptor 160 A in specific design New connection adaptor for PLS Rated data differ sometimes from IEC To be approved by June 2006

40 RiLine60 Available from: 11/06 (NH00+1) and 01/07 (NH2+3)
RiLine NH – the new generation of isolators Consistent design of all sizes from NH00 to NH3 With tried-and-trusted clamping screw technique Simple reversal of the cable outlet at the top or bottom by rotating the mounting hooks Perfectly integrated into the RiLine60 contact hazard concept: IP 2X Safe operation, thanks to contact hazard protection Lid may be locked Available from: 11/06 (NH00+1) and 01/07 (NH2+3) 298 mm 250 mm (250) NH3 210 mm (210) NH2 298mm 184mm (186) NH1 194mm 106 mm (115) NH00 Height Width (before) Size

41 Maxi PLS Corner connector for Maxi-PLS Corner bracket for Maxi-PLS
For 90° connection for busbar systems in the roof area Available for 1600A / 2000A / 3200A Packaging: Packs of 1 set Corner bracket for Maxi-PLS For 90° connection for busbar systems in the rear area Versatile Packaging: Packs of 1 set for each busbar

42 Maxi PLS Maxi PLS–vertical coupling sets 1600 A
Vertical coupling sets for Maxi-PLS 1600 A for busbar systems in the roof and rear area Rittal Maxi-PLS compact infeed Flexible cable connection bar system, whatever the enclosure width Several adjacent infeeds in one enclosure Direct mounting on the punched section without mounting flange or on the mounting plate For Maxi-PLS 1600 A / 2000 A busbars

43 ISV Roof plate for cable entry gland Solid cable entry gland.
Roof plate with gland apertures In exchange for the standard TS8 roof plate Suitable for enclosures with Widths: 600, 850 and 1100 mm Depths: 400 and 600mm Solid cable entry gland. For concealing unused openings Inexpensive alternative to the existing gland plates

44 Power Engineering V2.0 New (compared to V1.0) Optimised Corner field
2200 mm high enclosures Parts lists can be exported directly into Excel Automatic text configuration for special connection kits Flexible user tool "My Accessories" Optimised PE and neutral conductor configuration More accessories can be configured (divider panels, covers, etc.) Maxi-PLS and ISV can be configured as separate enclosures in a project.

45 Maxi-PLS Prototype system with internal division, design 4a
with form subdivision Form 2-4 according to IEC For rated currents up to 1600 A May be used as power distribution system (PCC) and control system (MCC). Modular interior installations with system components Flat bars or PLS bars may be selected from the RiLine60 program Available from October 2006

46 SBU 3 System climate control
Innovations 2006 SBU 3 System climate control

47 TopTherm & RiNano PLUS RiNano-coated condenser in all cooling units
Electronic condensate evaporation integrated into all roof-mounted and wall-mounted units with cooling outputs of 1000 watts or greater

48 Enclosure cooling during the production of disc brakes Application: Audi Ingolstadt

49 RiNano cooling unit SK 3305.100 / 1500 watts Extreme condition:
Has been operated since June 2005 No filter mat Has not been serviced so far Extreme condition: Dust High ambient temperatures High power loss inside the enclosure

50 Enclosure cooling during the production of disc brakes Application: Audi Ingolstadt
Existing units without RiNano have been used for 5 to 6 years The cooling units must serviced regularly to ensure that they operate continuously. Filter mats must be replaced every week! The picture shows a filter mat after 5 days!

51 TopTherm & RiNano Benefits: Clean heat exchangers
Longer maintenance intervals No power drop Higher energy efficiency Easier to clean No filter mats (dry dust) Longer downtimes (metal filters for oil-bearing air)

52 Condensate management
Integrated condensate management Requirements from the automobile industry Risk of accidents à Puddles Specified by the US automotive industry RTT cooling unit series with integrated condensate evaporation For all roof-mounted and wall-mounted units from 1000 watts on

53 Condensate management

54 Air/water heat exchangers
New series 500 to 5000 watts 230 V, 115 V and 400 V, 2~, Optionally with basic or comfort controller Slimline design Comes with all water-carrying parts in V4A

55 Air/water heat exchangers
Mounting cut-outs suitable for “mounting” on RTT wall-mounting cooling units NEW

56 Innovations 2006 SBU 3 Recooling systems

57 Recooling systems Wall-mounted, 4,000 watts RiNano-coated as standard
Controlled via Microcontroller Box (MCB) Individual fault messages are processed by the display and the diagnosis software

58 IT recooling systems Pressure-sealed systems upstream (almost no maintenance works required) Field of application: –20°C to +45°C (outdoor siting) Connected to CMC Collective fault signal indicator Double pump unit à Partially redundant Redundant cooling circuits / redundant recooling systems

59 SBU 6 Outdoor & fuel cells
Innovations 2006 SBU 6 Outdoor & fuel cells

60 Toptec CR 4 dimension variants
W: 600/800 x H:1,200/1,600 x D: 600 mm Welded vertical section with roof and bottom (base/plinth integrated) made of V2A stainless steel Twin-walled doors and side panels made of zinc-plated sheet steel Rain canopy made of aluminium Fully spray-finished in RAL 7035

61 Toptec CR Simple baying, since there is no side roof projection
Toptec cooling modules may be used Lifting eyebolts are not included in the supply. Rain canopy must be dismantled if the unit is transported by crane Double side panel at the inside which means that the outer TS8 frame level can only be accessed with difficulty

62 Toptec CR Door stay Door handle
Made of round steel, opening range: 90°, 115° or 130° More robust than the old version Door handle Swing lever with direct access to the semi-cylinder

63 Toptec CR accessories Toptec concrete base/plinth
600 / 800 mm wide 600 mm deep Depth stay for Toptec CR For W: 800 mm D: 600 mm Mounted on the inner level Assembly kit In the enclosure depth For attaching mounting plates / swing frames

64 Fuel cell technology 3 different applications and output categories
Small applications up to 250 watts Outdoor UPS From 3 to 15 kW Indoor UPS From 10 to 200 kW Project solution Catalogue Concept

65 SBU 5 Rittal Smart Package, racks and accessories
Innovations 2006 SBU 5 Rittal Smart Package, racks and accessories

66 Rittal Smart Package Pre-configured TS8 server racks
800 mm wide, 42 U, 1000 mm deep In different designs for small and medium-sized companies: Integrated PSM busbar 2 kVA or 3 kVA UPS installed Different climate control concepts: Slotted doors Roof-mounted fan Wall-mounted cooling unit on the rear door With CMC-TC installed in some cases

67 TS8/HPC network and server enclosures
Server enclosures, 1200 mm deep, mm high RAL 7035 / 9005 Standard mounting angles HPC (High Power Cooling) enclosures, 1200 mm deep, WxH 600 / 800 x 2000 mm To be combined with LCP/LCP Protection category up to IP 55 482.6 mm (19") mounting frame Load capacity up to 1000 kg max.

68 Accessories DK-TS side panels TS roof plate Interior installation:
May be screw-fastened / plugged 2000 / 2200 high TS roof plate for cable entry, two-piece 600 / 800 mm wide Interior installation: TS punched section with mounting flange 17 x 73 mm, outer level (notched!) DK C rails TS cable clamp rails for TS and mm (19") mounting frames

69 Accessories DK stabiliser, pull-out System supports for cable routes
Load capacity up to 150 kg System supports for cable routes For mm deep enclosures TS base/plinth in RAL 9005 and 7035 More dimensions TS punched section with mounting flange 17 x 73 mm With slots for 900, 1000, 1200 mm width / depth

70 Accessories TS partition HxD 2000/2200 x 1000/1200 mm
For sliding in and partitioning retrospectively, especially in conjunction with climate control components in enclosures suites With concealed cut-outs in all corners for routing cables and leads between the enclosures

71 Accessories TS IT glazed door Aluminium frame section in a new design
Integrated hinges 180° opening even when bayed New, flat handle system It is possible to conceal the cable routing to the handle and to the sensorics Dimensions Width: 600 / 800 mm Height: ,200 mm Standard glazed door in IT Catalogue 2006!

72 Accessories TS infill panel for network enclosure, 800 mm wide
Installation height: 33, 38, 42, 47 U Large cable storing space May be combined with large shunting ring May be fastened on the vertical frame section, at the inside Depth-variable, on the punched section, inside Hinged version Open/closed action point

73 Accessories Cable anchor (black) Distributor ring (chrome-plated)
Size of the shunting ring 1 U / 4 U Cranked for mounting angles and mounting frames Especially for mounting on all panels such as punched sections, cable channels, frames Distributor ring (chrome-plated) For cascaded cable routing to mounting angles and mounting frames to all panels

74 Accessories Slide rail, 740 mm, stationary installation
Matches HP standard dimensions, 740 mm distance between the levels 100 kg static load Depth-variable slide rail, 1 U 80 kg static load / mm long Particularly slimline design Potential equalisation point Star point for earthing bolt Contacts up to 5 earthing straps with 6.3 mm flat-pin connectors

75 SBU 5 PSM and UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
Innovations 2006 SBU 5 PSM and UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

76 PSM Plus busbar and modules
Power System Module PSM Plus with four infeeds 3-phase / redundant design Different module versions, sometimes with double infeed Can distribute twice as much power as the latest PSM, i.e. 192 A/busbar

77 PSM system PSM with 3-phase voltage monitoring PSM accessories
Displays and monitors the connection current and the active power / phase For 2000 mm high enclosures with 6 slots Remote monitoring via CMC-TC PSM accessories Cable lock: connection cable For all modules with IEC320 C13 jack PSM light module For use as a portable lamp with a NiMH battery 3 hours illumination time and magnetic attachment

78 Static transfer switch (STS)
Available upon request: 482.6 mm (19") design, 2 U Switches automatically between two infeeds Increases availability through redundancy Single-phase switching load: 16 A Networking capability (SNMP) May be applied in the IT business Server racks Network racks Data centres Networks in general

79 UPS PMC 200, 2nd generation UPS modules 10/20 kW UPS modules 30/40 kW
600 mm wide racks UPS modules 30/40 kW 800 mm wide racks Improved efficiency (96%) Redundant n+1 system architecture in modules and batteries See IT News 2006, p

80 UPS PMC 200, 2nd generation Benefits May be applied in the IT business
Flexible, simple expansion with the system operational The fact that modules can be replaced easily make servicing fast and cost-effective May be applied in the IT business Data centres, IP telephony Networks in general May be applied in the IE business Mechanical engineering in general Automotive

81 UPS PMC 200, 2nd generation N+1 redundancy in an example with 40 kW
1+1, 40kW modules , 20kW modules , 10kW modules

82 SBU 5 Security / monitoring
Innovations 2006 SBU 5 Security / monitoring

83 CMC-TC New CMC-TC software functions Applications
New web design Network Time Protocol NTP SSL and SSH DHCP Applications Large network systems RimatriX5 data centre Customer benefits: More comfort, more security, more transparency

84 CMC-TC accessories Display Unit II Applications
Graphical, illuminated LED display Displays temperature, humidity, access, climate control units, LCP, ActivePSM and PCU The network interface of PU II may be set via keys Power supply via PU II Applications Applications without network Informs locally

85 CMC-TC accessories Redundant power supply for CMC-TC
24 V DC Alarm U1 / U2 U U2 Redundant power supply for CMC-TC Two voltage inputs, one voltage output Switches without interruption With power pack for VAC or 48VDC For 24 V DC Alarm interface with the I/O unit Optical alarm display

86 CMC-TC accessories Voltage monitor with 16 A C19/C20 switched output
Switches high currents 16 A In de-energised state: ON Switches high-performance IT/server components up to 16 A 1 U fixture for CMC-TC sensors Accommodates up to 22 CMC-TC sensors Cable clamping

87 CMC-TC accessories Comfort handle for TS8 Legic (WO)
Legic transponder technology Receiver aerial in the handle Acoustic/optical signal in the handle Electronics in the CMC-TC housing Carrier frequency: MHz Biometric access system (WO) Thermal sensor Compatible with the CMC access system Up to 99 users / 10 fingers for each user May be used outdoors

88 SSC Rittal KVM technology
SSC compact 8 Inexpensive KVM switch based on standard PC interfaces, 1 U Compatible with VGA & PS/2 Compatible with other servers via adaptors May be combined with SSC multi (without OSD transfer) SSC compact 32 Cat 32 server ports in 1 U For SSC: converters for PS/2, USB & SUN-USB May be cascaded to up to three more SSCs; max. 125 servers on one user (with OSD transfer)

89 SSC Rittal KVM technology
SSC compact Password-protected OSD menu for configuration and server selection Selection may also be made via hotkeys Convenient function such as autoscan and autoskip May be installed in mm (19") levels Integral wide-range power pack, IEC 320 connection (EN 60320, C14, 100 V-240 V AC 50/60 Hz)

90 Innovations 2006 Cooling

91 LCP Liquid Cooling Package
LCP Standard Additional dimensions WxHxD: 300 x 2000 x 1,200 mm Connector system replaces the hose clamps Solid base tray designed as condensate tray Condensate is drained off either via return to to the outside Main connection is at the rear or bottom

92 LCP Liquid Cooling Package
LCP Extend Extends existing room air-conditioning Cooling output about 10 kW per rack May be retrofitted on rear doors of vented enclosures Bayable, door opening max. 90° Water connection from below or above May be connected to CMC / RiWatchIT Compatible with Rittal IT cooling unit line

93 LCP Liquid Cooling Package
Same as standard LCP, but with higher output Cooling output 30 kW WxHxD: 300 x 2000 x 1,200 mm Easy servicing for important components (e.g. fans can be replaced without tools) Active condensate management Cooling even with the server rack doors open May be connected to CMC / RiWatchIT

94 LCP accessories Vertical shielding Air inlet/outlet of the cover plate
May be used HPC server racks Prevents "air short circuits" Horizontal shielding Air inlet/outlet of the cover plate May be used in the LCP rack Top-mounted cover for LCP (200 mm) May be adapted to 2200 high server racks

95 LCP accessories LCP ventilation for maintenance works and retrofitting
Connection hose Quick-release couplings for configuring water connections

96 IT recooling systems Requirements specific to Rimatrix
Pressure-sealed systems Field of application: -20°C to +45°C (outdoor siting) May be connected to CMC and collective fault signal Increased safety through twin pump and redundant cooling circuits

97 IT recooling systems Project business: Example Example AWE
Recooling systems SK Cooling output12,000 watts at Tw = 15°C and Ta = 32°C Project business: Example AWE Cooling output 4x280 kW

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