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Online Course Retail Professionals.

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1 Online Course Retail Professionals

2 Education Center of the Retail Association of Saxony
1 Subsidiary of the Retail Association of Saxony since 1991 2 Provides services For retail and service-oriented clients With up-to-date professional and methodical expertise Of professional quality and based on a nationally and internationally certified quality management system

3 Education Center of the Retail Association of Saxony
3 Education Center Services Vocational education and training in areas of retail, logistics and clerical (Büro?) Continuing education, training, staff coaching and retail management Development assessment and advice for businesses

4 Education Center of the Retail Association of Saxony
4 Quality Policy Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 International certification by IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) As an authorized provider of IACET we award worldwide recognized training units: IACET certified CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

5 Education Center of the Retail Association of Saxony
1 Types of services In-house courses (keine In-House-Kurse beim Kunden Auch außerhalb z.B. im Bildungszentrum o. Hotel) Blended Learning Learning Platform Virtual Classroom Chats, Forums Seminars, Training events, Training courses Coaching

6 First Step and Practical Retail Knowledge
Blended Learning Online-supported Training First Step and Practical Retail Knowledge Preparation for specialist and management functions in retail enterprises by 2-stage model First Step Creation of knowledge on the same level for experienced employees and lateral entrants Uniform knowledge as a requirement for participation in Practical Retail Knowledge Practical Retail Knowledge  Preparation for the takeover of specialist and management functions

7 Success Blended Learning Virtual Self-Study Phase Classroom
Learning Support Virtual Classroom Success Group Learning

8 Blended Learning 1 Self-Study Phase / Learning Platform Lecture notes
Activity-based lecture notes (study material?) on the learning platform or printable PDF documents Information, examples, graphics, charts Example action situations Tasks Exercises with sample solutions Activity-based assignments to be submitted with correction by native expert lecturers Forums Various forums (general, technical and work forums ) Moderation by expert lecturers Participants post contributions (best practice, specialist articles, problem solving)

9 Blended Learning 1 Self-Study Phase/Learning Platform Educational Tools Contact with tutor in the case of queries, problem solving Between students through network connection With specialist lecturers on the subject Other Encyclopedia of specialist terms Collection of documents with learning notes, learning objectives and tests

10 Blended Learning 2 Virtual Classroom
Introduction to the topic with case studies, best practice Lecturer gestaltet Gruppenlernprozesse, no lectures Assessment by activity-based tasks Participants post contributions on topics studied (presentations) Exam preparation (if exams are requested) 3 Learning Support Tutor as contact person (by , telephone, forum) Lecturers give corrections on assignments submitted Forum moderation Seminars by specialist lecturers

11 Support Platform for Learning Processes
4 Collaborative Learning Communication via videoconferences e.g. Skype Learning tandem Chats Virtuell Classroom

12 Blended Learning 5 Compliance in den Lernprozessen für individuelle Unterstützung der Teilnehmer Compliance-Darstellung der Nutzung des Lernsystems Kontrolle des Lernfortschritts der Teilnehmer durch Einsendeaufgaben Kontakte der Teilnehmer zu Betreuungspersonen und Dozenten Selbstkontrolle des Lernfortschritts der Teilnehmer durch Ampeldarstellung möglich

13 Blended Learning 6 Prüfungen (individuell nach Kundenwunsch gestaltet)
Varianten schriftlicher Prüfungen Nach Abschluss eines jeden Moduls Nach Abschluss des Lehrgangs Kombination von Beiden Via Internet über Lernplattform Mündliche Prüfungen Nach Abschluss des Lehrgangs Über Webinar - Virtuell Classroom 7 Abschlusszertifikate Firmeninternes Abschlusszertifikat des Unternehmens und des Bildungszentrums Vergabe von international anerkannten Weiterbildungseinheiten CEU`s (Continuing Education Unit) der IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

14 Learning Platform - Learning Items
You can use items on different levels with… professionally created contents intuitive navigation interactive exercises links to the encyclopedia web links

15 Learning Platform - Practicing tools
You can practice with… assessment items practice problems with solutions

16 Learning Platform - Practicing tools
You can practice with… send-in exercises

17 Learning Platform - Communication forms
You can communicate in… forums face-to-face seminars chats personal tutoring Including also: , phone, mail

18 Webinar - Virtual Classroom
Virtuell Classroom Video

19 Advantages of this learning form
Tested, practical and recognized learning content Temporal and financial security planning Potential for cost-cutting as not dependent on learning location or time Support from experienced native tutors and specialist lecturers Prompt access to all relevant information regardless of location and time Interchange of information and experiences between participants Individual planning of learning periods

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