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Por Gabriel García Marquez

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1 Por Gabriel García Marquez
La luz es como el agua Por Gabriel García Marquez

2 Lines 1-10 What did the kids ask for again this Christmas?
What did father say they should wait for? How was their home different before (what city did they live in, how was it different from where they live now?)

3 Lines 10-20 Why did their parents buy them the boat?
Where did they put the boat? Could they use it easily? Why or why not? Who did they invite over to use it? Was the boat enough for them?

4 Lines 20-30 When did their parents go out and leave them at home alone? What did the kids break while their parents were gone? What happened after they broke the lightbulb? What metaphor initiated the “magical” plot? What interrupts the action in lines 26-30?

5 Lines 30-46 What did the parents discuss regarding the boat?
What did the kids ask for next? How did mom respond? How did Dad respond? In the end the parents said neither __ or __ (?)

6 Lines 47- end of story What did the kids win?
What did the find in their room (with out having asked?) When they won the next award for excellence, what did they ask for? What did people see while they were passing? What was the result of the fiesta? What are Madrileños not good at, according to the author?

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