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Parents Revision Evening Tuesday 9 th March 2010.

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1 Parents Revision Evening Tuesday 9 th March 2010

2 What we aim to cover Bits and pieces Why are you here? External exam regulations. What support will the pupils have in school? Timescale and revision timetable How to start? Revision Strategies Where now?

3 Bits and pieces PromPhotograph Alton Towers Girls inoculations Last Day

4 Why are you here?

5 External Exam Regulations Mr AllenExam Manager

6 The Last Day!!!! Students must be in normal uniform. They must bring a spare shirt with them for people to sign. It must not be the one they are wearing. They will have lots of time to see their friends, take photos etc but they must attend the activities put on for them. Please no eggs, flour, spray cans silly string etc Kinver Edge If students fail to follow the rules they will be sent home

7 Study Leave We have worked hard over the last few years to produce a good balance of private study and school support.( two local schools have implemented our pattern) The students will be given a timetable of revision slots…2 hours per full course GCSE. These sessions are compulsory and you will receive a phone call if your son/ daughter is absent. If travel is an issue, students may use the coaches and a study room ( try and organise in advance) These sessions are opportunities for students to ask questions about any point raised during their private revision. Different activities will be used in these sessions to assist revision.

8 We have started to monitor the behaviour and work ethic very closely of Year 11 students. Any student who disrupts the education of the other students over the next few weeks will be asked to study at home. This means they will miss the last day and also the revision sessions run by the staff. They will not be invited to Alton Towers or the Prom. This could effect their overall results.

9 Support for pupils PSHE. Mentoring Group Curriculum Staff. Out of lesson revision sessions. Warm up sessions.

10 Timescale If students haven't started they should have started before the Easter holiday. If students are going away over Easter or May half term we would suggest some revision material goes with them Students must make use of PSHE lessons and evenings when no HW has been set. By the end of the Easter break a good structured revision program should be in place.

11 Revision timetable Revision slots should be between one hour and an hour and a half. Then students should take a break. During the session they may do a variety of activities but should not move from one topic to another For example Hour slot of Physics!!!!! Electricity Start by reading though the work in exercise book and highlight parts they find difficult Write all equations for the topic onto a piece of A4 paper with unit Write electrical words and units onto post it notes and stick them to the back of the bedroom door. Can they match them up with out using their exercise book? Attempt a revision activity and then an Exam question on SAM learning Before they finish can they remember any equations they wrote down earlier

12 Revision Timetable cont Students should be revising at least 3 nights in the week and at least one day at weekends When students have private study they should try and run the day like a school day.

13 How to start? Find all exercise books, folders, work that needs revising. See staff if you need help replacing notes. Learning style. (booklet) Match revision technique to learning style. (booklet) Identify what they dont know. Write revision timetable.( pshe) Display timetable in a public place GO FOR IT.

14 Methods of revising Mindmaps Post it notes around the house. Bathroom and Kitchen are good places. Move them round after a few days. Texting Computer websites Revision guides. Exam questions

15 Revision timetable Regular breaks Stick to it! Display it techniquestechniques Learning style SAM learning Exam practice is best! DY7EH 010991JB

16 SAM learning School IDDY7EH User ID DOB with initials Jo Bloggs1 September 1991 010991JB Password As user ID until changed

17 SAM learning Exam practice is shown to have more effect than the revision tests. Bitesize does not have exam practice facility Timing of exam questions. If you dont have internet access library facilities are open until 5.30 mon- thurs. Statistics show 10hrs of SAM learning can improve achievement by a grade

18 Where now? This booklet should be brought to school for Wednesday PSHE lesson. Shopping trip to pick up highlighter pens, post it notes, A3 paper or roll of wall paper, revision guides (!!!!!!) Find all work, see staff if something is lost! Good Luck!

19 Last Comment On results day I have never heard a student say I did too much work. However, I have heard numerous students say they hadn't done enough

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