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Year 11 Tuesday March 3 rd 2015. 1. To give information about exams, revision sessions and final practical exams. 2. To give some advice about revision.

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1 Year 11 Tuesday March 3 rd 2015

2 1. To give information about exams, revision sessions and final practical exams. 2. To give some advice about revision and use of the Easter holidays. 3. To give you some subject specific guidance about how to prepare for examinations. We will look at English, Science, Maths and History.

3  Further mock exams in English and Maths on Tuesday 17 th March.  Completion of Controlled Assessments is nearly over but see booklet for details.  Mentoring day is on Thursday 16 th April. Please attend.  Easter Holidays – school day timetable of 5 – 6 hours each day.  Exam timetables have been given out but need careful checking.  Revision timetables need to be organised at home if not done.  Attend subject sessions when possible. Please see the sheet and discuss which to attend.  Easter Revision Sessions. Drama on Tuesday 7 th April. RE and other subjects on Wednesday 8 th April. English on 9 th April and Maths on 10 th April.  Study Leave from Friday May 22 nd May. Subject revision in between times and when exams have finished.  Plans for next year. St Paul’s was in top 6% of schools in the country for value added A Level results.

4  Details are on the green sheet to take home.  Please encourage attendance. Discuss with child the need to attend. What were mock results like in each subject?  It makes sense to attend as many as you can.

5  Please use the booklet for details of deadlines and dates for the subjects your child studies.

6  The assessment will be purely a practical performance piece. There is no more written element to the course.  7th April – Easter holiday rehearsal opportunity.  15 th and 16 th April – Evening performances of the GCSE pieces.  24th April. Examiner visits.

7  The PE practical moderation week and Art exams are week beginning Monday 13 th April.  Please see the booklet for details.

8  Arrive on time for all exams.  Correct equipment.  School uniform.  A typical week may have 6 or 7 exams in one week.  Look at the order of the exams when preparing for the exams.

9  You are competing against pupils from other schools all over the country and from abroad for places at top universities. Apprenticeships are competitive.


11  Timetable for all examinations.  Controlled assessment booklet.  Subject revision sessions list.  Progress record.  Subject specifications.  Calendar and/or revision plan.  Revision kit.  Subject books.  Past papers in folders,  School Website.  Text books and revision guides.  Year 11 Reports.

12  Varied in 20 to 50 minute blocks. Theory of memory.  Engaging.  Use the Easter ‘Holidays’. These are working weeks.  Avoid revising the bits you are genius at but do not ignore! Maximise strengths.  Past papers are great but get them checked.  Online revision is great eg Bitesize, Mymaths, Science.  To know something really well then need to cover it 5 times.  Methods to try out are mind maps, flow charts, cards, journey method, mnemonics, parents give you a test, revise with friends, past papers and keep score, read text books, sound recordings and podcasts, revision guides, on line resources, apps for ipads.




16  Motivation.  Work place and resources storage area with natural light and lamp.  Talk.  Scheduled fun.  Reward effort.  Rest.  Organise.  Work space.  Online help.  Exercise.  Lateral thinking revision.  Food.  Parental calmness.  Watch for stress.  Set the alarm on exam days and revision days.  Plan B for getting in to school if bus is late.

17  Testing your child.  Mark exam papers using mark schemes.  Record marks.  The house can be a revision aid!  Encourage and praise.  Go to the shops and buy revision guides and other resources.  Help with time management and good routines.  Put away phones and social media for a while every day.  Practice, practice, practice.

18  There is no coursework to do.  Knowing how to use their own equipment is key to success. Equipment can be bought from the Finance Office in school. Get this now and try out your calculator.  Completion of homework is vital in achieving potential. Please ask class teachers for support as needed.

19  Mymaths has booster packs for the key grades and students should be using this resource as part of their revision in addition to their set homework.  After school support clubs where they can do their homework, get support or have structured input on key topics. These take place on Mondays and Thursdays. Meet in J Block.  Past exam papers can be found through the Edexcel OR AQA website or Edexcel app. Teachers will mark these if they are given in.  Exam questions by topic can be found online.

20  Contact subject staff  Mentor  Pastoral team  Access School Website First

21  Results Day 20th August. Please be around on this day.  Good luck!

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