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AMPHIBIANS “Living a Double Life”.

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1 AMPHIBIANS “Living a Double Life”

2 Salamanders Caecilians Frogs

3 Amphibians are cold-blooded animals that live in moist environments and have soft moist skin that is protected by a slippery secretion of mucus.

4 Defense! Some amphibians have poison 'glands' on their skin (which taste bad or poison predators). Some also have bright colors to make predators wary.

5 There any many different kinds of frogs
There any many different kinds of frogs!!! All with different cool colors and traits…

6 Frogs spend most of their life on land, but lay their eggs in water.
Frog eggs are larvae in gilatinous-like clear eggs that need moisture so as not to dry out.

7 Frogs are distinct from other animals in the respect that they live “two lives”...they go through... METAMORPHASIS… where tadpoles develop a tail, live in water and eat algae, then grow fully into frogs, develop actual legs and move onto land


9 Caecilian ancestors had legs, but present day caecilians have no
legs and are almost blind Most live in burrows in tropical climates and some burrow into soil on bottom of water

10 General Interesting Pointers
Amphibians’ hearts have three chambers Acid rain and decline in rainforests threaten amphibians because they need to live in moist, wet environments Amphibians breathe not not only through lungs, but across their skin as well Most amphibians excrete "urea“ which is highly soluble in water and can be disposed with considerably little water loss

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