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1 Eggs

2 Lion Mark The Lion Quality Mark shows that eggs have been produced to the highest food safety standards

3 Laying cages- battery farming

4 Barn eggs

5 Free range

6 Organic

7 Inside an egg

8 Freshness of eggs

9 Eggs for caterers Why? Save money Save time Less storage space
Lower transportation costs No more broken eggs Longer shelf life Less wastage Consistent product Less risk of salmonella

10 Homework Write a newspaper article about eggs. Include information on:
Breakfast recipes you could make with eggs, and the benefits of eating eggs for breakfast How to store and handle eggs safely Some information on why caterers might buy their eggs ready shelled MAXIUMUM 1 SIDE OF A4

11 Eggs are eggxellent! Eggjoy Eggs!
Researchers have found that eating eggs for breakfast can help you feel fuller during the morning. Don’t forget to be safe when handling your eggs! Follow these safety tips: Store at a temp below 20C Etc Some caterers don’t use fresh eggs in their products. They use dried, liquid or frozen eggs. Reasons for this could be: Cheaper Less mess etc Try the following recipes for breakfast: Scrambled eggs Fried eggs Eggs and soldiers Etc Eggjoy Eggs!

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