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Microsoft Office 2011 Its perfect for Dads…and Grads!

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1 Microsoft Office 2011 Its perfect for Dads…and Grads!

2 Microsoft Office 2011 I love my Mac. But I miss the ease and familiarity of using Microsoft Office. Now, you can use Microsoft Office on your Mac! Will I ever go back to a PC?

3 Microsoft Word I grew up with Microsoft Word. So when it was time to use the Mac, I panicked a little. But I didnt have to panic! Microsoft Word is available on the Mac!

4 I love Microsoft Word!

5 Plenty of templates to choose from!

6 Microsoft Office

7 I can easily share a document with others. They can edit it also.

8 Microsoft Excel You can also get Microsoft Excel on your Mac! So you can do all the spreadsheets, inventory lists and household budgets galore!

9 Lots of templates to choose from!

10 Spreadsheets! (Oh, how I love Spreadsheets!)

11 PowerPoint And of course, there is PowerPoint!

12 PowerPoint Oh, you mean this cool slideshow you are watching right now?

13 PowerPoint Yup, this is PowerPoint!

14 I love that I can add a picture and easily edit!

15 PowerPoint PowerPoint is perfect for the DAD in your life!

16 PowerPoint Its also perfect for the GRAD in your life to set them up for a successful college career!

17 Microsoft Web Apps Have you heard of Microsoft Web Apps?

18 Microsoft Web Apps are SO easy to use!

19 Easily use these Office Web Apps online! Share and edit!

20 Have you heard of SkyDrive? SkyDrive is FREE online storage for all of your photos, documents and of course, your Microsoft files! Password-Protected, YOU control who has access to everything!

21 Its SO easy to use!

22 SkyDrive



25 SharePoint SharePoint is great for DAD! SharePoint allows companies to create websites, communities, wiki-pages and MORE within an Intranet. It helps people be more productive!

26 Microsoft Office 2011

27 If youre looking for the perfect gift for the recent graduate in your life, then Microsoft Office 2011 is perfect for them!

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