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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Integration and Development with.NET Framework Office Business Applications for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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1 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Integration and Development with.NET Framework Office Business Applications for Microsoft Dynamics AX

2 Agenda Introduction to Office Business Applications (OBA) for Microsoft Dynamics –Business Problem –Introducing Office Business Applications –Deployment Development Side of Office Business Applications –Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office –Microsoft Dynamics AX.NET Business Connector

3 Introduction to Office Business Applications Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Integration and Development with.NET Framework

4 Business Problem Recent research studies showed: –85% of employees in an organization are not licensed for business management systems –Of the 15% that are, just over half of them actually use it About 93% of employees have no direct access to data regarding their business The systems meant to enhance workflow and decision-making throughout the organization are left to a small group of power users, dramatically diminishing ROI

5 Introducing Office Business Applications OBAs: Bring together front office and back office Make ERP systems more accessible Make information actionable by information workers through the familiar, powerful, and ubiquitous Microsoft Office System Built on the Office Business Application Platform Line-of- business Applications Microsoft Office System Microsoft Office System

6 What are OBAs for Microsoft Dynamics? Office Business Applications for Microsoft Dynamics are designed to connect information workers with Microsoft Dynamics information from within the Microsoft Office Suite

7 Microsoft Dynamics Snap Microsoft Dynamics Snap applications are OBAs designed to connect Line of Business (LOB) systems with the people that use them through the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office.

8 Snap Applications Available Today

9 OBA Deployment Architecture Server Side Client Side Client Side SQL Server Microsoft Dynamics AX AOS Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.NET Business Connector Microsoft Office VSTO 2008 Office Add-Ins

10 OBA Deployment Options Office Client-based add-ins: - Work with Outlook, Word, Excel, and InfoPath - Deployed via SMS or Group Policy - Versions specific to the Microsoft Office 2007 system and the 2003 Microsoft Office system - ClickOnce deployment technology Office SharePoint Server-based add-ins: - Built for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Support a single SharePoint Server deployment

11 Demo Retrieve Customer Information to Excel

12 Development Side of OBA for Microsoft Dynamics AX

13 OBA Development: Client Platform Investments Task Pane Ribbon Core Features Microsoft Dynamics AX Application add-in Open XML File Format Enhanced add-in model Customizable User Interface Custom ribbon, ribbon designer Custom task panes Word Custom XML, data binding Excel BI functions, server support Outlook Unified object model.NET Business Connector Application Integration Framework

14 OBA Development: Server Platform Investments Office SharePoint Server 2007 Excel Services InfoPath Forms Services Business Data catalog Content management Windows SharePoint Services ASP.NET integration Workflow support Content types and meta data Feature and solution deployment Office SharePoint Server Windows SharePoint Services ASP.NET SQL ASP.NET SQL

15 Client + Server = Powerful Solutions Platform Microsoft Dynamics AX.NET Business Connector Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office … Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office … 2007 Office system clients Office SharePoint Server 2007 Office Business Applications Microsoft Office System Dynamics AX Content Management Unified Communication & Collaboration Business Intelligence Exchange Server 2007 Office Communications Server 2007 Dynamics AX ISV OBAs Custom OBAs Search Workflow Business Data Catalog Website & Security Framework Excel Services Open XML File Formats and Extensible Fluent Interface Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Integration Framework

16 Common OBA Patterns 2007 Microsoft Office System OBA Apps as a Reach Channel Document Integration Composite User Interface Comple- mentary Document Workflow Discovery Navigation Collaborative Site Application Generated Tasks & Notifications Customers and ISVs Real-World Cases

17 Technologies Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office 2007 New InfoPath form or Project/Excel/Word Add-Ins Add controls in forms, write event handlers Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 AIF or Business Connector Used to interface with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

18 What is VSTO? Makes Office a valuable, first-class project type in VS Enables developers to create and extend OBA Enables developers to leverage key Office UI features and support collaboration and workflow Provides Office developers with advantages of the VS professional development environment Allows developers to leverage existing programming skills Developers can leverage their companys current investment in Office 2003 Pro and new investment in 2007 Office system

19 Some Examples

20 Basic Features of VSTO Visual designers for key UI features Workflow and Microsoft SharePoint support Data-bound Word Content Controls App-level add-ins for most client programs Doc-level add-ins for Excel and Word 2007 ClickOnce deployment and security

21 Basic Features of VSTO

22 Ribbon Designer Ribbon Editor

23 VSTO Runtime Components AppDomain #2 VSTO Runtime DefaultDomain Office Host Unmanaged Runtime Loaders Managed Runtime Check security Fetch updates Create appdomain Connect Office host Check security Fetch updates Create appdomain Connect Office host Host item controls Managed controls Host item controls Managed controls Usercode Add-in/ Doc customization Usercode Add-in/ Doc customization

24 Building Task Panes Deliver additional data to the user to act upon or integrate within Office documents OBA Intelligent Document Pattern Two types of panes: –Actions Pane Associated with a specific Word or Excel document –Custom Task Pane: The same general idea as Actions Pane, only on the application add-in level, not an individual document

25 Task Pane Persistence Models Actions Pane Custom Task Pane

26 How to Program Ribbon and Task Pane Interaction Implement a custom task pane Declare global variable which will indicate state of your task pane visibility in ThisAddin class Implement methods which will manipulate your task pane in ThisAddin class: Implement Ribbon callbacks in your Ribbon class –Toggle task pane visibility inside Click handler of RibbonToggleButton control AddTaskPane method: ctpCustTaskPane = this.CustomTaskPanes.Add(new CustTaskPane(), "Caption"); ctpCustTaskPane.VisibleChanged += new EventHandler(CustTaskPane_VisibleChanged); ctpCustTaskPane.Visible = true; RemoveTaskPane method: this.CustomTaskPanes.Remove(ctpCustTaskPane);

27 Outlook Form Regions Additive UI enhances Outlooks built-in forms Adjoining and Separate Regions for both custom and built-in forms Regions are created in Outlook Forms Designer Forms solution implemented via Add-in Deployment via Windows registry

28 Outlook Form Regions VSTO 3.0 simplifies and speeds up Outlook form region design and configuration process with a visual designer and a wizard –Achieve maximum form region design flexibility with VS visual designer –Configure your form region with a simple, intuitive wizard –Run and debug your form region right from VS (F5) –No need to manually handle manifest XML, OFS files, registry entries, etc. –Option to import Outlook-created OFS file

29 VSTO Deployment The deployment process involves the following considerations: Office solution requirements Deploying an Office solution Installing an Office solution Updating an Office solution ClickOnce cache

30 What is.NET Business Connector? Standalone Microsoft Dynamics AX component Set of managed classes that provide easy access to X++ functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX

31 Characteristics Requires Microsoft® Windows® authentication Automatically registered during installation Can be used to implement and deploy both client- based applications, such as Microsoft Office add-ins and server-based applications Has a Business Connector Proxy user, which "acts-on-behalf-of Microsoft Dynamics AX users who cannot be fully authenticated

32 Business Connector Architecture The Business Connector run-time interactions

33 Managed Classes The following managed classes are provided by the.NET Business Connector: Axapta AxaptaBuffer AxaptaContainer AxaptaObject AxaptaRecord VariantWrapper All these classes are found in the namespace: Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet, and assembly Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet (in microsoft.dynamics.businessconnectornet.dll which is located in the Bin directory in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client directory)

34 Examples of Usage AxaptaRecord axRecord = ax.CreateAxaptaRecord("InventTable"); axRecord.ExecuteStmt("select * from %1 where %1.ItemGroupId == 'RawMat'"); AxaptaRecord axRecord = ax.CreateAxaptaRecord("InventTable"); axRecord.ExecuteStmt("select * from %1 where %1.ItemGroupId == 'RawMat'"); Axapta ax = new Axapta(); ax.Logon(CompanyName, Language,ObjectServerName,Configuration); ax.Logoff(); Axapta ax = new Axapta(); ax.Logon(CompanyName, Language,ObjectServerName,Configuration); ax.Logoff(); Declare variable instance of Axapta class Call Logon() method. Parameters are: name of company, language, Applciation Object Server name, and path to configuration file. For default values pass null Logoff method disconnects from AOS Declare variable instance of AxRecord class ExecuteStmp receives x++ statement and executes it

35 Example of Realization … using Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet; … Axapta ax; String invItemNameField = "ItemName"; Object invItemName; String invItemIdField = "ItemId"; Object invItemId; // Log on. ax = new Axapta(); try { ax.Logon(null, null, null, null); } catch (Exception) { Console.WriteLine("Exception occurred"); } Console.WriteLine("*** List inventory item records"); AxaptaRecord axRecord = axCreateAxaptaRecord("InventTable"); // Execute a query. axRecord.ExecuteStmt("select * from %1 where %1.ItemGroupId == 'RawMat'"); // Loop through matching Dynamics AX records. while (axRecord.Found) { invItemName = axRecord.get_Field(invItemNameField); invItemId = axRecord.get_FieldinvItemIdField); Console.WriteLine(invItemId + "\t + invItemName); axRecord.Next(); } axRecord.Dispose(); // Log off of Dynamics AX. ax.Logoff();

36 Sources of Additional Information Office Business Applications Developer Portal Office Solution Development Overview Office Solution Architecture Overview Business connector

37 Demo Develop OBA for Microsoft Dynamics AX

38 Q&A

39 Introducing the Lab In this lab you will: - Create a new VSTO project based on Excel 2007 add-in template - Create custom task pane - Create connector class for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Excel integration - Create new Excel template

40 © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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