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Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities October 2013.

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1 Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities October 2013

2 Background The Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities was established by statute in 2004 under the Maryland Health General Article Section § 20-1001 to § 20-1007 to address minority health disparities in Maryland 2

3 Areas of Concentration Health Disparities Data Local Health Disparities Programs Awareness and Outreach Cultural and Linguistic Competency 3

4 Health Disparities Data Optimize and standardize the collection, analysis and reporting of health data by race, ethnicity and language groups in order to: Identify, locate and quantify health disparities Understand the root causes to plan interventions Track progress in disparities elimination 4

5 Disparities in Maryland Minority health disparities exist in Death Rates, Disease Frequency, Risk Factor Prevalence, and Social Determinants of Health Approximately 2 of 3 non-elderly uninsured Maryland adults are from a racial/ethnic minority In 2011, Black hospital admission disparities accounted for 814 million dollars of excess hospital charges 5

6 Maryland Disparities by Race/Ethnic Group Infant mortality Late pre- natal care End-stage kidney disease No health Insurance New HIV case rate Black or African American Asian or Pacific Islander American Indian or Alaska Native Reported2.2 Hispanic or Latino Selected Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in Maryland (Shows how many times higher the minority rate is compared to the White rate) 6

7 (**For % good weight, higher is better, so Blacks are 30% worse) ED visit disparity ratios Emergency Department Visit Rate Disparities Black vs. White 7 Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities

8 MHHD Data Publications 8

9 Local Health Disparities Programs Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance (MOTA) Established in 2001 to implement the Cigarette Restitution Fund provision requiring outreach to minority communities to reduce tobacco use In 2010, DHMH expanded the program to beyond tobacco and cancer to address other health disparities in the state 9

10 Local Health Disparities Programs In 2013 there are 15 jurisdictions with local MOTA programs In 2012, local MOTA programs organized 757 events, distributed 125,123 health related materials, developed 206 partnerships and reached more than 500,000 individuals 10

11 Local Health Disparities Programs Minority Health Disparities Reduction Demonstration Program (DEMO) In 2008, the Maryland General Assembly and the administration identified funds for MHHD to address adult minority health disparities and infant/toddler mortality issues Through cooperative agreements, MHHD assisted Local Health Departments to refine programs and strategies in working with high risk populations 11

12 Local Health Disparities Programs DEMO promotes a community health worker/perinatal navigator/health promoter model, community coalitions, and enhancement of referrals and clinical services. IN 2012, local demo outreach workers have reached more than 70,000 individuals, perinatal navigators have made 9,422 referrals and visited 68 obstetricians In 2012 Prince Georges County African American infant mortality rate was reduced by 30%. 12

13 Awareness and Outreach Statewide Contact Database MHHD maintains a data base of more than 5,000 diverse statewide contacts Disseminates important information including disparities development,. topical news and resource opportunities to contacts regularly Social Media Facebook page MHHM Twitter through DHMH Twitter Profile MHHD Website MHHD newsletter 13

14 Awareness and Outreach Maryland Health Disparities Collaborative Established in 2008 in compliance with Maryland Health General Article, Section § 20- 1006 as an advisory committee 250 members, open to all interested individuals and organizations Advises the Secretary and MHHD on health equity program activities 14

15 Awareness and Outreach Conferences Statewide conferences aimed at eliminating health disparities and promoting diversity in the healthcare workforce To date, 10 conferences held since 2004 Most recent Health Reform to Health Equity on Marylands Eastern Shore 15

16 Cultural Competency and Heath Literacy Initiative To help eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare by: increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in Marylands healthcare workforce increasing the cultural and linguistic competency of the States healthcare workforce 16

17 Cultural Competency and Heath Literacy Initiative Strategies Collaborated with Univ. Maryland College Park to develop and Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Primer Establish baseline data and monitor enrollment and graduation rates on minority students in healthcare professions Actively promote Cultural Competency and health Literacy with professional boards, DHMH programs and health professional schools 17

18 Cultural Competency and Heath Literacy Initiative Cultural and Linguistic Competency and Health Literacy Training ACA Connector Entities Health Enterprise Zones Hospitals, FQHCs, PCMHs and LHDs 18

19 MHHD Contact Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 201 W. Preston Street, Room 500 Baltimore, Maryland 21201 410-767-7117 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @MarylandDHMH MHHD E-Newsletter: 19 Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities

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