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Learning Through International Teaching (a guided conversation) International Education Week 2010 College of Education Tom Owens, PhD Tammy Boyd, PhD.

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1 Learning Through International Teaching (a guided conversation) International Education Week 2010 College of Education Tom Owens, PhD Tammy Boyd, PhD

2 This is not an academic talk but rather one born out of passion for the subject. There may be a few citations or attributions but these are only due to habit rather than design. Furthermore, any objectivity that might creep into our chat is entirely accidental. Finally, you are expected to voice questions, challenge ideas, express opinions and think for yourself throughout our conversation. WARNING!!

3 IF – You have a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. – You are willing to accept the unplanned outcome of others making a much greater difference in your life. – You have an inner core of strength, resilience and determination that demands a challenge. – You want to actively pursue lifes defining moments. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!! Dancing into the unknown (should you be here?)

4 Where are the needs? Many needs locallyMore needs elsewhere

5 Where are the resources? Nice outdoor facilityUnlimited outdoor space

6 Where might you work? They have teachersThey may need teachers

7 There are many opportunities for teaching that we will address in a few minutes. The other main area is working in development. Some of these jobs are appropriate. – – (one- year subscription to ICEW on the web is $64) But often your willingness will lead to unconventional opportunities that are uniquely suited to you. Options for educators

8 Rewards? Smiles are smiles. In any language.

9 Teaching Overseas: In-Service Teachers International Education Week 2010 University of Central Florida 16 November 2010

10 Peace Corps The Peace Corps is one of the best-known ways for new and experienced teachers to work in schools overseasPeace Corps Education volunteers work in classrooms with students, but more and more they are needed to work with in-country teachers in a teacher- training capacity Education – even those teachers with very little experience, if they are certified, are needed to work with in- country teachers

11 Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools/ Dept. of Defense Education Activity The DoDEA recruits teachers and administrators for American schools that serve children of military members and Dept. of Defense civilian employees around the worldDoDEA

12 The International Educator For those individuals who are already certified teachers – especially if they have a few years teaching experience – The International Educator is one of your best resources for news and job postings in K-12 schools abroadThe International Educator an annual subscription is $39 for online only, $49 for online and hardcopy; you can add an instant job notification push service for $29

13 Education Week although there are not many, Education Week does post a few teaching and administrative jobs overseasEducation Week

14 Placement/Recruitment Services There are several reputable international placement services with whom you may register; they also regularly attend recruitment fairs and events International Schools Services (ISS) Council of International Schools (CIS) Search Associates Association of American Schools in South America Association of American Schools in South America Carney, Sandoe & Associates

15 Fulbright Exchanges If you are interested in a short-term exchange program, the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program (FTEP) may be right for youFulbright Teacher Exchange Program (FTEP) – IIE, the administrator of the Fulbright-Hays programs, has assumed responsibility for many of the exchange programs formerly administered by the United States Information Agency IIE

16 Teaching ESL any degree and a TESL certificate will get you an entry-level teaching ESL job – Certificate program should have a classroom component! Employers are suspicious – and rightly so – of fully online programs. – CELTA is the gold standard for TESL certificates, and there are licensed centers throughout the world CELTA – there are 15 credit hour graduate ESL certificates available here at UCF ESOL Endorsement K-12 Certificate Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate a degree in education, especially a graduate degree, usually works just as well this will NOT get you to Western Europe! plan to teach English in Asia, Latin America and possibly Russia/ Eastern Europe. only EU passport holders get jobs in Spain, Italy etc. – and the British accent is preferred to the American accent in those countries.

17 Getting Started – everyone in ESL knows this website and most employers, both K-12 and university, post job openings here – best known and respected professional organization, with a large placement program (Job Marketplace) at their annual convention this years convention is March 16-19, 2011 in New Orleans, LA

18 Other Sites There may be other jobs posted at these sites that are not posted at the sites listed on the previous slide, but these web pages are less well- known and a little caution when evaluating the jobs here would not be a bad thing…

19 Contact Info Tammy Boyd, Ph.D. Asst. Professor, Higher Education and Policy Studies Educational Research, Teaching and Leadership College of Education University of Central Florida PO Box 161250 Orlando, FL 32816-1250 Office: ED 220J Phone: 407-823-5179 Email:

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