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Educations Premier Job Search Service for: Teachers Administrators Related Services Personnel …And More!

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1 Educations Premier Job Search Service for: Teachers Administrators Related Services Personnel …And More!

2 HistoryHistory Founded in 1999 by CEO Brett Spodak Developed for school systems Nationwide postings for K-12 Educators Versatile Online Application FREE for all job seekers

3 Alaska Department of Education Arkansas Department of Education Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education Florida Department of Education Hawaii Department of Education Nevada Department of Education Montana Office of Public Instruction North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Utah State Office of Education Virginia Department of Education Wisconsin Department of Education State Partners

4 National Partners

5 Visit the Website Register for a FREE Membership Complete and Manage Online Application Indicate Job Preferences Determine Email Settings View Job Postings Send Cover Letters and Application Track Job Search How Does it Work?

6 Visit! Over 760,000 members and growing! Click here to log in or to retrieve your password Click here to REGISTER!

7 Register for a FREE Membership Job Seekers will never be charged to use the service.

8 Complete Online Application Complete Online Application Job Seekers complete an online application and send to employers posting on the website as well as to employers not using the site. Online Application Includes: Personal Information Education History Student Teaching Certification & Licensure Education Experience Other Work Experience Military Experience Extracurricular Activities Language Abilities Associations & Affiliations Awards & Honors Special Skills References Background Information Signature

9 Allow your application to be seen by all employers who match your preferences OR you can hide your application from all employers or employers with an identified zip code Update profile and status instantly Manage Application Manage Application Job Seekers control who sees their application.

10 Locations Positions Employer Type Extracurricular Indicate Job Preferences Indicate Job Preferences Job Seekers indicate their job preferences to identify positions that are the best match for them.

11 Determine Email Settings Determine Email Settings Job Seekers will receive email notification when new jobs are posted that match their preferences. Settings may be expanded to include special announcements from employers and partners. From: To: Sent: Monday, April 4, 2011 Subject: New and Updated Job Postings Dear Utah Candidate, Since your last login, the following position has been either updated or posted. Please log into to learn more about the position and to email your cover letter. Secondary Special Education Teacher Salt Lake City Schools Salt Lake City, UT To learn more about this position, log into your account at Thank you for using!

12 View Job Postings View Job Postings Job Seekers log into their personal account to view postings that match their job preferences. They may save and keep notes on positions they have chosen to pursue.

13 Send Cover Letter and Application Send Cover Letter and Application Job Seekers create and save multiple cover letters which can be attached to their application. Applications may also be emailed to employers outside of

14 Save Postings Delete Postings History of Cover Letters and Applications Sent Track Job Search Track Job Search Job Seekers track their job search through their application history page. This provides a record of all cover letters and applications sent through

15 In Review Nationwide job search for educators FREE to all job seekers Up-to-date postings Unlimited account usage Update information as often as you like

16 Consider Your Options Contact the Educator Placement Division for Special Recruitment Opportunities Consider Your Options Contact the Educator Placement Division for Special Recruitment Opportunities NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR: Hawaii Public School System Northern Mariana Islands

17 Hawaii Public School System Now Accepting Applications for o Special Education (K-12) o Math (Middle and High School) o Science (Middle and High School)

18 Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Now Accepting Applications for o Administration o Early Childhood o Special Education o …and more!

19 Selection Criteria Demand is lower, supply is higher Certification is essential Consider adding another content area Follow protocols for applying, interviewing & hiring Post-interview follow up is very important

20 Consider Your LOCATION Options Employers sometimes offer higher pay or salary differentials for employees who are willing to work in areas that are harder to fill, such as: o Title I Schools o Zone School Districts

21 Consider Your EMPLOYER Options There are many other types of employers than just public or private schools. You may wish to consider other types of schools as potential employers, such as: o Charter o Religious o Daycare o Montessori o Indian Reservation o Learning Center

22 Consider Your DEGREE Options Having a certification in a critical shortage area makes you more marketable. Have you considered a degree in one of these national critical shortage areas? o Special Education o Math o Science

23 Aspiring Educator Scholarship recognizes the need for qualified special educators in our school systems today. Five $1,000 scholarships will be presented to students currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university and who are majoring in a state-approved special education or related service program. APPLICATION DEADLINE is June 29, 2012. >> APPLY NOW! <<

24 For More Information Visit: Contact Us: Your Perfect Job is just a CLICK AWAY!

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