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Overview EARLI Publications

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1 Overview EARLI Publications
1. Learning and Instruction 2. Educational Research Review (EDUREV) 3. Frontline Learning Research (FLR) 4. Book Series 5. Affiliated journals

2 Learning and Instruction
General facts Learning and Instruction Established in 1991 Published by Elsevier Focus on empirical studies in learning and education Six issues per year Electronic and printed journal and-instruction/

3 1. Scope of Learning and Instruction
Multi-disciplinary research with a preference to empirically- based studies Scientific research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching All levels of education: from kindergarten to adult learners Diversity of learning and instructional settings: from laboratory experiments to field studies

4 1. Figures L&I (2012) Impact Factor: 3.337
Ranking Education and Educational Research: 2/216 Submissions per year: 414 Rejection Rate: 87% Downloads:

5 Educational Research Review (Edurev)
General facts Educational Research Review (Edurev) Established in 2005 Published by Elsevier Review studies Three issues per year Electronic and printed journal

6 2. Scope of Educational Research Review
Focus on theoretical manuscripts. That is meta-analytic reviews, narrative reviews, best-evidence syntheses, research critiques, forum papers and methodological and thematic reviews Focus on the broad range of settings in which people learn (school settings, corporate training, formal or informal settings) All levels of education: from kindergarten to adult learners

7 2. Figures Edurev (2012) Impact Factor: 2.586
Ranking Education and Educational Research: 8/216 Submissions per year: 107 Rejection Rate: 81% Downloads:

8 Frontline Learning Research (FLR)
General facts Frontline Learning Research (FLR) Established in 2013 Independently published by EARLI Open-access Electronic-only journal Innovative and frontline research

9 3. Scope of FLR Multi-disciplinary, dynamic and innovative studies that … include a thoroughly elaborated theoretical framework … incorporate extensive quantitative and/or qualitative data … adopt complex, innovative and controversial analytical techniques … include dynamic data, e.g. video’s, animations, hyperlinks, audio, . … make connections between previously unconnected established lines of research Focus on the broad range of settings in which people learn All levels of education: from kindergarten to adult learners

10 3. FLR’s new features Supported by a strong scientific research community, EARLI Rapid review process – in general less than one month Dynamic data An outlet for both short and long extensive manucripts (up to 20,000 words) Rapid publication process after acceptance Open Access Publication: free of charge to EARLI members, limited fee for non-EARLI members 3 types of manuscripts: Short manuscripts: 1000 – 3000 words (To-the-point, Easy to read and use) Regular manuscripts: 3000 – 6000 words (Common format) Long manuscripts : 6000 – words (For extensive, high- quality qualitative studies)

11 3. Figures FLR Since start April 2013 36 submissions
2 issues, 14 publications

12 4. Book series “New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction”
A number of book series per year Published by Routledge Written by and for EARLI members Most recent publications: Gijbels, D., Donche, V., Richardson, J. T. E., & Vermunt, J. D. (2013) Learning Patterns in Higher Education: Dimensions and research perspectives. Routledge: London. Baker, M., Andriessen, J., & Järvelä, S. (2013) Affective Learning Together: Social and emotional dimensions of collaborative learning. Routledge: London. Volet, S. &Vauras, M. (2012) Interpersonal Regulation of Learning and Motivation: Methodological Advances. Routledge: London.

13 Both published by Elsevier
5. Affiliated journals Learning, Culture and Social Interaction High-quality research on learning within, and through, social practices Studies in Educational Evaluation Reports of evaluation studies Both published by Elsevier Studies in Educational Evaluation publishes original reports of evaluation studies. Four types of articles are published by the journal: (a) Empirical evaluation studies representing evaluation practice in educational systems around the world; (b) Theoretical reflections and empirical studies related to issues involved in the evaluation of educational programs, educational institutions, educational personnel and student assessment; (c) Articles summarizing the state-of-the-art concerning specific topics in evaluation in general or in a particular country or group of countries; (d) Book reviews and brief abstracts of evaluation studies.

14 Overview EARLI Publications

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