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The Value of Health The Role of Health in Values Education.

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1 The Value of Health The Role of Health in Values Education

2 Bend – the body Mend – the senses End – the mind Sri Sathya Sai Baba

3 How does this translate? Medicare is bending the body: Physically Physiologically Mentally & Emotionally Educare is mending the Senses Sociocare is a mixture of these two These lead to the goal of spirituality which is: END THE MIND

4 Educare Medicare Sociocare The Three Fields of Sai Spiritual Endeavour Education as health Healthcare as education Education as social conscience Society as the educational field Health care as social service Social needs determine health care

5 Education as health Healthcare as education The health of society is intimately linked with the educational level of the people 1, 2 The educational experience is reflected, not only in the physical health, but the emotional and psychological health 2 Education reflects in adult behaviour, impacting on health 3 Healthcare education in school can positively affect adult health 4 These correlations are critical when we look at the role values education can make to societal health

6 Health care as social service Social needs determine health care

7 You have no reason to feel proud when you are able to help another, for your skill or wealth or strength or courage or official position that gave you the chance to serve was the gift of God, whether you recognize it or not. You are only offering this God's gift to another God's gift, namely the poor, the illiterate, the weak, the diseased, the grieving, the broken-hearted, who seek your help.Baba Health Care & Social Service are simply God gifting God back to God

8 Education as social conscience Society as the educational field Health and environmental education seek to address the living conditions and lifestyle choices that lead to health and environmental problems by motivating and teaching students how to participate in the reconstruction of themselves and society in accordance with ecological values and the democratic values of social and economic justice. Fien 5

9 Programme Description in the form of Programme Logic for a Health Promotion Programme in South Auckland School SITUATION - Children arrive at school with health conditions relating to malnourishment - Socioeconomic factors impact on health status, which is to nutrition - This affects childrens participation in school life - Parents rely on school for their social support INPUTS -Naturopathic Students as nutritional health workers -Written resources -Time: College Academic, Administrative and School staff -Travel -Cooking facilities and materials OUTPUTS -Numbers in programme -Numbers of days programme delivered -Numbers of students involved -Student completion rates -Students formative & summative assessments OUTCOMES Short Term -Feeling someone cares -Social interaction Intermediate Term -Better attendance because of health -Improvement in nutritional inputs -Improvement in familys nutrition Longer Term -Lessening of infections -Increased academic achievement -Improvement in all health parameters

10 Values Inherent in the Health for Life Programme Engendering compassion Feeling of unity and understanding of the situation of others Creating a sense of family Wanting others to have the same health and educational opportunities as we have (creates a sense of upliftment) A sense of sacrifice lets us forget about ourselves

11 Workshop Exercise -1 In three groups, using the butcher paper and pens, relate the aspects of educare, medicare and sociocare, using the values Group 1 will relate educare and medicare Group 2 will relate educare and sociocare Group 3 will relate medicare and sociocare Using the values as the determinants of the relationships

12 Using those relationships determine at least three actions that could be used to enhance those relationships Then design a programme (in brief) that could be applied in the values educational environment that meets the need of the relationships, in terms of: Needs met Goals & outcomes Resources required How the programme puts the values in action Workshop Exercise -2

13 References 1.Wilkinson RG, Marmot MG. Social determinants of health: the solid facts 2ed. Copenhagen: World Health Organisation; 2003. 2.Power C, Stansfeld SA, Matthews S, Manor O, Hope S. Childhood and adulthood risk factors for socio-economic differentials in psychological distress: evidence from the 1958 British birth cohort. Social Science & Medicine. 2002;55(11):1989-2004. 3.Koivusilta L, Arja R, Andres V. Health behaviours and health in adolescence as predictors of educational level in adulthood: a follow-up study from Finland. Social Science & Medicine. 2003;57(4):577-93. 4.Lakin L, Littledyke M. Health promoting schools: integrated practices to develop critical thinking and healthy lifestyles through farming, growing and healthy eating. International Journal of Consumer Studies. 2008;32(3):253-9. 5.Fien J. Learning to care: a focus for values in health and environmental education. Health Education Research. 1997 December 1, 1997;12(4):437-47.

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