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Career & Technical Education What? Why? Who? Where? How?

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1 Career & Technical Education What? Why? Who? Where? How?

2 Terminology Vocational Education Occupational Education Workforce Development Education Career and Technical Education (CTE) Is there a difference?

3 Terminology Vocational Education The traditional term used since the 1920s to describe a type of education to prepare people for work Occupational Education A term developed during the 1960s and 70s to try to update the image of vocational education

4 Terminology Workforce Development Education Term used in North Carolina for a division in the Department of Public Instruction in charge of vocational education. This term is being phased out in NC. Career and Technical Education The new term for vocational education

5 Types of Education Academic or College Prep A high school curriculum designed to prepare students for college General A high school curriculum designed to provide students with a broad education Vocational A high school curriculum designed to prepare students to enter the world of work (or more recently – to also go to college)

6 Types of Education Tech Prep A high school curriculum designed to prepare students for community college Technical Education A term used during the 1960s to differentiate between what was taught in community colleges and high school vocational programs.

7 What is CTE? Education for work A type of education whose chief purpose is to fit individuals for useful employment and/or further education

8 Career & Technical Education In its broadest sense, all education is vocational (or Career & Technical Education)

9 Characteristics of CTE Less than college grade Prepares for employment and/or further education Develops physical and mental abilities Provides for learning by doing

10 Benefits of CTE Keeps youth in school longer Increases national income Provides goods and services more efficiently Tends to raise the general standard of living Retrains workers Emphasizes the dignity of labor Essential to the national welfare

11 Who Provides CTE? Comprehensive High Schools Area Vocational Centers Private Vocational Schools Diesel mechanics Cosmetology Community Colleges Department of Labor – Apprenticeships Business and Industry Military

12 Why is CTE Needed? Facts Of 100 student in 5 th grade only 23 will graduate from college 77% of high school students are enrolled in a college prep or general curriculum Only 8% of the jobs require a 4 year college degree

13 Why CTE…. The world is full of people with 4 year college degrees who cant get a job because they dont know how to do anything!!! Many students at Community Colleges learning a trade have 4 year college degrees.

14 CTE Fields of Study Historically, there have been seven major areas of study in Career & Technical Education Agricultural Education Business Education Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics Education) Health Occupations Education Marketing Education Technology Education Trade & Industrial Education

15 Food for Thought "The society that scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity, will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. John Gardner

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