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Millbrook High School Occupational Course of Study Program.

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1 Millbrook High School Occupational Course of Study Program

2 Graduation Requirements  Occupational English I, II, III, IV  Occupational Math I, II, III  Occupational Preparation I, II, III, IV  Occupational Life Skills Science I, II  Occupational Social Studies I, II  Health/Physical Education

3 Graduation Requirements  Four Career and Technical Education Credits  Areas of Study Agriculture Business & Information Technology Marketing Family & Consumer Sciences Health Sciences

4 CTE Courses Available Agriculture  Agriscience Applications  Agricultural Mechanics I  Horticulture Business & Marketing  Digital Communication Systems  Principles of Business  Computer Applications I  Marketing

5 CTE Courses Available Family and Consumer Sciences Apparel Development I Child Development Foods I Early Childhood Education I Housing and Interiors I

6 CTE Courses Available Trade & Industrial  Programming & Broadcasting I  Programming & Broadcasting II Health Sciences  Health Team Relations  Allied Health Sciences I

7 Graduation Requirements  Vocational Training and Employment  300 hours of school- based vocational training  240 hours of community-based training  360 hours of competitive employment

8 Graduation Requirements  Career Portfolio  Meet Computer Skills Proficiency Requirement (established by IEP team)

9 Employment Criteria  Employment must be approved by WCPSS  Employed within the community  Students paid at or above minimum wage  Employment meets Child Labor regulations  Employers must allow Teacher or WCPSS employee to evaluate student

10 Employment Requirements  Students must receive average evaluation of job performance.  Students must turn in required documentation of employment (i.e., pay stubs)

11 Vocational Training Requirements

12 Competitive Employment Students, parents and teachers work together to obtain and maintain competitive employment

13 Competitive Employment  This may involve: Participation of transition team planning Follow-up referral to outside agency such as Goodwill and Raleigh Vocational Center Completion of all required paper Collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation

14 Competitive Employment  Student needs to obtain: A valid social security number or work permit from U.S. Immigration A work permit from DSS if student is under the age of 18.

15 Insurance Coverage  Wake County schools provide insurance coverage for students to participate in work- based vocational training,

16 Completion of OCS Program  Students receive a high school diploma based on completion of the Occupational Course of Study requirements.  OCS prepares students for employment and is NOT considered appropriate for those who plan on going to community college or a university.

17 Completion of OCS Program May require enrollment in school longer than the traditional four years.

18 Completion of OCS Program When requirements are met resulting in eligibility of a diploma, graduation must occur even if student is not yet 21.

19 Completion of OCS Program  There is an option of exiting high school with a certificate and a transcript if all requirements except competitive work hours are satisfied.  Students choosing this exit option will be able to participate in graduation exercises.

20 Completion of OCS Program  An OCS diploma will be awarded later if student brings documentation of paid hours.

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