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A RT AT M ERCYHURST : By: Colleen Griffin and Amanda Walker Mercyhurst University Professor Gary Cardots Hula Hoop Performance Taken at the Crooked I Bar.

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1 A RT AT M ERCYHURST : By: Colleen Griffin and Amanda Walker Mercyhurst University Professor Gary Cardots Hula Hoop Performance Taken at the Crooked I Bar in Erie, PA

2 S ENSORY N OTICINGS When looking at this piece, one of the first things noticed is the stream of colors extending from the hula hoop. The tones range from blues and purples toward the bottom of the hoop and red and green at the top of the hoop. The line that most stands out is the green streak toward the top, as the green color appears less than the other colors. The colors of the hula hoop also stick out due to the fact that the rest of the picture has a darker tone. The floor is a dark brown and the background of the scene is dark, aside from the subtle red tone in the back right corner of the scene. Movement can also be seen in this photograph. The hula hoop is being controlled by an individual who is swinging the hoop in what appears to be an upward motion. The lines of color suggest the motion is upward, as the streaks flow to the back of the scene. The performers motion can also be seen in his/her outfit. Fringe at the bottom of the outfit is toward the front of the performer and is seen in mid-sway.


4 T HE P ERFORMER (C ONT.) Physical Characteristics Focused on performance Even stance for balance Head tilted down, which is possibly part of the movement of the performance Costume has movement like the hula hoop Concentrated Large, dark earrings Bottoms of outfit are dark, while the top contrasts and is white The top of the outfit has small designs on it


6 T HE H OOP ( CONT.) Physical Characteristics Circular Zigzag pattern on the rim of the hoop Colors extending off the hoop appear to be bent at the base of the hoop and straighten as they extend The entire hoop is not present in the photograph Part of the hoop missing adds to the picture; it makes you wonder where the rest is and why it is not present; it makes the hoop seem abstract, as it is not whole Appears to be slanted upward

7 Q UESTIONS ABOUT THE P IECE Who is the artist? What is the purpose of the performance? What story is trying to be told? Who was the intended audience? What is the significance? How did the colors come from the hoop? Is this a light performance? Were other performers involved? What are other aspects of the performance? How does the outfit contribute to the performance?

8 C ONTEXTUAL I NFORMATION What other kinds of performances take place at the Crooked i Bar/ what kind of place is the Crooked i Bar? - We are a 21+ bar/music venue that caters to all kinds of live; original music. Whether it be a local hardcore band or a touring bluegrass band, the crooked i is the spot you need to be (2010).

9 C ONTEXTUAL I NFORMATION ( CONT.) What are the characteristics of patrons of the Crooked i Bar? -From a recent article about the issue of smoking in the bar, we gathered that the patrons of the Crooked i Bar are college students from nearby Universities or young adults. Do performances such as this one take place at other locations in Erie, PA? -Performances such as these take place throughout the country, but there are no more in Erie in the near future.

10 P ERSONAL C ONNECTIONS This was the first picture to catch our eyes because of how accented the lights are We were intrigued by the meaning behind the picture. What was the point of the performance? We also saw that it was an inkjet media, which showed us that anyone can do art We saw that it was taken at a bar here in Erie The artist is a professor at the school, and his room is right down the hall from the gallery It may seem simple, but it has a lot to say

11 C URRICULAR C ONNECTIONS Shows art can be as simple as taking a picture The performer was performing art through kinesthetics The lights on the hoop are art themselves, as they show bending, are accented, and are part of the photograph as a whole There are contrasts between light and dark This is the performers form of personal expression His/Her performance is his/her own interpretation and is unique to him/her We had to look at it several times to appreciate it

12 C URRICULAR C ONNECTIONS ( CONT.) Once we begin thinking, however, about what it signifies to engage with musical works and dance works, we soon realize how much remains to be discovered by those who can notice what there is to be noticed (Greene, 9) Your real process, your creative style, your problem-solving improvisations are wonderful enough as they actually are, without romantic exaggeration or cosmetic adjustment. (Booth, 266) This photograph shows that each persons way of expression is unique to him/her

13 K EY I DEAS Using dance as a form of art 2 main components to the picture: The hoop and the performer Contrast between light and dark; colors from hoop accented Motion can be seen in the photograph through the performers clothing and the direction of the colors

14 L INE OF I NQUIRY Is a hula hoop performance enhanced with the use of lights? Examples of hula hoop light performances:

15 I DEAS FOR A CTIVITIES Have children create their own hula hoop performance (can be small groups). The hoops dont necessarily need lights. Tell children to take a picture of motion (i.e. a sport, dance, etc.). Have them bring the photograph into class and find the elements that stand out to them. Then, have them recreate the photograph into their own interpretation. Create a collage of motion with each of the childrens original photographs. Ask children to find a song that they think would apply to this dance.

16 A L ITTLE I NFORMATION ABOUT THE A RTIST Gary Cardot Assistant professor of art at Mercyhurst University Has taught photography and art history at Mercyhurst since 1990 Attended California Institute of Arts, where he studied photography. Also studied photography at the International Center of Photography, located in New York Masters Degree in fine arts What he is known for: photographs of architecture, amusement parks, and scenes taken at night

17 A L ITTLE I NFORMATION ABOUT THE A RTIST ( CONT.) In this exhibit, I am photographing to see what I can transcribe and then through the process of computer decisions – which can be endless -- bringing out the essential thing- ness of the flowers, church, bar, parade, individuals, building or landscape. The previously stated exhibit opened at Mercyhurst on January 10, 2012 His work has been displayed in venues such as: The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Erie Art Museum, and The Silver Eye Center for Photography

18 O UR R EFLECTIONS This piece was intriguing to us because we also make art with kinesthetics. We both play softball and the fine motions used in the sport are forms of art We love the colors that come from the hoop. Theyre bright and vivid and add a distinct difference from the rest of the piece We want to know if there is a meaning behind the performance We thought it was interesting that it was work by a professor here at our school We are curious if the outfit has any meaning to the performance

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