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Cleo Stella Foundations.  ‘In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?’

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1 Cleo Stella Foundations


3  ‘In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?’

4 Throughout the development of my music video I used a variety of different media products that develop, challenge forms and conventions of real media products. For example, to promote my music video and my artist I made two ancillary products, a digipak and also a poster to promote the new album. Both followed a theme of my artist (Evie Green) this makes it more recognisable for her fans to purchase the CD for themselves.

5 This is the album advert I created to promote Evie Green’s new album.

6  As you can see my poster conforms to the conventions of media.  Evie Green’s name is placed in the top left hand corner of the poster itself. This makes it clear to the audience who's album it is. It is also very recognisable as there is a picture of Evie Green herself in the background which is also on the album cover. This conforms to album advert conventions.  Also she’s wearing the tie-dye top that features in the actual music video, the audience will be able to relate and recognise it.

7  I have also included the name of her new album which is ‘love<3’ And it can also be recognisable as just a simple love heart symbol.  I have out a star rating from a popular music magazine ‘Q’ on my poster, this is to promote the sales and involve more of an audience.  The release date is very important, this is so the fans know when her new album is coming out and I have also included the iTunes icon as this is where they may purchase it from.

8  One of the most important bit of information is the single ‘Foundations’. This is the video I made and also gives the audience an insight as to what the rest of the album is going to be like. Hopefully encouraging them to want to listen to the rest of the album.  I have used the same font and the same font colour throughout to keep a theme running through my ancillary products.


10  I have used the conventions of a Digipak to create my own, hopefully this will help get my album off the shelves.  I have placed Evie Green’s name and also the name of the album in the top left hand corner the same as the album advert. I have also used the same font and font colour throughout. This shows the theme of my products.  The back cover has a floral picture as the background representing the flowers in the video and also the track list to tell the buyers what songs are on the actual C.D

11  Inside the actual album is a picture of the clear blue sky, this represents her freedom and happiness.  There is also a track list booklet so the buyers can have a read through the lyrics and understand the artist better.  On the actual C.D it’s a picture of my artist Evie Green, this makes it more effective as they get to see more artistic pictures of the artist herself and it doesn’t get repetitive.

12  I feel my music video follows the conventions of my chosen genre, pop/indie.  Narrative – This is very important within the genre as the main target audience love to be able to understand the storyline very clearly, therefore we have a narrative throughout the music video.  Mise-en-scene – This is also very important to our chosen genre as all locations used are very realistic for example, bedroom, kitchen, field and concert. This is to the audience can relate to the artist.

13  Creation of star image: This was very important throughout my music video. We wanted to create a fun loving girl next door look and I think we achieved this. We used casual clothes which the audience may be inspired t go out and buy. Also we gave her a signature look, bold red lipstick to go with her bright red hair and also dark black eyeliner. Her fans may love her style and want to look like her.

14  Editing: We used stop motion throughout our video. This creates a quirky feel and we also got inspiration from similar female artists. We also edited to go with the beat of the music so it is very effective.  The page layout throughout my ancillary products is pretty much the same, this will help fans recognise her products. For example, I used the same font, font colour, placed the name and album name in the same section and also used the same image for the album advert background and also the front cover of the album itself.

15 ‘How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts’

16  I have created a house style for the three products I have produced through mise-en- scene. I have done this mainly through the use of clothing, a tie-dye t-shirt. Evie Green is wearing one certain tie-dye t-shire in all three of my products, my album cover, album advert and parts in the video.  I feel this appeals to our target audience and tie-dye tops are very fashionable at the moment. Evie Green may inspire her fans to go out and buy or make there own tie-dye tops. This is how I promoted my artist.

17  I feel all my products are very appealing to my target audience. I know this because of the audience research I did before making my video and going along with the target audience’s ideas. I took everything in to consideration and created a music video especially for that age group.

18 ‘What have you learned from your audience feedback?’

19  Our main Target audience is women from the ages of 12 – 35. We cover a lot of different audiences within that age group but everyone enjoys the music in there own way. We also targeted males audiences with the use of star image and flattering lights. This makes the audience watch for the performance aspects. Also links to gender representation.  I have included feedback from my intended target audience on my blog by posting the answers and question from my questionnaire. I learnt a lot and incorporated it on to my music video to please my intended audience.

20 ‘How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?’

21  I used a range of different technologies to make my digipak and album advert. To get the bright vivid images to use on both ancillary products I used a digital camera, DSLR, Sony A290. The photographs I took were very detailed and looked professional. To make the pictures more effective I used photo-shop to edit them and also to put my whole digipak together. Where as I used Illustrator to edit and produce my album advert. Both of these programs were used on an Apple Mac computer in my college campus.

22  I used digital technology for my research ad planning. I did this buy watching and research artists that were similar to the one myself and my group wanted to create. I also researched the genre indie/pop on the search engine Google. This was very helpful.  I also used a website called ‘Wordpress’ to create my blog. It is very easy to use and I prefer this website to the other blog we site we used to media last year, which was ‘Blogger.’ I have incorporated slide shows and pictures within my blog.

23  Also within our evaluation of our music video, we had to produce a directors commentary. We did this by using a green screen behind us so we could talk about the video whilst it was playing.  We used a simple editing software on the computers within college. I enjoyed the technical side to making our music video and trying to match the lyrics up with the song.

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