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GREEN ISNT FREE but it doesnt have to put you in the RED.

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1 GREEN ISNT FREE but it doesnt have to put you in the RED

2 Introduction Rita LaRue Gollotti, MS Senior Associate Vice President Drexel Business Services Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3 Drexel Business Services University Bookstores Campus Dining Dragon Card & Dragon Dollars Drexel Conference Center Event Services Parking Services Printing and Mailing Services Retail Management Student Unions University Housing Vending University City Main Campus Center City Hahnemann Campus Queen Lane Medical Campus

4 Grading Colleges on Sustainability Efforts Sustainability Endowment Institutes College Sustainability Report Card Administration Climate Change & Energy Endowment Transparency Food & Recycling Green Building Investment Priorities Shareholder Engagement Student Involvement Transportation

5 College Sustainability Report Card Overall Grade DistributionA Grades by Category

6 What is a Green University? Local and organic food Green building policies Alternative-fuel vehicles Car-sharing and car-pooling Bicycle sharing programs Full-time sustainability staff Composting programs Recycling programs Environmental courses and majors Energy conservation policies Commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

7 Benchmarking (April 2009)

8 Millennials: The Transformers The Millennial Generation (born 1982-2002) is the largest generational cohort in United States history and the most racially and ethnically diverse one. Characteristics: Natural and instinctual relationship with technology Motivated and achievement-oriented Concerned with social responsibility Study, work and socialize in groups Seek structure from within and without to guide them Eat at atypical meal times, brand-oriented and demand choices Residence halls are expected to have all the comforts of home

9 A Campus Commitment to Green Keep It Simple Make It Personal Have Fun

10 A Campus Commitment to Green Keep It Simple Green Tips Farmers Market Drexel Green Window Stickers & Tee Shirts The Green Pledge & Green Grants Make It Personal Just 1 Thing Bring It Home Trayless Tuesdays Paper or Plastic? Fountain or Bottle? Have Fun Celebrate! Earth Month and Earth Week (April) and Blue/Gold/Green Sustainability Awareness Week (October) BikeShare The Drexel BlackOut

11 Keep it Simple Green Tips What is a Carbon Footprint? Improve Recycling Energy Saver Best Practices Minimize Waste Sustainable Purchasing

12 Keep it Simple Drexel Farmers Market To build and support a market for locally grown products. Produce, cheeses, baked goods, flowers, and more!

13 Keep it Simple Drexel Green Window Stickers and Tee Shirts Designed for sale at the University Bookstores

14 Keep it Simple Go Green! Environmental Sustainability Pledge Foster personal responsibility for improving the environment. Encourage environmentally responsible choices each and every day.

15 Keep it Simple Drexel Green Grants Encourage the development of environmental awareness practices and creative thinking with regard to sustainability issues. Awards to students, faculty, staff and alumni. Funded by campus partners.

16 Make it Personal Just 1 Thing An on-going series that encourages individuals to reduce resources used and develop sustainable practices into habits.

17 Make it Personal Just 1 Thing Summer 2009 Stay Cool!

18 Make it Personal Just 1 Thing Fall 2009 Save on Laundry

19 GREEN ISNT FREE but it doesnt have to put you in the RED Q & A

20 Make it Personal Bring It Home Testimonials and tips from individuals on how they incorporate sustainable practices and improvements into their daily lives: I try to add a new earth friendly item to my home each year several years ago it was a high efficiency furnace and hot water heater, last year it was a rain barrel to water my garden, this year Im considering adding a compost bin. Melissa Englund, Enrollment Planning & Retention Services

21 Make it Personal

22 TraysTraylessTraysTraylessTraysTraylessTraysTrayless April 6April 7April 13April 14April 20April 21April 27April 28 Average Food Waste Per Person (Pounds) 0.840.370.600.270.540.310.540.37 Water Saved (Gallons) 868760816792 % Change from Benchmark on April 6, 2009 56%29%68%36%63%36%56%

23 Make it Personal Paper or Plastic? 100 billion plastic shopping bags are used each year The national recycling rate for plastic bags is just 8% 92 billion plastic bags end up in landfills each year

24 Make it Personal Bottle or Fountain? Reusable Bottles and Mugs Water Fountain Replacement Vendor Partnerships

25 Have Fun! Earth Week/Earth Month Earth Week Logo Competition Earth Day Eco-Rhythm Concert Light Bulb Exchange Plastic Bag Recycling Composting Alternative Methods of Transportation Think Outside the Bottle Challenge

26 Have Fun! Blue/Gold/Green Week Fall Sustainability Celebration to introduce and keep the green spirit on campus active and tangible. 2009 Green Grants Winners Award Ceremony Great Works Symposium What is Sustainability? Drexel Bike Share Drexel Green Roofs Display Drexel Farmer's Market Batteries Recycling Local and organic dishes in the Handschumacher Dining Center University City Green Clean Up

27 Have Fun! Drexel Bike Share 20 bikes 400 members 90% usage during weekends 50% usage during weekdays

28 Have Fun! Drexel BlackOut Resident Hall and Greek Properties student competition to reduce electric consumption and increase energy conservation awareness. 12% average electricity consumption reduction in May 2009.

29 A Greener Campus Community

30 GREEN ISNT FREE but it doesnt have to put you in the RED Q & A

31 Thank you! Rita LaRue Gollotti, MS E: T: 215-895-1534 Senior Associate Vice President Drexel Business Services Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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