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Going Green in the Library

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1 Going Green in the Library
Prepared By Jalpa Tejura Presented By Dhanlaxmi Patel

2 What does it mean to “Go Green”?
Reduce Waste – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Conserve Water, Energy & Resources Purchase Environment Friendly Products Improve Worker & Patron Environment Educate Staff and Public Use renewable energy and materials that are sustainably harvested.  Protect and restore local air, water, soils, etc.

3 What makes a library green?
LEED United States, the non-profit organization the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

4 Site Selection Must be situated in center of the location.
Location must be near to nature. The parking area must be adequate Must be close to the public and private places i.e. school, temples, city hall etc. Library

5 Water Conservation Store Rainwater
Connect your downspout to a rain barrel. Reuse the water for garden. Design waterless urinals Recycling of wastewater through purification at a water treatment plant. Using low flow taps in wash basins

6 Energy Conservation Use fans instead of A/C.
Take advantage of more windows Take advantage of natural light. Use eco-friendly light bulbs Use Solar Energy products Use of Wind wings. Use power strips / power saver for all electronic devices and shut them off them when not in use.

7 Energy Conservation Turn off computer or laptop after using
Encourage co worker to save electricity. Install programmable thermostat so your heat and air conditioning are only on when you need it most.

8 Building Materials Purchase Environment Friendly Products
Use post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials Learn to read labels know the warning signs Choose products with less harmful ingredients Green Seal and Eco Friendly Look for recycled content.

9 Indoor Air Quality Carpet and flooring Environmental Benefits greening indoor environment Assure Ventilation Effectiveness Daylight and Views

10 Outdoor Air Quality. Start an Organic Garden Encourage Workers
Plant environment friendly flowers Use safe pesticides


12 Using OPAC The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) changed from the traditional catalogue card Now, user can search information via OPAC and most recently, by internet

13 E Books Converting the books into E books by scanning the original with that we can pass this legacy of knowledge to our future generation with the help of electronic devices like computer , mobile phones , tablet etc.

14 E Journals By Putting newspaper and magazine archives online we can preserve the original one, and more people can take advantage to read it at a same time.

15 Take advantage of web tools and sites
Send updates: Instead of mailing out paper newsletters, create campaigns to announce special events and keep in touch. World Cat: Connect with other libraries around the world to share information electronically. Hold meetings and organize training workshops online through the virtual

16 Special Events and Projects
Apply for grants Start a paper drive Hold recycling contests Apply for green awards

17 Everyday Tips Stop giving out bags or reuse the bags
No more paper receipts Sell or distribute eco-friendly bags Use compostable or eco friendly library cards Create Reuse Corner

18 Librarian must Conscious with Resources
The Green Library Blog : learn about green library news and to get tips on how you can improve your library. How to Green a Library Conference: Learn how to make your next library conference or library meeting more eco-friendly. Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Get tips on being more energy efficient and conscious of your lifestyle here. Going Your Library: This blog has loads of excellent tips for going green in creative ways.

19 Networks Care2: is a social network that organizes people who want to make a difference by living green.   TreeHugger: Learn about the latest trends in green design, food, fashion, building, travel and technology.   United Nations Environment Programme: This network discusses natural disasters and global conflicts, ecosystem management, pollutants, resource efficiency, climate change, and more.   EnegyStar: Learn about environmentally safe electronics, lighting solutions, heating and cooling resources, and more.  


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