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Going Green in the Legal Environment: Sustainability Committee Colin Piercey May 25, 2009.

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1 Going Green in the Legal Environment: Sustainability Committee Colin Piercey May 25, 2009

2 Who We Are  Stewart McKelvey  Halifax office  Location in Halifax – office tower, 4.5 floors occupied  95 lawyers / 181 employees in Halifax office  231 lawyers / 334 employees in firm

3 Who We Are  Sustainability Committee formed late in 2007  Managing partner’s idea in response to concerns  Comprised of interested lawyers and staff  Announced in May 2008

4 Who We Are Statement of purpose: … committed to heightening environmental awareness through education and the promotion of sustainable activities and practices. Working with firm management, personnel, clients and suppliers, the Sustainability Committee will incorporate practices consistent with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

5 What is Sustainability? Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. - from Our Common Future (1987)

6 Environmental & Energy Review  Performed by the Eco-Efficiency Centre at Dalhousie  Recommendations made to decrease environmental impact and increase energy efficiency

7 2008 Commuter Challenge  Signed up to participate in National Commuter Challenge  Internal competition amongst floors to encourage participation  Saved a total of 10,891 kilometres of travel

8 Supplies Party  Cleaned out desk drawers & filing cabinets of old supplies  Lunch time party to sort old supplies  Supplies redistributed to supplies’ station

9 2009 Commuter Challenge  2009 Commuter Challenge in all offices  Commuter Challenge website  Firm purchased trophy for winner

10 Changes Implemented Internally  Using 100% recycled paper in printers and photocopiers  Providing all users with a print queue for duplex printing

11 Changes Implemented Internally  Internal communications sent by e-mail and documents posted to the internal portal  Video and Teleconferencing used for inter-office meetings

12 Changes Implemented Internally  Students’ Committee offers summer students and articled clerks option to have a paid monthly bus pass  Length of time before photocopiers go into sleep mode reduced to 2 minutes; copiers are programmed to automatically turn off at 9:00 p.m.

13 Changes Implemented Internally  Purchase ENERGY STAR certified appliances only  Set up box in Document Centre for dropping off used batteries

14 Changes Implemented Internally  Lights in EXIT signs on floors have been replaced with LED bulbs  Composting receptacles for food waste in each convenience station / servery (initiative of landlord)  Lights turned off in vending machines to save electricity

15 Changes that Have Made a Difference Reduced paper consumption - saved trees. Average week 30 cases of original photocopier/printer paper used prior to change to recycled paper.

16 Changes that Have Made a Difference Bus passes and alternate modes of transportation (awareness raised during Commuter Challenge) - impact on air quality in the community.

17 Future Plans  Obtain energy statistics from landlord  Education initiative to remind everyone to turn off lights

18 Future Plans  Water filters plumbed into taps  Plan to expand program to all offices

19 Suggestions  Have everyone’s interests – lawyers, staff, partners, management – represented in committee meetings  Get everyone involved and make it fun  Take control of areas in which you have control  Be constantly thinking of ways to implement changes  Small changes can make a difference

20 Thank you Questions?

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