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Primary school with the nursery school, Cadrova 23, Bratislava Slovakia

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1 Primary school with the nursery school, Cadrova 23, Bratislava 83101 Slovakia

2 Primary school with the nursery school, Cadrova 23, Bratislava 83101 Slovakia
Our primary school is located at the shores of Small Karpaty in the part of Bratislava called New Town- Kramare.

3 Slovak-French co- operation
Primary school with the nursery school in Cadrova street is known as a school where English and French are taught from the age of 6 . The French class in the first grade of the primary school is the only one in Slovakia. Moreover, mutual co-operation among Slovaks and French increases standards of education in our school. Basically, French-native children are taught by French teachers whereas they are taught Slovak language by Slovak teachers. What is more, French children take part in all activities organized by our school. On the other hand, Slovak children may attend French classes. As a result of this, both Slovaks and French can reap the benefit of such collaboration. In addition to this, taking 400 similar types of schools around the world into account our school provides sufficient and proper education which enables our students to continue their studies abroad without the need of entrance examinations.

4 After- school activities
Various school and after-school activities are provided for all pupils of our school. Pupils can attend computer classes, swimming or floorball trainings or they may take part in week tennis camps held during spring holidays or in summer or they can participate winter ski course in Austria.

5 Sports activities Since 1998 our school has been a co-organizer of the biggest youth international handball tournaments. Bratislava Cup used to be held in summer and Bratislava Winter Cup is usually organized at the end of January and the beginning of February.

6 Other interesting projects and activities we take part in:
Night in the school library Behave yourself normally Chestnut gathering Theatre performances Apple´s day Halloween party Santa Claus Christmas party with parents Build a snowman competition Fasiangy carnival March - the month of books Day of the Earth Hviezdoslavov Kubin ECO- school Cadroviny-

7 Night in the school library
It has become a very popular event. Students come to school in the evening. Some of them also come with their parents. During this evening children compete, perform tasks related to books and writers. They sleep in their sleeping bags right in the library where pupils stay till morning. Afterwards, they have breakfast in our school cafeteria and start their normal school day. The school library was renovated in We use it not only for literature lectures but also for relaxing.

8 Chestnut gathering Pupils gather chestnuts for animals living in the ZOO or in a forest.

9 Halloween party At the end of October pupils carve pumpkins. In the afternoon they dance in their Halloween costumes.

10 Apple´s Day Every class prepares an apple refreshment and parents bake apple-pies. We like this day very much because nobody is hungry and eats healthily.

11 Santa Claus The eldest pupils wear fancy-dress costumes of angels and Santa Claus. They award our younger students chocolate and sweets for their effort to sing, recite or dance.

12 Christmas party with parents
One of the most popular party in a very friendly atmosphere.Children also have their own Christmas parties in their classrooms and they make presents for each other.

13 Build a snowman competition
In winter younger students build snowmen on the school property. The biggest snowman is awarded.

14 Fasiangy carnival A great opportunity for students and teachers to entertain themselves in fancy-dress costumes drinking tea and eating home-made cakes.

15 March - the month of books
Pupils compete in knowledge of literature or writers. They make presentations about famous writers, their favourite books etc. Last year they sought for the biggest, the oldest, the thinnest and the thickest book in their bookcases.

16 Day of the Earth A great time to learn about our planet and how to take care of it. Pupils plant new trees, herbs and flowers . ECO- school- focused on the protection of the environment. Our pupils collect paper and plastic.

17 Hviezdoslavov Kubin a poetry recital competition. Our school organizes this competition for all students in our district. Last year we took two second and one third places.

18 Theatre performances Every year our children supervised by their teachers make impressive performances for their parents.

19 Nursery schools Two nursery schools belong to our school - Nursery school Cadrova 23 (French nursery school) and the Nursery school Na Revine. More than 100 children aged from 2 to 6 attend these nursery schools where they live in peaceful, pleasant and nice surroundings.

20 ZŠ s MŠ Cádrova 23, Bratislava - Kramáre
Where can you find us? ZŠ s MŠ Cádrova 23, Bratislava - Kramáre Tel: 02/ Fax: 02/

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