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2 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE SYSTEM OF EDUCATION IN POLAND There are the following types of schools in Poland: 6 year primary school (pupils 6/7-12 year old) 3-year gymnasium (students 13-15 year old) Different type of post-gymnasium schools: (students 16-18 year old) 3-year specialized lyceum 3-year general lyceum 4-year technical secondary school 2 or 3-year vocational school 2-year complementary lyceum 3-year complementary technical secondary school 5-year tertiary education - higher education Education in Poland starts at the age of six (or seven) years and education is compulsory until the age of 18. Attending of both primary and lower secondary schools is obligatory.

3 Primary Education We are primary school. Education in primary school is divided into 2 stages: STAGE I - covers grades 1,2 and 3, and is called integrated teaching, teaching at this stage is designed to ensure smooth transition from pre- school to school education.

4 Children can stay after school in the common room when their parents are at work. Children can do homework and play with their friends. If they are hungry can eat lunch in the canteen

5 STAGE II - covers grades 4,5 and 6, teaching at this stage is arranged in subjects listed in the outline timetable: Polish language, history and civics, modern foreign language, mathematics, natural science, music, art, technology, information technology computer sciences, physical education, religion or ethics. in addition to separate subjects, the following "educational paths" have been introduced at this stage: health education, ecological education, reading and media education, education for of society, {education for} family life education, cultural heritage of the region, patriotic and civic education.

6 TEACHING METHODS Class Discussion Teachers description; Observation; Analysis; Research Interviewing Worksheets/Surveys Brainstorming Role Playing Problem solving activities Simulations

7 OTHER ACTIVITIES AT SCHOOL Drama Sport Thematic meetings: Mathematical, Polish and English language, nature, photography, computing, journalism, history…info 6, PCK,

8 different public, religious and school's celebration we prepare academies. The beginning of the school year The end of the school year The adaptation of the Constitution May 3 - National Celebration Women s Day

9 Independenc e Day Christmas - Nativity play National Educatio n Day International Music Day

10 School traditions We have several school events that have already become our tradition, we celebrate them every year. The celebration of becoming the first grade student. Welcome the first class - The First bell"

11 Popes Days – during these days we organize different competitions of knowledge about Pope 30th September the Boyss Day - we give gifts to our colleagues from the class The Day of kindness – in that day we try to be pleasant to everybody Earths Day- in this days we try to find methods to help the Earth

12 6 December – sporty Santa Claus – we organize sports competitions

13 Before Christmas, students and teachers break the wafer, we wish everybody all the best and we sing Christmas carols.

14 Days of mathematics – in on that this day we take part in math competition Solemn farewell sixth grades Let us live in health eating lots of fruits

15 Thematic show about safety, health, cultural heritage

16 Carnival And disco We do not just learn in school. We also have much fun.

17 Meetings with famous people and organizations We discuss about safety, literature, music, culture. We like such meetings a lot.

18 School competitions Every year we organize many competitions. We compete with students from other schools. Computer's Master - regional computer's competition I know the myths I know (the )English

19 The scout song competition The English song competition Carols and Christmas songs competition

20 Charity Every year we organize charity. We collect money for the treatment of our colleague and for poor children living in different countries. In organization of events help us to our parents. Fair cake Advent lottery Lets rescue Children of the world

21 The Market of Wondres is the most important event organized by our students - charity festival. We invite the entire community. See yourself how well we have fun together: Fairs miracles

22 Gigs dances and karate show – these groups are friendly with us

23 we have a lot of fun

24 other attractions

25 We are helpful Action Cleaning of the World We also help the animals survive the winter - the action "Animals. We look after dogs and cats living in a shelter for animalsAZYL"

26 Excursions We like lessons oudoor, we visited the historical places and learn about our wildlife.

27 In our school there is Religious Missionary Group. Students go to summer and winter camps. The greatest happiness of man is to know the Lord Jesus and His Mom, and have a pure heart, in which they live.

28 interview We interviewed with students. We asked their about: "What do you like in school?" "What don't you like in school?" "What is easy for at school?" "What is difficult for you at school?"

29 In school What is easy … ? What is difficult … ? Homework Class test PE, Computer Art Math, History

30 In school What do you like … ? What don t you like … ? New, big playground Activities in the field Excursion various extra-curricular activities small gym Go to the theatre, cinema, muzeum Disco, carnavel, festival – we like celebration read a lot


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