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Literary Focus: Character

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1 Literary Focus: Character
Mrs. Flowers Literary Focus: Character

2 Goal: I will be able to understand the character of mrs
Goal: I will be able to understand the character of mrs. Flowers by examining her thoughts, actions, and words. Reading Skill: Central Idea

3 Before Reading Group Discussion and Prewriting assignment – Think of someone who influenced your life. Write about their influence on you. Complete the survey on page 185. Read the Literary Focus. Read the Reading Skill. Review the vocabulary that we will be studying for this selection. Complete the following to help your understanding of vocabulary: Loose is to tight as slack is to _________. Mild is to gentle as kind is to __________. Empty is to vacate as fill is to __________. Restless is to patient as accepting is to_______. Sleep is to exhaustion as education is to ____________.

4 During Reading – Role Assignment
Discussion Leader – Leads the Reading Discussion Vocabulary (Word) Clarifier – Makes sure that vocabulary as well as other words are understood during the reading Guided Reading Clarifier – Makes sure that the guided reading questions are answered and supported. Spokesperson- Will be the speaker for the group during group discussion. All members will answer the discussion questions on their own paper. You do not have to write the question, but have to answer in a complete sentence.

5 Guided Reading Character’s Influence: What do the images suggest about the narrator’s view of Mrs. Flowers? Reading Skill: Why is Mrs. Flowers so important to the narrator? Reading Skill (Compare and Contrast): How does this painting compare and contrast with your impression of Mrs. Flowers, based on the description of her on page 186? Reading Skill: Determine the central idea. Character’s Influence: How does Marguerite react to Mrs. Flower’s statement about communication? How may it transform her? Reading Skill: Determine the point of view that is used in this selection. Character’s Influence: What effect does Mrs. Flower’s reading have on Marguerite?

6 After Reading –Quick Review (oral Discussion)
Where does the story take place? How does Marguerite do in school? According to Mrs. Flowers, what separates humans from animals? What does Mrs.Flowers lend to Marguerite? What does Mrs. Flowers serve with cookies?

7 After Reading Complete the following activities First Thoughts
Thinking Critically Questions 2 and 3 Extending Interpretations Writing – Comparing Messages

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