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Sections of your student binder

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1 Student Binders: Sections and Table of Contents & Summarizing CNN Student News

2 Sections of your student binder
How I expect you to divide up the binder and label your sections. This is important so that YOU can find material for review and I can find your assignments to grade.

3 Your Student Binder needs to have 4 sections
Section 1: Label this section CNN Student News and Warm-ups Label example CNN/Warm-ups Section 2: Label this section Vocabulary This section will include your definition pages and quizzes Section 3: Label this section Classwork/Homework Anything you do as class work or homework will go in this section Section 4: Label this section Notes/Handouts What goes in here? Notes you take in class, Printed guided notes I give you Any material I give you that is content specific to class

4 Table of Contents Page This will go at the beginning of your binder and will be your responsibility to keep up with I will list on the whiteboard what should be in your table of contents and update this weekly I will give you some time in class to update these I am giving you the one Table of Contents page After that one is filled you can: Go to my webpage and get another copy I have there to print Simply use college rule paper and create your own TOC page all you need to add are the vertical lines

5 CNN Student News - Summarizing
You will need to write a summary on only ONE of the news stories from that day. I will be looking for 2-4 sentence summaries. SHORT & SWEET! You CANNOT choose the very last story or the Shout Out!

6 Summarizing CNN Student News
SUGGESTION: DO NOT try to write a complete sentence summary while watching the news. 1st : Decide which news segment you want to summarize Since you do not know before what the topic is this means you need to FOCUS while the news is playing 2nd : Only write short bullets even one word statements of information you get from the segment 3rd : Then organize your thoughts from these short or one word statements into what the segment was about – TA DA a SUMMARY!

7 CNN Student News – Two More Points
IDEA to help you Summarize: ALWAYS be thinking of Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How while watching the segment in order to look for information you should be writing down! Where are you keeping these Summaries?: In Section 1 of your student binder on your lined paper Should be able to use one sheet front and back per week Each day HAS to be Labeled: Example: Tuesday 9/2/2014


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