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Flowers for Algernon Vocabulary English Department Bidwell Jr. High School.

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1 Flowers for Algernon Vocabulary English Department Bidwell Jr. High School

2 Absurd Adj Completely stupid or unreasonable The mans mullet was absurd.

3 Introspective Adj tending to think deeply about your own thoughts, feelings, or behavior The eighth grader sat alone and was very deep and introspective.

4 Proportional Adj In the correct or most suitable relationship to it in size, amount, importance The mans head was not proportional to his body.

5 Shrew Noun an unpleasant woman who always argues and disagrees with people The mean old woman down the street was a shrew.

6 Syndrome Noun an illness which consists of a set of physical or mental problems Stockholm Syndrome is when a person who is kidnapped shows loyalty to the kidnapper.

7 Naïveté Adj not having much experience of how complicated life is The country bumpkin showed his naiveté when he went to the big city.

8 Regression Noun the act of returning to an earlier condition that is worse or less developed The boy regressed when his little sister was born.

9 Specialization Noun limiting ones interests or activities to one particular subject The doctors specialization was feet.

10 Tangible Adj clear enough to be easily seen or noticed There is no tangible evidence of Caseys guilt.

11 Hypothesis Noun Idea or guess about something that has yet to be proven The idea that Sasquatch is real is only a hypothesis.

12 Impair Verb to damage something or make it not as good as it should be The illness had impaired his ability to think and concentrate.

13 Opportunist Noun someone who uses every opportunity to gain power, money, or unfair advantages The dishonest kid was an opportunist.

14 Sensation Noun a feeling that you get from one of your five senses, especially the sense of touch One sign of a heart attack is a tingling sensation in the left arm.

15 Statistic Noun A set of numbers which represent facts or measurements Statistics show that 50% of new businesses fail in their first year.

16 Vacuous Adj showing no intelligence or having no useful purpose The kids vacuous expression showed he wasnt very bright.

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