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A to Z in Technology Learning By Mrs. Lievestros 4 th Period Class Compiled by: Tyler Wilson.

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2 A to Z in Technology Learning By Mrs. Lievestros 4 th Period Class Compiled by: Tyler Wilson

3 A a is for... Animation Animation clip art is a piece of clip art that has movements and has a file extension of.gif which stands for Graphical Interchange Format. GIFs are common format for Web graphics, especially small images and images that contain text, such as navigation buttons and animation. By: Kim Douberley

4 B b is for... Browser A browser is a software program that allows you to explore the World Wide Web. There are several different browsers available including: Internet Explorer, Modzilla Foxfire, Google Chrome, and Opera. By: Kim Douberley

5 C c is for... Computers A computer is an electronic device that is designed to accept data, work logical and mathematical operations, and display the results at a high speed. Computers can be used in many ways at school, like typing reports, using the internet for research, preparing presentations, and doing online activities. By: Angel Alabe

6 D d is for... Desktop The desktop is the primary display screen of a graphical user interface. The desktop holds icons and files which are an easier access for programs. The desktop is used on every computer at school and allows students to access programs without having to search inside the files and risk misplacing something up. By: Michael Bartley

7 E e is for... Effects Effects are used in Microsoft Power Point. With effects you can change the boldness or glow of words. Effects are used to make a word stand out or to make a point. It is used in school when you write a report and you want a word to stick out. By: Garrett DeRoss

8 F f is for… Format Format is a plan for the organization and arrangement of a specified production. It is the material form or layout of a publication. It is used at school to organization presentations. When creating a presentation, it lets you add shapes, change the style, add color, rotate, crop, align, and group pictures, add shape effects, etc. By: Maliha Farnaj

9 G g is for... Gigabyte A Gigabyte is a unit of measure equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes, which is about one billion bytes. At school, gigabytes are used when we store things into the computers hard drive. By: Juniett Gonzalez

10 H h is for... HTML HTML is a set of codes to make a web page HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and we dont specifically use it at school but we can use it for text or anything else involving websites or web pages By: Marlen Gonzalez

11 Ii is for…Insert When using the Insert tab, you can put in Clip Art, Pictures, Shapes, and Graphs into your Power Point or your Word Document. The Insert tab is used for inserting things that are necessary for your Document/Power Point, such as a Header & Footer, Text Box, Slide/Page Numbers, Tables, Sounds, etc. By: Stephanie Moran

12 J j is for … Jump drive Jump drive is a Lexar brand name for a Universal Serial Bus (USB) storage device, also called a USB flash drive. The jump drive is used by the teachers at HGMS. I have learned that the students does not use these at HGMS. By: Cornelius Munnings

13 K k is for … Keyboard A keyboard is a data input device for computers; an arrangement of keys are modeled after the typewriter keyboard. The keyboard is used to communicate with the computer and put information into it. Keyboard By: Joseph Paneque

14 L l is for... Line Spacing Line spacing-the distance from the baseline of one line of type to another. A synonym for line spacing is leading. Clicking line spacing and choosing for example 1.5, the text would space out 1.5 times the normal text size. The distance from the baseline of one line typed to another.

15 M m is for... Microsoft Programs A Microsoft Program- A Microsoft Program is a program used for various things such as, Power Points, Writing Documents, and Slide shows. A Couple of ways to use this is for a Presentation for a class, or to help run for president, and even to make something fun at the end of the year. after before By: Alex Rodriguez

16 N n is for... Network A network is a number of computers connected together to share information and hardware. Local Area Network (LAN) is small. Wide Area Network (WAN) is very large. Internet is a network of networks It is used in school for printing and for getting on the internet. By: Ryan Schuffert

17 O o is for... Output Device An Output Device is any device capable of having information from a computer. This includes display screens, printers, plotters, and synthesizers. It is used in school, to print a report or also to look up information you need on a display screen. By: Abhi Shah

18 P p is for... Presentations Presentations can either be a demonstration, lecture, or welcoming speech. Presentations are used to make explanations more interesting and eye-opening to the public. By: Emily Shoemaker

19 Q q is for... QuickTime QuickTime is a multimedia that was made by Apple Inc. and handles many different formats such as digital video, media clips, sound, text, animation, and music. QuickTime is not used at school because it deals with digital videos. By: Kaitlyn Truelove

20 R r is for … RAM RAM is a temporary storage place on chips in your computer. RAM is another word for memory and stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is used by teachers when they write something on their computers to show the students and do not save it to the computer. By: Destiny Vazquez

21 S s is for … Software Software is the programs that run on a computer. Software is used to help people do their projects for class reasons. By: Daelan Wilson

22 T t is for … Technology – Technology: The scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective. Technology is used aid in calculating, presenting, writing, communication, and making tables. By: Tyler Wilson

23 U u is for... URL A URL is the address of a website on the World Wide Web. A URL is used at school for the internet. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. You know if the URL is on the World Wide Web if the beginning starts with http://. By: Cynthia Sanchez

24 V v is for... Virus A virus is a computer program that was written to purposely damage computer systems.virus A virus is not used at school because the school has filters that prevent any viruses that are able to get into the schools computers. By: Wade Faircloth

25 W w is for … Webpage – Webpage: a page on the web prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization. – It is used for spreading information throughout the web and to help people to keep communicated By: Tyler Wilson

26 X x is for … Active X – Active X- Microsoft-based technology built to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web. Using ActiveX development tools, software developers can create interactive Web content for their applications. – it is used to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web. By: Tyler Wilson

27 Y y is for... YouTube YouTube is an online video website that allows people to view music movies and home made animations. YouTube is blocked on the Internet system at school due to certain videos. By: Henry Brignoni

28 Z z is for… Zoomed video A Zoomed video- is a video that is enlarged to be easier to view or observe. An example of this is when you put a movie up for everyone in an auditorium to see. By Alex Rodriguez


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