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IFLA – Section on Information Technology Giving a worldwide perspective on information technology issues for libraries.

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1 IFLA – Section on Information Technology Giving a worldwide perspective on information technology issues for libraries

2 The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Brief History Organizational Structure Annual Conference

3 History of IFLA Founded in 1927 –First meeting – Edinburgh, Scotland Registered in the Netherlands 1971 –Housed in the Royal Library 1700 members in 150 countries –Regional Office – Rio De Janeiro Mrs. Elizabet Maria Ramos de Caralho, Regional Manager Five Working Languages – English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish

4 IFLA Organization Governing Board Professional Committee Divisions (8) Sections (47) Management and Technology Information Technology

5 World Library and Information Congress

6 Annual Conference – World Library and Information Congress 1999 – Bangkok, Thailand 2000 – Jerusalem, Israel 2001 – Boston, USA 2002 – Glasgow, Scotland 2003 – Berlin, Germany 2004 – Buenos Aires 2005 – Oslo, Norway 2006 – Seoul, Korea 2007 – Durban, South Africa 2008 - Quebec, Canada August 13-18, 2005

7 Section on Information Technology (SIT) Brief History Goals of the Section Recent Programs Upcoming programs – Oslo, Seoul Current Projects How to join IFLA –SIT Officers/Standing Committee Members

8 History of the IFLA Section on Information Technology (SIT) Founded in 1965 as Committee on Mechanization – Helsinki 1960s - Focus on automation reports from various countries –Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA and USSR 1970s - Bibliographic standards and data exchange

9 History of the IFLA Section on Information Technology (SIT) 1979 – became the Section on Information Technology 1980s – Networking, -microcomputers, electronic document delivery 1990s – Internet, WWW, electronic publications 2000s – Digital libraries OfSIT.pdf OfSIT.pdf

10 Goals of the SIT Investigate new technologies for library services Investigate access to information resources Identify and promote standards Promote interoperability between systems Support projects with other IFLA sections and international library associations

11 RFID in Singapore Digital Preservation in Scotland Scholars Portals in Czech Republic Research Portals in Australia Science and Technology Electronic Library in Argentina Patron Authorization in the UK Metadata for Digital Collections in Canada Mobile Access to Libraries in Japan Empowering Unreached Populations in India XML-based Library Services in Portugal Archiving the World Wide Web in Slovenia ISO Interlibrary Loan Protocol in USA

12 Recent SIT Programs Managing digital collections as research collections (Boston 2001) The Scholars Portal – An international perspective (Berlin 2003) Wireless technologies for Library services – RFID (Berlin 2003) Authentication and authorization for cross-domain e-library services (Buenos Aires 2004) –A Star is Born (Argentina Electronic Library Project)

13 Upcoming SIT Programs - Oslo Course Management Systems and Library Information Systems – Issues for interoperability Open Source Software for libraries Quality issues in libraries Statistics and evaluation of electronic resources Bibliotheca Universalis – how to organize chaos (Satellite meeting in Järvenpää, Finland on FRBR) (all of these programs are jointly sponsored with other IFLA Sections)

14 Current SIT Projects Conference Watch Technology Watch GUI-Icons Project (no longer active) Authentication and Authorization publication 3 rd Generation Library System Resource page IT Training needs for developing countries

15 Conference Watch Listing dates and locations for many international conferences focusing on technology in libraries

16 Technology Watch A selection of institutional, association and project studies reports and guides –Browsable by topic and by organization –Courseware, data mining, digital libraries, digital preservation, metadata, etc

17 Authentication and Authorization publication PAPI project: TERENA Task Force KUB: SurfNet ANGEL Project Enhancing Athens with Permis The Finnish Electronic Library University of Freiburg project Library Systems Vendors – A&A functionality

18 3 rd Generation Library Systems Resource pages Vendor links, sample RFI/RFPs, contacts –Link Resolvers –Federated Search Engines –Portals –Electronic Resource Management Systems –Google-related projects UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

19 Membership - IFLA Association Membership –2 free Section registrations Institutional Members –2 free Section registrations School libraries –1 free Section registration Personal and Student Affiliates –1 free Section registration (Free registration for Brazilians in Section 27 Latin America & the Caribbean!)

20 How to Join the Section on Information Technology Select Section 21. Information Technology as one of your free Sections -or- Pay 48 to join Information Technology as an extra Section.

21 IFLA Sections Members Standing Committee

22 Section on Information Technology Standing Committee Members Ms Maria Inês Cordeiro, Portugal, Chair Larry Woods, USA, Secretary Ms Gill Hamilton, Scotland Reinhard Altenhöner, Germany Ms Sabine Barral, France Claude Bonnelly, Canada Ms Mercedes Chacón Fuertes, Spain Ms. J.L. de Vries, The Netherlands Nazha Hachad, Morocco Ms Hilde Hoegaas, Norway Yuri Hohlov, Russian Federation Ms Mary E. Jackson, USA Mats Lindquist, Sweden Wei Liu, China Ms Catherine Lupovici, France Ms Sally H. McCallum, USA Solomon K. Mutai, Kenya Per Mogens Petersen, Denmark Ms Diann Rusch-Feja, Germany Marinus Swanepoel, South Africa Ms Mirna Willer, Croatia N.U. Yapa, Sri Lanka

23 New Committee Members Nominated Biennially Can have your association nominate you Can self-nominate Can also become a corresponding member of the Standing Committee WED LOVE TO HAVE MEMBERS ON THE COMMITTEE FROM BRAZIL!

24 Larry Woods Director, Information Systems and Technical Services University of Iowa Libraries USA

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