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Grade 9 Reproduction Unit

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1 Grade 9 Reproduction Unit
Genetic Technology Grade 9 Reproduction Unit

2 Artificial Selection ___________________ selection is the process of intentional modification of a species through human actions which encourage the breeding of certain traits over others

3 What is the purpose of artificial selection?
Scientists alter the ___________________ of many organisms in order to improve their use to some people Examples: ___________________ can be changed to be tolerant to drought and frost Animals can be changed to be more productive

4 Can artificial selection be dangerous?
Yes If all the individuals of one species have the same or very similar DNA, then ______________________________ is reduced Without genetic diversity, disease may spread more quickly Example- Irish potato famine

5 Genetic Technology 1) Selective Breeding
Selective breeding is the process of ___________________ individuals with desirable traits to produce offspring that also have these desirable traits Example- the grains and fruits you eat Example- breeding champion horses

6 Genetic Technology 2) Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering refers to any technology that directly alters the ___________________ of an organism Most genetic engineering involves inserting a ___________________ from one species into another species Example - bacteria that are engineering to produce insulin - bacteria reproduce so quickly that most of the worlds insulin supply comes from genetically engineered bacteria

7 Genetic Technology 3) Cloning
Cloning is the process of forming ___________________ offspring from a single cell Because the clone comes from a single parent, its DNA is identical to the parent Example - many ___________________ are reproduced by cloning

8 Genetic Technology 4) Genetically Modified Organisms
GMO’s are any organism in which the ___________________ has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally by mating Example - a bell pepper may have DNA from a fish added to it to make it more frost tolerant

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