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.3.1 Technology branch of CO/RO Overview of the functions.

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1 .3.1 Technology branch of CO/RO Overview of the functions

2 .3.2 Introduction A very important branch which can help smooth implementation and functioning of technology Requires you to keep up to date as changes are very fast You play a key role in monitoring implementation, usage and availability

3 .3.3 Functional areas Assessing requirements and helping budget fund requirements Following up technology implementation projects Following up timely deployment of hardware and peripherals MIS follow up Monitoring of new projects

4 .3.4 Budgeting Funds are required for new procurements, maintenance, consumables etc., New procurements include – Servers, desktops, printers – Support systems like UPS, Generators Consumables include – Batteries for existing UPS – Component upgrades for servers and desktops

5 .3.5 Monitoring asset register Events in the life of an item need to be tracked Immediate logging of the stock supplied to be ensured

6 .3.6 Project monitoring Technology implementation projects need to be monitored for timely completion Each stage of the project need to be followed up to ensure planned implementation – constant follow up with project plan Deviation tendencies to be immediately noticed and reported to avoid cost and time over runs

7 .3.7 MIS follow up Routine monitoring is essential to pinpoint deviations Products – ePayment, eMO, RNet, Speednet, ePost, Accounts MIS – Project arrow file updation and KPI deviations – MNOP KPI deviations Clear understanding of KPIs essential for effective follow up

8 .3.8 Ensuring continuity Version upgrades Correct implementation of Backup strategy Standby equipments to manage disaster Availability of consumables Annual maintenance contract – strict implementation of clauses for efficient performance Quick attention to instances of break down for early repairs

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