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EST 70m Polar Ice-class 5 Ocean Oil Skimmer Ship.

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1 EST 70m Polar Ice-class 5 Ocean Oil Skimmer Ship

2 Preventing catastrophic damage The key to preventing catastrophic damage and liability in a marine environment is a very fast and effective cleanup response in rough seas and dynamic ice. Extreme Spill Technology (EST), a Canadian company, has developed this ability and now manufactures a line of ocean-going skimmer vessels. Our 12m coastal skimmer is currently under construction for the Canadian Coast Guard.

3 A word about EST In 2011 EST won the Ocean Environmental Protection Award presented in London at the Sustainable Shipping Awards ceremony. EST was chosen in the first round under the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program. EST is a shareholder in a Canadian-run, HK boatbuilding company that manufactures vessels to ABS standards. These vessels contain the EST system. The EST technology is manufactured 100% in Canada.

4 The ocean-going FAST 25.0m

5 Details on the FAST 25.0m This high-speed (30+ kts), Canadian design can recover oil in very high seas. It incorporates the proprietary EST oil recovery system. The FAST 25.0m is an excellent patrol, standby, rescue, firefighting and oil spill vessel. The 15,000 litres per minute oil transfer pumping system can also pump water with no conversion needed (firefighting) Capable of crossing any ocean in any season it only needs 1.5 m of water, which allows use in deltas etc.

6 The oil rig supply vessel or escort tug with EST oil recovery barges

7 The EST oil spill system

8 How it works A vacuum pump on top fills the sealed, oil-trapping tower with water, like a straw sucking up a drink. The vessel then drives over the oil slick and the floating oil slides under the vessels flat bottom. When the submerged oil reaches the underwater opening of the oil tower it floats upwardly to the top of the tower. When enough oil accumulates in the upper region of the sealed tower, sensors activate an oil transfer pump.

9 No moving parts, no close tolerances and built like a tank

10 Similar to the Lamor JBF-DIP

11 But much improved…………….. The JBF needs a conveyor belt and bow V-sweeps. These devices limit the working speed and are easily disrupted by wave impact, ice and oil entrainment. With close tolerances and delicate features, they are prone to breakdown. Maintenance is high. EST has no need of conveyor belts, bow V-sweeps, rotating brushes, discs and drums etc. ESTs system is rugged and simple!

12 Tank-testing ESTs prototype HITT skimmer for BP in Alabama in 2010

13 Tank-testing an EST model with bunker C for Altinex ASA in 2006

14 And for the Arctic…………………….

15 You need ESTs Polar Ice-class 5 oil skimmer ship, not light equipment

16 The EST Arctic oil skimmer ship 70m x 23m with a 5m draft This vessel can skim for oil at 4 kts It stores 2900 cubic metres of recovered oil Its a multifunctional ship It can steam at 2 kts in level, first-year ice It can stay on-station cleaning oil for 30 days It has accommodations for 12 extra persons

17 Success requires new thinking

18 EST _ built for Canadian seas

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