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Started the 20th April Capped 15th July Permanently sealed 20th September.

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1 Started the 20th April Capped 15th July Permanently sealed 20th September

2 Hydrocarbons shot up and ingnited causing explosion and fire in Deepwater Horizon oil rig. 1- Failure 2- Loss of control of the pressure on the fluid in the well 3- ¨Blowout preventer¨ (seals well in event of loss of control) failed to engage. What caused it?

3 about 1,000 miles of shoreline had been affected. Of this stretch, about 200 miles were heavily oiled horizon-oil-spill-map Areal Extent

4 Environmental : Harm done to wildlife: More than 6,100 dead birds (2,200 visibly oiled) 153 dead dolphins (at least 8 smeared with crude oil) Sea bed affected: - mounds of dead organisms, including coral - ocean floor coated in dark brown slime about 4cm deep Bluefin tuna: danger becoming extinct, hatch throughout time of spill Whales, dolphins, need to surface to breathe, shrimp, blue crab, breeding season in the spring, during spill Effects

5 Economic : 22.6 billion USD distributed by the company in response to cleanup costs, to displaced workers and businesses (production, processing and transport of oil), and affected state governments 25 million USD given to the states of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi 60 million USD used in the construction of barrier islands off the coast of Luisiana 1.4 billion USD used in cleanup efforts 6700 compensation claims filled Lawsuits 56-84 thousand barrels of oil released daily, money loss by the company Diminished costumer confidence on the brand Seafood industry damaged, increase in seafood prices Chain reaction Effects

6 Marine Oil Spills Releases of crude oil from tankers, offshore platforms, drilling rigs and wells. Spills of refined petroleum products (gasoline and diesesl) used by larger ships. Oil spills cannot be predicted. However, more control measures could be applied in order to minimize this hazardous accident. Could it have been predicted?

7 Oil spills can be prevented with a blowout preventer (BOP). A blowout preventer is a large, specialized valve used to seal, control and monitor oil and gas wells. Huge pinchers with blades close around the drill pipe and cut the oil spill off. The ultimate prevention : prohibit drilling and extraction anywhere near land require double hulls before a tanker is allowed within a certain distance of land reduce dependence on fossil fuels that have to be transported by water by as much as possible. Can oil sils be predicted in the future?

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