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TECHNOLOGY VS SCIENCE: Like brothers! Or sisters! How are they similar & different?

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1 TECHNOLOGY VS SCIENCE: Like brothers! Or sisters! How are they similar & different?

2 After this presentation, your goal is to.. Understand the definition of technology Determine the difference between science and technology Discover the human limitations, and the technology we use to overcome them Explore the characteristics of technology Know the resources of technology Find out what a Renewable and Nonrenewable resource is Describe how technology has led to more scientific knowledge.

3 QUIZ: What is TECHNOLOGY? –A space suit? –The internet? WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY? The application of knowledge, tools, and processes to solve practical problems and extend human capabilities. –A newborn baby? –Grass?–An inoculation against smallpox? –A hammer?--A chair?

4 [1.What is technology? A.[accessing knowledge] B.[googling] C.[finding a better way] D.[all of the above] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

5 How is TECHNOLOGY different than SCIENCE?

6 SCIENCETECHNOLOGY Technology is the application of knowledge. Science is the accumulation of knowledge.

7 SCIENCETECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY is the use of knowledge to turn resources into the goods and services that society needs. SCIENCE is the study of WHY natural things happen the way they do.

8 SCIENTISTTECHNOLOGIST Use the materials in the earth to make useful objects. Study how the earth was formed and what it is made from.

9 SCIENTISTTECHNOLOGIST Build and launch space shuttles and satellites. Study the relationship between the earth, planets, and the stars.

10 SCIENTISTTECHNOLOGIST Technologists create new materials with improved characteristics. Study materials under a microscope to learn why they have the characteristics that they do. Except: Scientists can only grow nanotubes an inch long! Check back in 20 years! Nanotubes can make electrical wires that dont loose electricity through heat!

11 SCIENTISTTECHNOLOGIST Make artificial hearts and limbs. Discover the way the human body works.

12 SCIENTISTTECHNOLOGIST Use codes to develop new medicines and vaccines. Discover genetic codes that determine the nature of life.

13 SCIENTISTS & TECHNOLOGISTS ARE A TEAM! Scientists Biologists, chemists, and physicists are… Architects, engineers, product designers and technicians are… Technologists

14 [2.Which is the technologist?] A.[biologist] B.[architect] C.[chemist] D.[physicist] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

15 SCIENCE answers the question… WHY? Why does the heart beat? Why does lighting strike? Why do geese fly south for the winter? Why is the sun hot? Why are teenagers so moody? Why does this material release electricity when exposed to the sun? Why does this chemical react with this one? Why do we get cancer? Why do we age? Why does glass break? Why do some people struggle with their weight? Why do people from Asia look different from people in South America? Why does the moon look like cheese? Why do we hear when someone talks? Why do we have families? Why is the average global temperature rising? Why do we have earthquakes?

16 TECHNOLOGY answers the question… HOW? How can we make an artificial heart? How can we avoid being hit by lighting? How can we moniter gees flying south for the winter? How can we protect ourselves from the sun? How can we make teenagers less moody? How can we make electricity with the sun? How can we make a non- explosive gasoline? How can we stop cancer? How can we stop aging? How can we make an unbreakable glass? How can we stop obesity? How can we best transport people from Asia to South America? How can we land on the moon? How can we help a deaf person to hear? How can we create a home for a family? How can we end global warming? How can we make buildings earthquake-proof?

17 WE ARE LIMITED: The 6 Human Limitations 1.Temperature 2.Muscles 3.Sight 4.Hearing 5.Speed 6.Touch

18 [3. Which of the following are human limitations? A.[heat] B.[speaking] C.[muscles] D.[sound] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

19 10 Characteristics of Technology 1.Technology is evident in all cultures. knowledge based fundamental to humanity fundamental to survival 5.extends our capabilities accumulative 7.alters our culture future oriented observable 10.seeks harmony

20 [4. Which one is NOT a characteristic of technology? A.[observable] B.[knowledge based] C.[seldom useful] D.[expands our capabilities] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

21 Resources for Technology 1.People 2.Information 3.Materials 4.Tools and Machines 5.Energy 6.Capital Time 7.Time

22 [5. Which of the following is NOT a resource of technology?] A.[college degree] B.[People] C.[Energy] D.[Time] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

23 Resources can be either… LIMITED In short supply Water in some places Petroleum UNLIMITED Available in great quantity Clay Iron ore Sand

24 Renewable & Nonrenewable RAW MATERIALS Renewable: can be either grown or replaced E.g. Wood, rubber Animals & Plants Nonrenewable: Cannot be grown or replaced E.g. Minerals, metal ores Iron ore, Copper & Gold Oil, Coal & Gas Rubber tree

25 [6.Which of the following is NOT a renewable resource?] A.[wood] B.[rubber] C.[plants] D.[minerals] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

26 7. [Which of the following is NOT a Non-renewable resource?] A.[metals] B.[oil] C.[coal] D.[animals] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

27 [8. Science asks ?????] A.[how] B.[why] C.[who ] D.[when] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

28 [9. Technology asks?????] A.[who] B.[what] C.[how] D.[why] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

29 [10. Which is true?] A.[science leads to technology] B.[technology leads to science] C.[science has nothing to do with technology] D.[A and B only] [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

30 REVIEW What is the definition of technology?What is the definition of technology? Which is the technologist: Biologist or Architect?Which is the technologist: Biologist or Architect? What are the human limitations? What technology do we use to overcome them?What are the human limitations? What technology do we use to overcome them? What are the characteristics of technology?What are the characteristics of technology? Name the resources of technologyName the resources of technology Name three examples of a Renewable and Nonrenewable resource.Name three examples of a Renewable and Nonrenewable resource. WHO ASKS HOW? WHO ASKS WHY?WHO ASKS HOW? WHO ASKS WHY?

31 Describe how technology has led to more science knowledge. -steam engines developed many laws and theories thermodynamics -Dutch satellites advanced astronomy -electron microscope = cell study -liquid fuel rockets -bombs-spacecraft- - moon landing- soil samples -probes to planets.

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