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Natural Resources Renewable

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1 Natural Resources Renewable
Resource that has the ability to renew itself over a relatively short period of time and can last as long as the Earth. Plants Animals Surface water Soil Sunshine

2 Renewable Resources Renewable Resources can be considered Non-Renewable when: Animals become extinct. Droughts & Chemical Spills – groundwater Pollution – oxygen supply, trees, animals, soil

3 Natural Resources Nonrenewable
Resources that cannot be replenished by nature within our lifetimes, and therefore are in limited supply. Fossil Fuels Metals Minerals

4 Fossil Fuels coal (remains of ancient swamps and forests)
Any hydrocarbon that may be used as a source of energy Formed from organic matter (plants and animals) which were buried millions of years ago.  Over time, the pressure of the massive weight of rock and mud which covered the organic matter created heat, which changed this matter over a period of several hundred million years coal (remains of ancient swamps and forests) oil (remains of ancient marine organisms) natural gas – less dense than water (rises)

5 Oil Trap A geologic structure that allows large amounts of fluid to accumulate Permeable reservoir Impermeable cap preventing migration of fluids up

6 Alternative Energy Resources
Tar Sands Clay, sand, water, black tar mixture Requires energy to refine – ½ of what is produced Oil Shale Contains kerogen (waxy hydrocarbon) Unprofitable solution (1/8 heat energy of crude oil)


8 Formation of Mineral Deposits
Igneous Processes Gold, silver, copper, mercury, lead, platinum, nickel Hydrothermal Solutions (hot water) Ore deposits Gold, lead, zinc, silver, copper

9 Michigan’s Natural Resources
Non-renewable Peat Calcium chloride Iron ore Cement Sand and Gravel Salt Natural gas Gypsum Limestone Oil Renewable Animals Surface water Trees soil

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