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Science, Technology and Society

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1 Science, Technology and Society

2 Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere by cars and factories may cause excessive warming of Earth’s climate. Laws have been passed in the U.S. and elsewhere to try to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. This is an example of Science affecting the use of technology People’s attitudes affecting technology New industries being created by technology The global effects of technology

3 In the past, lumberjacks used axes to chop down trees
In the past, lumberjacks used axes to chop down trees. Today, they mostly use motorized chain saws. This example demonstrates that technology has Created new jobs Modified some jobs Eliminated some jobs Not affected lumberjacks

4 An event that was a political factor in showing the need for better science knowledge in the United States was the Election of the new U.S. president in 2000 Landing of a spacecraft on the moon in 1969 Invention of the color television in the 1940s Launching of Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union in 1957

5 An example of a job that has been created by recent developments in technology is
Farmer Astronaut Schoolteacher Postal worker

6 Using scientific knowledge to develop new products or processes is called
Science Industry Technology Renewing resources

7 Using scientific knowledge about magnetism and electricity to build an electromagnetic is
A scientific discovery A technological development Predicting future physical events Observing the natural world

8 Using scientific knowledge, engineers built a space probe and sent it to the planet Jupiter. The probe sends data about Jupiter back to Earth, adding to our scientific knowledge. Which statement does this best demonstrate? New technology sometimes builds on past technology Advances in technology cause some devices to become obsolete. Technology affects the quality of our environment. Science and technology help to advance each other.

9 Early space exploration developed in the 60s and 70s
Early space exploration developed in the 60s and 70s. The accomplishments progressed from simple to more complex, for example, from orbiting Earth, to orbiting the moon, to orbiting Mars, and so on. The most likely reason for this progression was the Invention of rockets and shuttles Increase in scientific knowledge only Improvements in technology only Increase in scientific knowledge and improvements in technology

10 Major scientific theories are generally developed from the work of
One scientist over a short period of time Many scientists over a short period of time One scientist over a long period of time Many scientists over a long period of time

11 Most homes have smoke and fire detectors as early-warning safety devices. The space exploration program developed fire dector technology and later made it available to the public. Technology that is developed for one purpose and then used for another is called A clone An innovation A spin-off An off-shoot

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