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Assistive Technology: A Tool for Recruiting and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities.

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1 Assistive Technology: A Tool for Recruiting and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities

2 Presenters: Linda Andrews, M. Ed. Melissa Day, M. Ed. Joanne Kelly, M.S. Taylor McConnaughhay, M.S. Lou Smith, M.S. Pam Winpigler, M.A. Rehabilitation Technologists Workforce and Technology Center Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

3 Why Are We Here? Explore assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities can attend college and work. Individuals with disabilities have skills, talent, and knowledge. Retain employees after injuries.

4 Introduction Video: A Day in the Life of Richard

5 Disabilities Can Include… Cognitive Impairments –learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury Low vision or blindness –diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa Physical Impairments –MS, CP, Parkinsons, repetitive injuries Deafness and Hard of Hearing

6 Cognitive Disabilities Cognitive limitation is difficulty with one or more of the basic functions of the brain: perception, memory, expression, processing skills –Expression limitation may limit ability to speak, write, and follow social norms –Memory limitation may limit ability to recall recent or past events, form mental images of things seen or heard, and learn sequence of tasks or activities –Processing limitation may limit ability to focus on a given task, organize/schedule tasks, problem solve, understand accurately perceived sounds/images, and understand and complete self care functions Christopher Lee, Director Georgia Assistive Technology Project

7 Low Vision Low vision denotes a level of vision that is 20/70 or lower and cannot be fully corrected with conventional glasses. Low vision usually interferes with the performance of daily activities, such as reading or driving. -University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center

8 Blindness Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors. Most visual impairments are due to eye diseases such macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma, and diabetes.

9 Physical Impairments A physical impairment is any disability which limits the physical function of limbs or fine or gross motor ability. –Examples include partial or total paralysis or traumatic brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, amputation, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

10 Deaf and Hard of Hearing A hearing impairment is a hearing loss that prevents a person from totally receiving sounds through the ear. –Impairments range from mild to severe. - Kentuckys Office for the ADA

11 An AT device is defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. -Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988 What Is Assistive Technology?

12 Assistive Technology for Cognitive Impairments

13 Computer Software Scan and read Word prediction Simplified word processors Voice recognition Brainstorming and organization

14 Scan and Read Software Wynn Read and Write Gold Kurzweil 3000

15 Word Prediction Software Co:Writer Word Q Read and Write Gold

16 Co:Writer

17 Simplified Word Processing Software Kurzweil 3000 Don Johnson – Write:Outloud

18 Voice Recognition Software More likely to be successful if: –Motivated due to a disability –Good attention to detail –Have patience – high tolerance for frustration –Have support and training –Speak clearly –Already understand word processing & punctuation Dragon Naturally Speaking SpeakQ MacSpeech Dictate (Mac)

19 Inspiration – graphical organizer Don Johnston – Draft Builder Microsoft Outlook Brainstorming and Organizational Software

20 PDAs

21 Combine As Much Technology As Possible Smartphones –PDAs –Phones –Cameras (KNFB Mobile Reader w/ speech) –GPSs iPods as digital voice recorders –Nano 2 nd Generation and Video have microphones as added accessories. Many people know how to use these and they are more intuitive to use than digital voice recorders.

22 Lets Not Forget Low Tech…

23 Medication Reminders

24 Watches, Timers and Clocks

25 Recorders

26 Step By Step Directions To Save a Document in Microsoft Word: 1.Scroll to the file menu and click on Save. 2.Type in the name of the document in the box titled File Name at the bottom of the window. 3.Press Enter or click on the OK button. See for study guides for many academic classes. Included are study guides for MS

27 Visual Assistant Visual Assistant provides supports for helping an individual sequence and perform an activity. It has pictures and custom recorded speech that helps the individual in the real world environment.

28 Low Tech Cueing Devices Templates and Overlays Models

29 Assistive Technology for Low Vision

30 Magnification Software ZoomText Magic Lunar ZoomText Magic

31 Video Magnifiers Enhanced Vision Merlin Freedom Scientific Topaz Optelec Clearview

32 Video Magnifiers Enhanced Vision Merlin GW Micro Senseview Optelec Compact

33 Video Magnifiers Optron PCT ABISee Zoom-Ex

34 Low Tech Solutions 20/20 pens bold, lined paper OTT lighting hand magnifiers signature guides 20/20 pens bold lined paper hand magnifiers

35 Assistive Technology for Blindness

36 Screen Reading Software JAWS (Job Access with Speech) Window Eyes

37 Notetakers Braillenote Pacmate Braille Plus

38 Refreshable Braille Displays Pacmate Braille display Brailliant Braille display

39 Standalone Scanners Extreme Reader SARA

40 Hardware and Software for Braille Production Duxbury software Romeo Tiger Juliet

41 Assistive Technology for Physical Impairments

42 Keyboards One handed Ergonomic Onscreen Small Large Unique

43 Pointing Devices Trackballs- mainstream products available in computer retail stores and specialty products such as P&G roller plus trackball Ergonomic Head or mouth controlled (Jouse, HeadMouse Extreme)

44 3M Ergonomic AirObic Jouse Trackball Emotion Evolution Mouse-Trak Footime Foot

45 Speech Recognition software Dragon naturally speaking SpeakQ MacSpeech Dictate (Mac)

46 Ergonomics Forearm support Wrist rests Keyboard trays Desk height Chair Foot rests

47 Switch Access Switch selection Switch site software

48 Operating System Built In Features Sticky keys Filter keys Mouse keys

49 Assistive Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

50 Signaling Devices Devices to notify households of events including the telephone or doorbell ringing, baby crying, audio alarms, and more via flashing lamp, a bed shaker and vibrating personal signaler. alarm clock

51 Communication Devices Video Communication devices Teletypewriters (TTY) PC TTYs Network TTYs TTY/Carry-Over Telephones

52 Examples of TTYs

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